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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

by Fleve

Part 2: Fangs of a Story

I like making this LP. It feels like I’m producing story-time with grandpa Fleve.

The reasoning for the last puzzle was correct. No new puzzle for now, but we do get another somewhat cryptic story. Every one of them seems to focus on one of Ethan’s family members; his grandfather’s penchant for drinking ‘sap’, his brother being a dick. I won’t draw (too much) attention to details that will only matter later on though, and some things might not make sense at first sight.

The achievement we get for solving the death of Travis is titled Depression

Stories, Texts, and Articles

The beast had fangs, but was heavy and slow. So when it saw the light in the sky, it waited, thinking the light would go out, like the others before it. When it did not, the beast rose up on its legs and went to the place where the fire was still burning.

As the orange light died, another took its place. This one was blue, a bright and pure blue that the creature had only seen along the edges of the stars. The beast showed its fangs and the light vanished.

A moment later, the light appeared again between two distant trees. The beast wanted to go home, but could not ignore the light. So it chased it deeper into the forest.

When the light stopped, it did so in a clearing of trees. The beast entered the circle, feeling no fear. The trees turned toward the beast pointing at it like needles, but the tops of the trees lowered and dug into the ground. The trunks and roots were raising into the air and closed around the beast like walls.

As the ground disappeared, the beast realized it would never use its fangs again.

// The achievement for this story carries the same name, “Fangs”, subtitled “A beast outsmarted”