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Part 11: Episode 2: Part 6: Rhue of Landorin.

Episode 2: Part 6: Rhue of Landorin.

Upon returning to Lide from the monster den...

Good, I enjoyed your company this evening. We should do this again. What about tomorrow night?

That sounds wonderful! I'll be looking forward to it.

As will I. Goodnight then.

Goodnight Foreman.
Cetsa wanders over to Rhue and co.

... You're out late...

Just having a friendly visit with Foreman Ballar. He's such a nice man.

He certainly is.

But it is late, so I should be on my way.

Hey Rhue and Traziun, I guess I'll see you boys tomorrow!

You can count on it.


Bye now!
Cetsa leaves and Kloe moves to watch her go.


"See ya Kloe."
Rhan also leaves.

You don't seem to care much for Ceta.

She can't be trusted.

I think you're just jealous of her.


You're an idiot, Rhue! How can you act this way after everything that's just happened?

I uh...

You're as callous as they come, Rhue.
I've got things to do.
Kloe also leaves.


Don't worry about her. Let's get back the bunkhouse. (Lun missed a 'to' here!!)

They start to head off and the camera pans up...

To show the figure that's been haunting Lide since we got here, seperately from the one that seems to follow Rhue. It's been spying on someone the whole time... but who...?

No kidding.

Are you going to be awake for awhile?

Probably. I have a lot on my mind.

Well then, why don't you tell me about this Serena girl and how you got your sword.
You said it all ties in together somehow.

Yea... all right.
I guess I'll start at the beginning.
Serena and I were childhood friends growing up. Our parents and several other families travelled the Way together.
Those were good days... Ys Ost, Feena

TRAZIUN: So what did she look like?

RHUE: She was a beautiful little girl.

TRAZIUN: I figured that. How about some details though?

RHUE: Like what?

TRAZIUN: What color was her hair?

RHUE: It was... um...

TRAZIUN: You don't remember?

RHUE: Of course I do!

Yeah, we get to choose her hair colour.

RHUE: Blonde. She had lovely blonde hair.
Getting back to the point. I had many friends, but I loved Serena above all the others.

CHILD RHUE: Come on, Let's go out and play!

SERENA: Ok, but I get to pick what we do this time.


CHILD RHUE: Really? I want to come!

SERENA: Good, I'll see you there tonight then!

"I thought it was going to be one of the best nights of my life."
What, did he think he was going to get lucky or something? Anyway, the Ys track stops playing here

RHUE: But something went horribly wrong...


Rhue and Serena dash away to the top right.

"I had planned to swim away from the beasts, but the banks of the river were much too steep, and the current was dangerously fast."
The scene plays out exactly as it did the first time.

"I, on the other hand... Well, with my little toy sword I had no chance against the beasts...
I remember being knocked to the ground, and then two of the beasts were right on top of me. I remember the glint of their fangs..."

TRAZIUN: So how did you get away?

"When I awoke the beasts were simply gone. I still don't quite understand it, but I knew even then that something "unusual" had happened...
I didn't even bother going home. I shook myself fully awake and took off down the Way in search of Serena."

"Looking back, it seems strange how they didn't say much about a little kid like me being out all alone at such an hour.
Actually. I don't even remember anything they said. But one of them gave me a sword, I guess because they had no use for it anymore.
The two strangers didn't so much as turn to watch me go. They just stood there the whole time."

"And I've been on the move ever since. I've never seen so much as a trace of Serena though.
But this sword has served me well. It was fortunate that I met those two strangers that night.
I can think of several occasions where I probably would have died without it. Maybe the Purpose was watching out for me, I don't know.
I still don't understand everything that happened that night, but it felt like something important took place in the midst of that horrific tragedy.
I've never been able to figure it out though... There is something missing..."

Man Rhue, I never would have guessed your past just by looking at you...
If I'm hearing you correctly, then you're a survivor of the infamous Landorin Massacre...


Rhue, it was a BIG deal!
Most people consider the Landorin Stretch to be a cursed stretch.
I heard that those who settled there, picked up and left after the massacre.
And nobody has settled there since.

I didn't realize it was such a big deal.

Rhue, none of the bodies were ever found. The ground was soaked with blood though.
Although there was one child that made it back to their parents alive.

Someone made it back alive? Serena maybe?

I don't think so. From the accounts I've heard this person hadn't been knocked into the river.
Rhue, do you realize that your parents are probably out there somewhere?

I hadn't really thought about that I guess. I've been thinking...

Of Serena. Right.

I hope you don't go around telling people that you're Rhue of Landorin.

Uh... I've introduced myself that way a few times...

I wouldn't do so if I were you. People don't want to hear about Landorin.

I'll try to remember that, but sometime it just slips out.
I wonder who it was that made it back... What did they say they saw?

Didn't say much of anything. They had been severely traumatized I heard.
So that makes you the only reliable eye witness of the massacre on the entire Way.
Have you ever told anyone else about this?

No, not really.

I feel kind of priveleged (SIC). I'll have to tell you my story someday.


I'm tired now, so I'll see you in the morning.


I'd like to say things are a bit clearer after that but they sure aren't.
Oh well. Next update we'll be doing the second round of the tournament and some other stuff!

the end