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by dscruffy1

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Original Thread: Warriors! Come out and LET'S PLAAAAAY! (The Warriors)


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The Warriors is a 3D Brawler from Rockstar Games released in late 2005 for the PS2 and XBox systems. It's the 3D transition of the side-scrolling beat 'em up that Final Fight: Streetwise really should have been.

The Warriors is based on a movie from 1979, which is in turn based on a book from 1965. The Warriors are a street gang based out of Coney Island, and the events of the game/movie cover their interactions with the other gangs of New York. The game is a tie-in to the movie, explaining the backstory of the Warriors leading up to and concluding alongside the events of the movie.

This is a good game, and not just "for a movie game". The combat system is simple, effective, and wading into large groups and kicking ass is a very rewarding experience. Toss in some non-intrusive and simple minigames (except lockpicking, fuck lockpicking), casual drug use that makes petty theft and violence fun for the whole family, and enough bonus objectives to keep you searching around the large levels; you've got a molotov cocktail of love from Rockstar Games.

So show your colors, stay loose, and get ready to wreck some toys, boppers.

Youtube playlist here.


0: YouTube
1: New YouTube
2: Real Live YouTube
3: YouTube
4: YouTube
5: YouTube
6: Real Heavy YouTube
7: The YouTube
8: Writer's YouTube
9: Adios YouTube
10: Heavy YouTube
11: YouTube
12: Scout's YouTube
13: Payin' the YouTube
14: YouTube
15: Boys in YouTube
16: Sharp Dressed YouTube
17: Set YouTube
18: All YouTube
19: Desperate YouTube
20: No Permits, No YouTube
21: Home YouTube
22: Friendly YouTube
23: Come Out To YouTube
Bonus 1: Armies of the YouTube
Bonus 2: Rumble YouTube
The Warriors in playing order.

The youngest of the gang. A writer that gets up wherever he can. A little soft around the edges, but still able to maneuver around any obstacle.

Heavy: Tagging, Uncuffing, Lock Picking
Solid: Stealing
Lame: Resisting Arrest, Mugging

As Warlord, Cleon is the leader of the Warriors. He is the foundation of this gang.

Heavy: Resisting Arrest, Mugging
Solid: Tagging, Lock Picking
Lame: Stealing, Uncuffing

A pretty heavy brawler. Pessimistic but loyal. A reliable ally who won't disappoint.

Heavy: Stealing
Solid: Resisting Arrest, Mugging
Lame: Uncuffing, Tagging, Lock Picking

The Warchief: second in command. A man of few words who thrives on action. A loner willing to step up when it counts.

Heavy: Resisting Arrest, Mugging
Solid: Stealing
Lame: Uncuffing, Tagging, Lock Picking

A real heavy soldier. Disciplined, independent and reserved. He can rumble with the best of them.

Heavy: Resisting Arrest, Mugging, Stealing
Solid: Uncuffing, Lock Picking
Lame: Tagging

The Muscle; cocky, loud, and always up for a rumble. A loner who looks out for himself.

Heavy: Resisting Arrest, Mugging
Solid: -
Lame: Tagging, Uncuffing, Lock Picking, Stealing

The Memory Man. Street smart and quick witted; a perfect scout.

Heavy: Uncuffing, Lock Picking
Solid: Tagging, Stealing
Lame: Resisting Arrest, Mugging

A real live soldier. Looking for a good time and all the action he can handle.

Heavy: Mugging
Solid: Stealing, Resisting Arrest, Lock Picking, Uncuffing
Lame: Tagging

The voice of reason. Goes along with the group, always wearing a Stetson.

Heavy: Uncuffing, Lock Picking
Solid: Tagging, Stealing
Lame: Resisting Arrest, Mugging

The Armies of the Night

Coney Island, Brooklyn
The original Coney Island gang and led by a backstabbing drunk, Virgil. The Destroyers are a pretty heavy set and put up some solid opposition in the battle for Coney's turf.

Gramercy, Manhattan
The Riffs are the biggest gang in NYC, controlling and influencing every piece of turf in the city. Their president is Cyrus, a poetic revolutionary who envisions one unified gang ruling the streets.

Riverside Park, Manhattan
A group of real major leaguers who bring their A-game to every rumble. Packing bats and plenty of muscle, the Baseball Furies' rep stretches through every network in NYC.

Hells Kitchen, Manhattan
A group of outcasts and punks, the Rogues are chaotic. They're not the heaviest set in the city, but their abrasiveness and unpredictability even out the odds.

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
One of the heaviest sets in New York. The Satans Mothers are a ruthless gang who deal in knives and flash. They won't let anyone mess with their rep.

Tremont, The Bronx
A small time outfit that keeps trying to move up by boasting about raids that never happened. At the bottom of the minor leagues, they try to make up for being soft by swarming with numbers; but a crew that can't battle doesn't have much of a future.

Soho, Manhattan
A quiet, but solid clique from Soho that dress like mimes. Very territorial, the Hi-Hats won't let anyone drop their colors where they don't belong. Led by Chatterbox, these self-proclaimed art aficionados are a messy set to battle with.

Spanish Harlem, Manhattan
The Hurricanes are a family based set, made up of hustlers and swindlers. These brawlers drop their colors in Spanish Harlem and love a dirty fight.

Chinatown, Manhattan
The Savage Huns are skilled in Martial Arts and can withstand a hefty beating. They deal in extortion and loansharking and have some heavy numbers. Their Warlord, Ghost, is a very spiritual and disciplined martial artist who never speaks.

Gunhill, The Bronx
A bunch of tough, crass anarchists looking to rock or rumble any chance they get. One of the heaviest sets in the city, these skinheaded thugs are a serious outfit to contend with.

Harlem, Manhattan
Tough enough to keep other colors off their turf, the Boppers keep Harlem smooth. A softer set that grooves with style instead of muscle.

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
A serious set from Brooklyn that won't hesitate to bring down a whole clique if that's what it takes to survive. Street smart and strategic, they've earned a lot of respect from other gangs.

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
A cocky bunch of trust fund kids who live in a world where money isn't an object and petty crime is just a thrill ride. Still a set that can fight with the best, the Jones Street Boys have Bensonhurst locked up tight.

Pelham, The Bronx
The Moonrunners put more emphasis on getting up than they do brawling, but they aren't afraid to drop the paint and battle it out when other crews come armying into their train yard.

Union Square, Manhattan
The Lizzies are an all girl gang that can hang with the boys. Using their God-given gifts to their advantage, The Lizzies can easily sneak their way past any crew's defense.

Bowery, Manhattan
The Punks are a serious bunch of brawlers. Mean mothers looking for a good time and a good fight. This clique won't back down from anything.
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