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Part 6: Episode 2: Part 1: Victory.

Episode 2: Part 1: Victory.

We have to load our save rather than start a new game. Also Episode 2 uses the "A Time and Place" track for the title theme like Episode 1 did...

So yeah, a bunch of beta testing went on for every post episode 1 release. I'm not sure about Episode 1. It didn't have any credited unless I just didn't pay attention to that part.

The character this silhouette matches more than anyone is Gaius and its still a bit off, but that could be just from how he filled it in/intentional. This could also be a way to intentionally mislead us.
I honestly don't know Lun's exact intent here.

Who are you?

It sheathes its sword, moves over here and stands silently for a few seconds.

It leaves. Great! Episode 1 has the worst cliffhanger and defusal of cliffhanger too.



Let's go, we're moving out!
Lyrra shouts from inside the tent that she's almost ready.

She's always the last one out.

Ok, I'm ready!

I'll pack up the dwelling.

Guess who!

Good morning Rhue. I'm looking forward to today's journey!
You and I can walk together Rhue! We have so much to talk about!

We do?

Of course we do!!! Come on!
They both exit to the right. Traziun looks at camera and gives us a slight shrug before following them.

"When did this journey for all humankind begin?"

"Maybe it is folly to wonder about such things. Why ask questions when no one is around to answer?"

"The answer lies with them. But how does one meet them? There is only one way."

"Is that even possible though?"

"I think I've begun to figure it out. Maybe I'll ask my father about it when I see him."

Daddy issues seem very common in game plots. Let's all not forget the dumpster fire known as Mass Effect 2.

Yes, that's what I said.
Did I forget to mention the part where I want to brutally slaughter my father who is also a murderer?

How exciting! I've heard legends about the Forerunners.
They are the wanderers who are ahead of everyone else.

Yes, they live on the edge of the Rolling Mists.

Rolling Mists? What are those?

Supposedly a huge mist is present at the very edge of the Way.
But it doesn't stay still. It is constantly moving forward.

So more of the Way is constantly being revealed?

Correct. I guess this keeps the Forerunners from getting too far ahead.
The same mists reside at the very rear of the Way as well. They swallow up everything that fails to move forward.
This is one reason why the Forerunners are so important.

Right, the Forerunners tackle all of the difficult challenges ahead. They are the ones who make bridges, plant Way Posts, and dig wells.

Well, those are a few of the things that they do at least.

How far away do you think we are from the Rolling Mists?

The mists are still a long ways off. It will be a long while before I reach them.
We're still in the backcountry of The Way. When you see some of the cities further along you will understand what I mean.
Enough chat about that though. I think it's time for Rhue's next lesson concerning the Plunge.


It's time for you to learn about Blades Arts.
First let me teach you the Blade Art known as Cool Wind.
Fade out and back in.

"Blade Arts add some spice to your basic plunge."
Traziun now starts giving the Blade Art Tutorial.

"Step 1 Blade Arts require 1 point, step 2 require 2 points and so on."
Stricite increases the number of Strides you have. Traziun also mentions there might be other ways to raise it but he doesn't know about any.

You're not reading this wrong. Blade Arts are unreliable at best for a long time. Oh, should I mention that the first time I ever played The Way I missed most of even the Step 1 and 2 Blade Arts because they're hidden obnoxiously? Try getting things to trigger when most of your slots are still damn empty.
"Once you learn about Attack Links you will be able to better control which Blade Art will be used. IMPORTANT: Each Blade Art can only be assigned to any of the 8 slots once!"

What exactly can Blade Arts do?
Most involve reducing an opponents attributes or increasing yours during the Plunge.
However, some of the higher level Blade Arts do some other really cool stuff.

This is Nomi, I'm unsure of her relation to Jed and Lyrra. Maybe an independent?


Sure he does!
Nomi says they've got to plunge now and she heads over to her spot.

"You're only sparring so make sure you only use the flat of your sword Rhue."

I know.

Good luck bud!

I make sure to equip Cool Wind before I walk to my spot which is stated to be exactly 14 paces from Nomi.

She's not very good. Rhue actually does some decent damage for once too. Well, at first.


Well, they definitely plunge like beginners.

(No comments please...)
After a few passes, Rhue's luck runs out and he starts only doing one or two damage, while Nomi's luck reverses and she starts being the one to do 3 or 4.

I think I can safely say that neither of these two will ever be the Pharaphalyn.


Hell yeah.

Pretty even match, I'd say.

(I wish he'd shut up. I can't lose this... I hate losing!)

At this point of the long drawn out plunge, Nomi's at half HP and Rhue's still in the lighter shade of green.

When Rhue's down to half HP himself, Nomi's Finisher goes off and... she only does one damage with it somehow.

Then Rhue's goes off when he's getting low on HP. And he does a 'whopping' 5.

We did it. Rhue finally won something that wasn't slaughtering cute animals.

Great job Rhue!!! You were amazing!

Thanks Lyrra.

Hey Rhue, why don't you rest awhile and then you and I can go at it.

(He knows he's better than I am at this. Does he just want to humiliate me?)
I don't know, I'm tired.

Come on you sissy! Are you afraid or something?

Of you? Of course not.

Then lets go!


Good luck, Rhue.


Oof. But wait...!

I keep winning risk attacks in this plunge on Drop Slash which... keeps my damage similar to Rosmars for the first two passes. Which is very unintentional. And Wouldn't help anywya, even after a those tow good hits he has completely deep green HP still while Rhue's weakened.
The second pass has them both do 6 damage to each other.

This is fun.


Third pass though, Rhue only deals 1 damage to Rosmars 8.

(He's making a mockery of me...)

Uh... blood?

The spooky theme that Lun uses occassionally plays for the rest of this scene. It's probably the most well known UVIII track. Because most people are too sane to play much further than the docks.

Hold still Rosmar. Let me apply some bandages.


Sorry, I told you I was new at this.

I swear, it was.

Steady Rosmar. Calm down.
I think it's time we parted ways. You go one way, and we'll go the other. That's probably the best thing to do.

Let's go Rhue.

All right.

Rhue and Traziun exit to the north...

the end