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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

by Fleve

Part 5: The Deep Dark

No new texts, but we do get another puzzle.

I seem to have not made the appropriate sacrifices to the dark gods of electronics. A few days ago a fuse blew somewhere down the street and we had to call a guy to fix it. Now my external hard drive seems to be on the fritz and I had to do the encode twice. Anyway, solving the death of Chad gets us the achievement Denial

Stories, Texts, and Articles

Scene A: Missy and Dad entering the scene of the crime.

Scene B: Dad picking up a pickaxe.

Scene C: Missy inside the lift, Dad standing in front of it. Neither of them have any props.

Scene D: Dad in front of the lift controls, but without a pickaxe.

Scene E: Dad carrying a pickaxe, ambling about around the lift controls, off to the side.