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Part 3: A House of Many Rooms

Lots of additional material this time. I’ve added a few notes below on some of the texts, marked with // in front.

Stories, Texts, and Articles

I invoke the Boneless One, the One of Voids, Destroyer of Ships and He who is feared by the Wind. Hear me!

Great Minister Focalor, I wish to make a pact with you to confound my enemies and protect my possession! Use the Doors of Confusion to cloud their judgment! Seal the path with Falsity and Guile, and permit only those who can discern every True Interior to pass!

Aglon, Tetragram, vaycheon stimulamaton esphares Tetragrammaton, olyaram irion esytion existion eryona onera orasim mozm messias soter Emanuel Sabaoth ADONAY, te adoro et te invoco. Amen.

// Focalor seems to be a Duke of Hell with power over wind and sea, according to the 17th century Lesser Key of Solomon. According to The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca, the string of strange terms at the bottom also comes from the Key of Solomon and are used to conclude the conjuration of demons.

// For solving the portal house we get an achievement titled ‘Behind the Veil. Discovered the magic behind the potions’. Exploring the other house confirms it’s the Carter residence as we get the achievement ‘Home. Explored the family house’.

A magician once lived inside an old house and made potions that let him see the future. People from the village came to the magician’s house and demanded he share his potions with them. “We want to see the future too,” they told him. But the magician said no.

The people from the village grew angry and burned the magician’s house. But the magician knew this would happen. He had already cast a spell on his potion room. The house burned, but the room did not. The people from the valley waited but the magician never came out.

BAYFIELD COUNTY - - Ashland Township volunteer firefighters discovered an apparent moonshine still while battling a blaze in the woods off Old Ogden Road.

According to authorities, the still comprised a propane stove and four-gallon stainless steel pot, which was used to hold the whiskey mash. Based on the size of the still, Bayfield County Sherriff Hank Shafel believes it may be part of a small operation, though he admitted “there could be other stills” in the county.

Officers on the scene recovered a half-gallon of apple pie moonshine and one gallon of unflavored moonshine. Apple cider and cinnamon sticks were found adjacent to the still. The police have been unable to determine who owns the still. Sherriff Shafel said a cigarette butt tossed at the scene likely caused the fire.


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - - NASA launched what has been called the world’s first educational satellite in Florida today, giving the United States a powerful edge in tele-communication technology. The Applications Technology Satellite-6 will directly broadcast educational programming to several countries, including the United States, Canada, India, and Australia. NASA believes the satellite will remain in constant contract with earth for at least the next five years.

// This satellite, incidentally, was quite real and was launched on May 30, 1974.

From left to right: Ethan Carter, Edwin (grandpa), Travis (brother), Mom, Dad, Chad (uncle)