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Part 8: Episode 2: Part 3: Kloe And The Quest To Rid The Way Of All Evil!

Episode 2: Part 3: Kloe And The Quest To Rid The Way Of All Evil!

Everyone's bumping into each other while punching sounds play. Everyone except the two north of the guy with blue hair. The red bandanna guy is chasing a guy with brown hair around the room in an endless cycle. This is cute because brown hair guy is a recurring character named Rhan, who probably doesn't give a shit about the subject of the brawl, and even if he did, he's not very strong. There another recurring character in this shot too, the guy with long light blue hair on the right fighting a guy with pink pants. That's Alan and he's a fan favourite comic relief type. Him actually getting into a brawl feels a little out of character, but its a minor point. You'll see why shortly.

Why do people do things like this?

You know, I think I see the answer to your question right over there.


The view pans so we can see the pink haired woman standing on a table. Also note Rhue's reaction.

Woa, there Rhue! Are you going to be okay?

What? I'm fine.

That's good, but you should have seen the look on your face just now.
Are you in love?

No way! What kind of question is that?

Hey, its okay! She's gorgeous!


Now you're staring again...

I am not!

Everyone IMMEDIATELY stops moving.

I think it's just awful that this nice little tavern is being wrecked because of me.
I just hate it when people fight, especially when it's over me...
She's loving this shit.

But I know I can't stop that, so I think we should conduct the fighting in a more... "civilised" manner.
Let's hold a little Plunge tournament!
It will be 50 kiphers of seru, or an item of equal value to enter.
And so begins our Tournament Arc. The first of... three. Gahaha. It's not as bad as it sounds since there's always lots of stuff going on meanwhile.

This is a bargain considering that the prize for winning will be...
300 kiphers of seru and more importantly... A kiss from me. I'll be upstairs in my room if anyone wants to sign up. Thanks, that's all I had to say.

Everyone quickly beelines for the stairs and there's wacky punching sounds again as people are pushed around.

Hey Rhue, do you want to sign up?

I can't cover the entry fee. So I guess not.

Hey, no sweat. I've got enough seru to cover both of us.

I think I'll pass on that offer. You're better than me at this kind of thing any way.
It would be pretty pointless to spend an extra 50 seru.

That's not the point Rhue! This will be a valuable learning experience.
What can it hurt to have my friend in the competition with me?

Well... all right. Let's go sign up.


There's still a big mess at the stairs.

This could take awhile...

A hour later...

It seems most of these guys have a lot to say to that woman.

Why can't they just sign up and leave?

Well, its not every day you see a beauty like her, much less get a chance to talk to one.

Have you thought about what you're going to say?

I told you, I'm not interested in her!

Heh heh. Thats what you say...
Why do you act like it's some kind of sin to be interested in this girl?


Maybe you should just let go of the past. Try living in the present for a change.

I live in the present... I'm just trying to recover a piece of my past.

What piece is that?

Her name is Serena.

Oh... heh... So, when did you get that fine sword?
I'd have been worried if Traziun didn't show interest in Rhue's sword after looking at it.

Hmmm... I guess I got it right before I left my parents.

So your parents gave it to you before you left? Kind of a parting gift?

No, not at all. This might be a little tough to explain, and it's not something I want every one to hear.
I'll tell you about it later tonight.

Ok, remember that you promised to fill me in on one other thing as well.

I remember. Don't worry it all falls in together.

That's convenient... though a little hard to believe maybe.
Rhue and Traziun have been moving up the hall as people finish signing up, and one last guy moves to join the queue. He wasn't down in the tavern earlier.

This is Rhues reaction. Then he laughs in relief and sighs. Looks very similar to a FFVI animation. Or maybe FFV.

Nothing, I just thought you were someone else for a second. Sorry.

You must excuse my friend. He's just a little jumpy when it comes to strangers.

Oh, thanks a lot Traziun.

It's the honest truth... You did draw your sword on Lyrra when you first met her...

... (Blue pants and a black vest...)
(For a second I thought he was that bandit who robbed me not so long ago.)




It's 50 seru each to enter. Do you have it with you?

Yep. Here's 50 for me... and here is 50 for my friend Rhue.



I really look forward to watching both of you compete. Rhue and...


Rhue and Traziun. Good luck to both of you.
Maybe one of you will get that kiss.

And here's a chance to get Cetsa points. No reason not to get as much as possible.

It's very good!
She's got a great sense of self-esteem huh.

Could you put us in opposite brackets for the tournament? That way I don't have to fight Rhue until the finals.
Maybe if I'm lucky someone will injure him enough so I have a chance against him.


Heh heh. I'm just kidding around Rhue! But put us in seperate brackets any way please.

Sure thing sweetie. Do you have any other requests?


What about you Rhue? Anything at all?

Um... no.

Then I will look forward to seeing you boys tomorrow!

Okay, see you then.

Traziun reminds Rhue not to forget to have fun too. Let's talk to NPCs.

You've heard about that?

MAN: Of course, I'd wager that everyone in here's heard about the recent massacres. We've always had various bandit fists around, but...


MAN: This is different. Bandits don't usually kill people.

Then this is one of those unusual cases.

MAN: I don't think so. The dead bodies that were found had not been looted.


MAN: Yea, it's weird. Items that bandits usually take were left untouched. I've also heard that young children are often left untouched...

I don't get it... what else would motivate someone to kill random people?

Are we even sure this murderer is human?

