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Part 17: Episode 3: Part 1: Kaves and Krav's.

Episode 3: Part 1: Kaves and Krav's.

So we come back to Rhue sitting in his cell. This sequence is happening during a rainstorm but a sound effect playing throughout is clearly that of a crackling fire. We can even hear it in this cell, and when we move on. What a bold choice for rain, Lun. There's also a series of other sounds like a thud and clicking that comes before...

It's Setzer Sprite Edit again!

You're not who I expected.
Do you know where she went?


Your leader, Dancing Violet.

(Leader? This guy must think I'm a part of the Blue Scarves)

(If I want to get out of here I might want to play along...)

Do you know or not?

Yea, I know where she's going.

Tell me.

How about I show you?

So be it. Once we're outside the walls of this settlement, you take the lead.

And I need my sword...

We'll pick one up somewhere.

No, I need MY sword!

You better know exactly where it is. Don't waste my time.

And then we cut to outside Turnway.

... She's my one true love. I've been searching for her a long time.

She's your what?!

This is no time to talk kid. Let's move.


(It's weird hearing those words from someone else...)

So we follow the same path we did at the end of Episode 2.

Ladder's broken though.

And the bridge.


I'm talking about the sword that is sticking out of that man's head.

No way!

Did you do this?


Right through his helmet...
Pull it out and let's go.

Now I'm ready for anything.

Rhue and Slade leave through the pass to the north. When they do, the camera pans back down...


Anyway, we cut to... Fog! And music! The track is some kind of enhanced version of this

"I've found a little hope.
I've been waiting for this day for so long.
But who is this stranger I'm travelling with and what does he have to do with Cetsa?
Who is Cetsa? Could be she Serena?"
The fogs been thinning out during this dialogue so we can actually see.

"I know I haven't given up on Serena, but now I'm forced to wonder...
Has she given up on me?"



Well, she's quite a woman I guess.

I'm well aware of her virtues.


So this area's a bit of a spiral where you go outwards and up at the same time to get to the next screen.

Same old Lactars... Though you can see our new friends name is Slade. He does slightly more damage than Rhue and comes with Panacea and Light Mass Mend, as well as an attack that costs 12 XL called Outer Darkness. It's supposed to hit everything for massive damage, the problem is the odds of you using it are very low... because it only works if Slade has full HP, otherwise half the XL is just wasted. Oops!

There's also these. They only seem to attack and XL-SEEP and don't do much damage or appear in groups.

I was going to talk about a lot of these areas in more depth but frankly, they're quite boring. Rhue and Slade walk through canyons fighting lots of monsters and finding some notch items.

Finally maxed a defensive aura.

I absorb this before long, which lets me equip all 5 of the Step 1 Blade Arts.

Woo. Seriously, theres tons of fights here, I absorb all the items left over from Episode 2 as well, and there was a few of those.

A few screens and many battles later...

There's a cave up there but Slade refuses to enter it.

Until he sees what waits for us on the next screen.

Dancing Violet must have destroyed this bridge after she crossed to prevent pursuit.

Then let's see what's in that cave we saw.
Maybe we can get across by going under the falls.

So we backtrack a little to the cave and jump up.

This cave is also dull and filled with enemies, but I guess it's also got some lite puzzles in it.

Ahh not these bastards again. Still love numbing you.

There's so many enemies I run out of notch items.

Rhue points out this cave, and then Slade notes all the wood lying around could be tied together with his rope to make a ladder up there. So that's the plan.

So we have to go around and gather good parts like this.

This switch changes which side the water flows from.

Switching the water flow reveals a path to a ladder piece and that chest which has...

Our very first Wicite.

Yea, why?

We might have to go underwater to reach certain areas of this cavern.
It looks like there is an underwater tunnel below the surface of this pool.
We should dive in and take a look.

I'll do whatever it takes to catch up with...
Dancing Violet.

(Woa, I almost said Cetsa. Would it really matter though? He must know her real name if he is who he claims to be.)
(But I don't really know if her real name is Cetsa even.)
Anyway, moving on... We dive into the underwater tunnel.

Thankfully the time limit is generous and Rhue controls just as well as he does on land, so it's not an issue.

Around about here I absorbed the Heart Stone and Wicite which left me with 0 notch items for a while.

With the last piece they pull themselves up the last bit of the way... by jumping?

Onto the next area.

The goal of this area is to pull two switches to slow the flow of two streams of water so we can swim through them in a different direction without being washed down the waterfall.

There's also a locked chest.

Aw yeah, 100% resist to sleep, stun and paralyse.

Rhue absorbs this Heart Stone not long after this screenshot and it puts him at 69HP. This is also the last notch item in this cavern so I'm completely out and wasting all the CTP I earn.

Opening locked chests the hard way.

This lets us use...

So there's two of these vertically running currents. If you try to swim down them without pulling the switches, you get washed over the waterfall and see this:

And then you get the game over screen.

Now, even with the switch pulled, you can be washed away. You have to start at the top of the screen and just hold down left to JUST make it on the first stream.

The second currents much gentler.

Sigh... A wasted CTP Spout...

A new aura type...

It's like Rubber Skin except MUCH better! Anyway, we dive back into the water to keep following the tunnel.

You say it with such disgust. Why?

The male Krav's are lazy creatures. They push around all the females and are very cruel, except when they want to mate.

... Interesting.

Anyway, take out the Krav female and the battles half won. The male has much more hp but that's about it. You'll only need to heal here or there as you just attack. Easy boss fight.

*sobbing at all this wasted CTP*

But here's a consolation prize...

Anyway, I'll leave off this update here. This is the first glimpse of why I and others don't really care for this episode. There's a lot more to it that this, but still.

the end