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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

by Fleve

Part 1: Only Death and Railroads

In the first part we’re introduced to pretty much all of our paranormal abilities. Some items are part of a larger story and give us a vision. Inspecting other items simply makes us speculate. And then there’s the murder mysteries.

Our first murder consists of 6 scenes and to figure out what happened we need to put them in the correct chronological order.

A. Old man with hat picking up stone.

B. Old man with hat (and stone) talking to black haired, middle-aged fellow.

C. Old man (with crank) standing over black haired, legless fellow.

D. The only scene with all three persons. Ethan Carter, the legless fellow, and cranky old hat man.

E. Fellow with black hair, but legs still attached, crouched in front of the railroad.

F. Ethan, tied to the railroad, with black haired fellow crouching nearby.

So how does this story fit together?

Stories, Texts, and Articles

Sap, by Ethan Carter

An old man came to the forest every day to drink sap from the trees. To get there, the old man had to step around many dangerous traps. The villagers believed this old man have had hidden a jade amulet in the forest. But the old man wanted the villagers to believe this, because then they would search the forest for treasure and not drink his sap.

One cool fall night someone set fire to the forest, and the fire spread to the village. The old man escaped the fire by covering himself in sap. When he returned to the village, he found all the villagers’ bones. The old man sat down and cried. Then he found more sap to drink.

// The Steam achievement you get for finding all the traps is called, unsurprisingly, ‘Sap’. But the subtitle of the achievement is more descriptive. If you like speculating without hints, skip the next spoiler. The subtitle reads Survivor´s Guilt

BAYFIELD COUNTY - - Fire damaged a historic home in Red Creek Valley Wednesday morning, according to officials from the Bayfield Country Fire Department. A family of six was asleep when the blaze broke out at the remote house once owned by Albert Vandegriff, by the Ogden Lake in Red Creek Valley. Gayle Carter, 58, was pronounced dead at the scene. Remaining family members were able to escape. Carter’s husband, Edwin, 62, told investigators he may have fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene at 1:22 a.m. and remained at the scene until around 5 a.m Wednesday. They returned to the property four hours later to extinguish hot spots which hand rekindled.

BAYFIELD COUNTY - - Members of the Vandegriff family again gathered in the Bayfield County Courthouse today to debate the fate of the Vandegriff fortune, which has remained in escrow since 1961, when family patriarch Albert Vandegriff, 71, died in a mine accident, the aftereffects of which nearly destroyed Vandegriff Industrial and severely damaged the local economy.

James Vandegriff, 38, of Chicago, argued that his father’s demands were “unreasonable,” and that many Vandegriff family members have “personal reasons” for wanting to avoid living in Red Creek Valley on the Vandegriff estate, as stipulated in the elder Vandegriffs will. The recent fire in which the Vandegriff home was damaged, he said, only underlined his family’s concerns.