MAN: The victims all died from sword blows, and only humans use swords.

This makes no sense. Could this be killing, simply for the sake of killing?

It can't be... could anyone be that sick?

I remember something very similiar (sic) to this happening a long time ago...

Anyway, the man says he hopes they're safe in town and Traziun agrees. We move on.

"I am a great poet, writer and fighter. I assume you've heard of me?"
Recurring comic relief character spotted. Also he used to not have a portait and I can see why.

No Alan, actually I haven't.

I'm not Alan! I'm Alanthreonus Phillipe Straphachar!

No offense Alan, but why do you need such a long name?

Inferior being! This matter extends beyond your intellectual horizons.

Rather it beds in the penumbra that exists between genius and mental deficieny. (sic, amusingly)
Ha ha! I jest!

(That was a joke?)

Nice meeting you Alan, we have things to do so we'll see you around...
Rhue refuses to speak to Alan again so we move on to...

Whoa whats wrong with your face

Yes, should be interesting.

Yea, I'm probably going to get my tail whipped. Never know though.

Rhan and his girlfriend don't have much to say.

Uh... No thanks. I'm on a little quest of my own right now.

MAN: Tell me of this glorious venture!

Basically, he's looking for his old girlfriend.

MAN: ... Heh. How noble... Heh.

Well good luck ridding the Way of evil! But if I were you I would try to pick a more realistic goal!

I think we'll go now.
Rhue also refuses to speak to this man again. This happens a lot. Or Rhue makes people refuse to speak with him by making fun of them. He's bad with people.

We leave the tavern.

TAL: I think it was human, but I don't know. It moved sooo fast!

It better not be just another cat like last time. I really hate how cats creep around at night.

TAL: Hah, you hate just about everything about cats!

DAR: Kloe, should we split up to go and look for this... "thing"?
Kloe walks up to DAR and hits him.

What kind of bone headed idea is that?

Sheesh... It's a good thing I'm around to save you guys from yourselves.

We need to be extremely cautious, especially in light of the recent murders.
I want all three of you to stick together. Got that?

DAR: Ok Kloe, but what about you?

I'll worry about me, you just do as I say. Now go, but be careful.

TAL: Okay, we'll do that.
They are depart.

I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep.

I agree with you there. Maybe we should just find a nice corner to hide in.

I'd rather conduct my own search for this... "thing".

Are you going insane again?!

Maybe I am...

Yep, you are. I tell you, there's never a boring day with you around Rhue.

So you'll be joining me?

Not this time. I need my rest.


Why don't we check into the bunkhouse over there.
Then you can do some shadow chasing on your own.

This scene has always struck me as bizarrely eerie. There's creepy music and this woman talks slowly. Plus the shadow and killer talk earlier.

Just two wanderers.

WOMAN: Stopping in for a rest are you?

We're both checking in, but my friend here won't be staying for very long.

WOMAN: How many nights do you plan to stay?

Including tonight, I'd say three.

WOMAN: Sign your names in the book and leave 12 kiphers of seru on the table. That will cover both of you for the three nights.

Thank you.

Yep. Go out and have some fun.

This isn't about fun...

So there's a few locked buildings and the other way out of Lide but not much else... until you go to the biggest building in the top centre.

Rhue gets charged from offscreen.

Yea, I gave him a pretty hard shot.

DAR: Heh heh. I bet he didn't know what hit him!
You don't look too happy Kloe, what's wrong?

I'm pretty sure this guy isn't the threat we were hoping to eliminate.
He's probably just a curious wanderer who is just passing through.

DAR: Well he looks like a real jerk whoever he is.
These curious types cause a lot of trouble for the rest of us.
In fact I'd like to hit this guy again just because he's so stupid.

Quiet down, he's coming around.


You! You're the one who rushed me!

DAR: I guess he does know what hit him...

Why did you do that?!

You were in a bad place at a bad time. That's why.
You're seriously going with that? And not wrong place, wrong time?

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I should have known that I would be attacked without provocation.
Is that the norm around here?

It's your behavior that was abnormal.
It's not normal for people to be out so late trying doors.
Just what were you doing trying to open the door to Foreman Ballar's dwelling?

Foreman Ballar?

Yes, he founded this town.
This dwelling is his home.


I was just having a look around. There's nothing more to it than that.
Why is it such a big deal to you?

Don't question me. Now please leave this premise.
And I'd better not find you snooping around at this hour ever again.

(I hate this hag...)
Fine... I was heading for the bunkhouse before you jumped me anyways.

Rhue steps in close to give his best death glare and leaves.

That's the inn balcony.

"About that shadow?"

"Yes... I think it's... "her"."

"Why would she come here?"

"Maybe she knows what we know... I don't know how though."

"Foreman Ballar just told me about it tonight. Maybe she's just tailing us."

"She does tend to complicate matters for us, doesn't she?"

"Yes, that's why I HATE her."

The view pans down to the entrance show the same shadow we saw there last time. This is what I mean by shadowy figures gettign crazy at one point. We've had one since episode 1 and then for this stretch of the game we get three more. Luckily it'll be made clear before TOO long.

"(I was supposed to tell him about some stuff, but I guess that can wait.)
... I wonder where Gaius went."

Well, next time we start the tournament and go spelunking. As for Kloe... She's a character I really like a lot, personally. She's also an (admitted) example of plans being changed. Lun initially planned for her to only be featured in Episode 2 but enjoyed writing her so much he greatly expanded her role.

the end