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Part 9: Episode 2: Part 4: How Sweet It Is.

Episode 2: Part 4: How Sweet It Is.

(I would have thought Traziun would be up already.)
Wake up Traziun! Rise and shine buddy!

Give me another hour.

Do whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. The first round of battles will start soon though.
(I don't see how someone so lazy could want to be a Forerunner.)

You're right, I'll be getting up shortly. I'll see you out there in a little while.

There's few paintings to look at in the bunkhouse. The second one is an 'ugly picture by Canter', but the third...

"That's the girl in the red armor that attacked me!"

This trips a flag that won't be called for a long time. So long that you will probably forget about this long before then.

The bunkhouse woman also tells off Rhue for coming in so late.

And someone pissed on the map to try emulate morning light.

Now... Rhue refuses to speak to Kloe and Alan, Kygar (the guy Rhue thought was Strata) wont say anything, and most of the other npcs don't say anything interesting. Rhue mocks a couple of people and gets upset at a child but nothing interesting, really. One guy does reiterate the guidebooks entry on the Pharaphalyn though.

Against who?
Some guy named Kygar.
So we go speak to Cetsa to get everything started.

Hello Rhue! I guess you are wondering when your battle starts?

Yes, mine and Traziun's as well.

You're going to be the fourth plunge. Traziun on the other hand is second.

How soon until we start?

We're ready to start right now! I just need someone to inform Foreman Ballar.
Would you mind telling that girl in the red helmet to get the foreman out here?


Pretty please?

All right, I'll do it.

Thanks Rhue!
Rhue heads down to ground level again.

And then we head on over to Kloe.

No, I had a headache that kept me awake most of the night.

Poor baby.

I don't need your sarcasm.

Yea, but you need something. I suppose you're in this tournament too, huh?

Yes, I am.

Hmm, I wonder why...

You don't know anything! I'm not interested at all in Cetsa.

Oh, you know her name?

So what? I know your name too!

Really? What's my name then?

It's... uh...


This choice doesn't affect anything but the immediate dialogue.

Oh my gosh... You do know my name!

That's really creepy!

Never mind that! Ceta asked me to inform you that we're ready to go.

So please tell Foreman Ballar to get his butt out here.

How dare you!

You need to show more respect for our Foreman!

I said "please". Now hurry up, everyone is waiting.

Ooooo!!! If there weren't so many people around I'd... I'd...
You're not worth it!

She heads in and Rhue laughs to himself.

(What a witch!)
(I enjoyed the last part of that conversation though.)
I feel like, at times like these, an eastern influence creeps into Lun's writing.

Rhue wanders into the centre of the plunge field and looks around.

Hello everyone! Let's hear a warm welcome for the foreman of Lide... Foreman Ballar!

That's Ballar? Somehow I expected something more.

And now the organizer of this event ha a few words to say before we begin.

Rhue rushes off the field and to the right there.

The second round is scheduled for tomorrow. And the final round will be the day after that.
I hope you're all as ready for today's battles as I am! May the Purpose protect and keep you all as you fight for honor, glory, and...
... a red hot kiss from yours truly!
Let's meet our first two combatants!
Kygar, please step forward!
Rhan, please step forward!

Traziun's up next! I need to go get him!

Well then, I guess I better get out there.

Yea, I have a feeling that the first battle won't take long.

Neither will the second one. I hope you're going to be taking notes.

Don't count on it.

Heh heh, lead the way Rhue.

Poor Rhan didn't last long...
Meanwhil, Kygar quietly takes his place back in the crowd.

That's the guy I'll have to face after I win this plunge.

I didn't see him fight, but I have the feeling that he's good.

I'll worry about him later. Right now I've got another opponent.
Watch and learn Rhue.

What a wonderful display of sword control we just witnessed!
But now let us move on to the second bout of our first round!
With fiery red hair, and a sword to match, please welcome Traziun!
And his opponent... A local resident who has settled down here in Lide... Let's here (sic) it for Taram!
Let the battle begin!

The camera pans down and there's the occasional flash and ringing of swords crossing...

The same shadow we saw at the entrance both times, lurking. It watches a few passes, and then...

It then rushes to the tavern and goes inside

And when the view quickly pans back up...

And here is your winner, Traziun!

Yea. Wake me up when this is over.

Then the screen blacks out and we find ourselves looking at the skyline. It gradually pans down to...


On the first pass we just do 2 damage to each other.

Prepare to meet defeat at the hands of Alanthreonus Phillipe Straphachar!


Another pass of us doing equal damage...

Flaming fires of Janwen! You're stronger than you look!


Another pass of equal damage...

Yes indeed, things are getting pretty interesting.

A Blade Art triggers for the first time ever.

It heals one pass of damage I guess.

You're lucky I have a sore back right now!

(Sweet lands, shut up!)

On the next pass the damage starts escalating from both for no real reason. Alan does 9 and a Step 1 Injury and Rhue deals 7.

Getting tired yet?


Alan's on half hp while Rhue's on light green.

Alan's Blade Art triggers too. This raises DT by a random amount. Said random amount includes 0. Which Alan gets.

On the next pass, Cool Wind AND New High both trigger. Rhue heals 6 and Alan gets... 0 DT again.

Then the next pass...

AH FUCK. This is a Step 2 Injury as well, so Rhues damage is a little worse. d4 instead of d6. Not a huge deal.

However, Alan goes down because while equal to Rhue in most every way, he has low hp.

How sweet it is.

Great! Now we do +1d4 on crits! Our 3% chance to crit!
Anyway, interesting thing about this Plunge is that you're allowed to lose it, in which case you're out of the tournament and forgo further rewards but otherwise the plot isn't impacted too much. Alan can be a tough opponent too if you're even a bit unlucky and/or didn't absorb that Lyn Rock early, and/or a few heartstones. The Plunge is essentially totally random at this point, which is one of its big flaws. Even when we have lots of blade arts and link attacks, it's still pretty random, but at least there you can apply SOME strategy.

Here is your winner, RHUE! This concludes today's battles.
However, there is a group that will be making a trip to a nearby monster den.
Anyone who wants to can go. And as we all know, monster dens often hold many treasures.
So if you want to go just stay here and everyone will be getting together.
Thank you! I'll see you all tomorrow!

Yep. What better way to celebrate our big wins?

Yea, I could use a little treasure.

I'll leave this update hanging here, since it's not too bad a length. We'll get to the spelunking next time.
We'll find out just how badly a monster den trip can go even with a pack of experienced fighters.

the end