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The Swapper

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: I was once like you, but not so much anymore: Let's Play The Swapper



As the winds of time sweep across the galaxy, picking up the ashes of collapsing stars and fallen empires, somewhere among that swirling nothingness lies something beyond. An incomprehensible entity, a boundless consciousness, and a connected string that ties all things together and yet remains unknown to all until they become a part of some greater whole. For our journey though, it's probably best to focus on the here and now as we journey into the indie platformer hit of 2012 known as The Swapper.

Developed by a small Finnish team called Facepalm Games, The Swapper combines mind bending puzzles, a unique aesthetic, and a thought provoking story to provide something that goes beyond all the other indie platformer games that seem to populate the market. The Swapper starts out simply enough as you are a lone astronaut marooned on a seemingly deserted and barren world, but soon enough the player is introduced to a world of both mental and physical trials in an effort to escape whatever fate left the planet deserted in the first place. So join me for a mind trip into the fantastic as we head into the world of The Swapper.

Also please refrain from spoiling the plot; it's fine to talk about some future game mechanics or give insights about current things, but please do not ruin the story.

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