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Clem's Basement Map


Anything we've seen so far will be added here. Monsters in The Suffering are each designed to represent a different method of execution.


This is the most basic enemy of the game. Easy enough to take out with just the shiv in a one-on-one fight. Damaged by exposure to strong light. The Slayer represents beheading.

Slayer Captain

Same as above but tougher and stronger.


The Marksman is a giant creature with a battery of rifles protruding from its back. He cannot see his opponents due to the blindfold he wears. The Marksman represents the firing squad.


The Mainliner is a clingy yellow monster with syringes for eyes. He can melt into the floor and reappear from any wet surfaces, attacking by leaping onto his opponents' backs and stabbing them with his needles, or throwing poisonous syringes from a distance. The Mainliner represents lethal injection.


The Nooseman inhabits pools of blood stuck to the ceiling. While hidden inside he is invulnerable, but once an opponent passes underneath he drops down and chokes the life out of them. The Nooseman represents hanging.


The Burrower tunnels under the ground, emerging only to lash opponents with his chains. He moves quickly underground, but is easily avoided on the surface. The Burrower represents premature burial.


The Festers are incarnations of 18th century slave traders who left their human cargo to be eaten alive by rats. They attack by swinging ball-shackles or letting loose a stream of explosive rats from their stomachs. The Fester represents being eaten alive.


The Inferna are the spirits of a group of girls who lived on Carnate in colonial times who falsely accused other townspeople of witchcraft. Their victims were put to death. The Inferna represent being burned at the stake.

Some Archives are unlocked after completing certain parts of the game. These have been included below.