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Part 19: Episode 3: Part 3: caves, caves, caves! too many caves lately!

Episode 3: Part 3: caves, caves, caves! too many caves lately!

So, after mercy-killing Jed, we stumble right back onto chipsets.

So these guys are kind of assholes. They're tough and do a decent amount of damage. Thankfully, with Piercer equipped (good timing on that Slasher level up huh) Rhue does double damage, which is 40ish, and 120ish on a critical. Slade only does in the 20s for these guys. Even with Rhues double damage, they still usually get off a load of damage and even KO Slade in a couple different battles. They can inflict confound too, which prevents that character from using XLIFES.

This isn't the same screen as the previous one. There's basically four very similar screens filled with monster fights. They're all just this little canyon with a stream at the bottom and you'd be able to just hold left for a couple minutes if not for the encounters.

But at least I have a notched item again.

I absorb the Heart Stone before I even see this CTP Spout. So it's wasted. You can also see the ladder to progress back the way I came.

There's three caves up here. They're all part of a small easy puzzle on how to progress.

The one the second ladder leads to...

You push that rock onto the button down there we can't reach. It makes the stalagmite disappear.

And then you go through the second empty cave to jump to the third cave.

Which leads to where the disappearing stalagmite was.


Rhue informs you of the new mechanic for the upcoming puzzles here. Pushing rocks to use them as stepping stones to get to higher platforms. This seems to have confused the walkthrough guy as he makes a joke like Rhue's bouncing off them like a trampoline "ROCKS ARE SPROINGY". But I suppose Rhue does jump pretty high.

So here's a short rock pushing puzzle room.

The goal is to get atop this pillar first and push this rock down to the lower platform. You might notice there's already a rock already there. Well... uh...

Anyway, I push the first rock so I can jump atop this other platform now.

Okay, so for some reason Rhue can't use this rock. He just poses like he's about to start the jump animation and stops. You can try as many times as you like but the rock doesn't break nor is there any dialogue to indicate why Rhue can't use it. Maybe it's not SPROINGY enough? Anyway, push the new rock over.

The cave exit is just a little bit to the NW of here.

Outside there's an encounter with a greatly reduced threat level.

This is arguably the worst defensive Aura yet, and the one we got right before it was the best so far! But I believe it's the last Weapon Aura. Curious we got the first Oneness aura before it.

Yes we do this outdoors too to reach a CTP Spout I have no notch items for.

Jumping into an almost-secret area lets us pick up a couple things.

You'd think the CTP Spout would be intended for these... I won't need them.

You can also see it's getting blu- err, darker as we go. Crickets begin to chirp.

See, I absorb both items just on the normal battles.

After jumping the pillars I find another CTP Spout...........................

We're finally nearing SOMETHING.

"Shhhh! Be quiet will ya?"

BLUE #2: You stupid idiot, we're supposed to be quiet!

BLUE #1: Oh please, do you think someone is actually going to come walking this way?

BLUE #2: I don't know! I'm just trying to follow orders!

BLUE #1: Orders, orders, orders. Too many orders lately.

BLUE #2: Have you ever considered the possibility that our leaders might be smarter and know a whole lot more than you do?
You're putting all of us at risk with your loud mouth.

BLUE #1: ... Screw you.

Rhue and Slade retreat back up the path a bit.

They probably know you better than me. You do it.

I don't recognize eithe rof those guard's voices. They must be new guys. It would be too risky.

That's too bad because the only person I really know at all is Dancing Violet.

... So it looks like we're going to have to sneak in.

So be it.



A couple of screens of nothing much really later...

Rhue and Slade are hidden by the dialogue box, but they're high up on a ledge.

You have to make some frankly death-defying leaps, to reach the westernmost tent.

The tent has not only Cetsa but a bound up Lyrra too!

Not with you here. Why don't you go outside for awhile.

No way.

I need to talk to her. I'll just wake her up myself.
Rhue starts to move forward...

Are you sure? Why not suprise (SIC) her later?

She'll be very suprised (SIC). Trust me.

"The fair maiden is saved!"

Sorry, we're here for Dancing Violet.

What?! What cruel twist of fate is this?

Cetsa wakes up.

You were right, look how suprised (SIC) she is.

Cetsa's head actually turns to look at Slade. Nice little touch.

Lover huh?

Vigilante. Close enough.
Now drop your swords. And how about taking a step back my friend.

A ray of hope pierces through the darkness! The maiden will be saved afterall!

We'll see.

But such confusion! Her former friend and confidant is kin to her oppressors?!

I think I'm going to scream.

I wouldn't do that.

No Lyrra, I'm not a bandit! Stop talking so funny!

I figured as much. So you're going to help me bring Dancing Violent (SIC... Though it suits her too.) to justice?

Well.. that's not quite what I was planning...

Then you might as well be a bandit. Drop your sword.

Such suspense the fair maiden has never known! What will become of her?!

I'm not going to be taken in to anywhere!

Such a fool.

I don't like you at all! So we had better not cross paths again!
She runs out, leaving Rhue a little shocked.


And Slade easily slaughters the two Blue Scarves.

Don't get in my way.
Slade also runs out.




Hey, don't pretend you don't hear me! RHUE!!!

Not now. I've got to save Cetsa.

What?! Have you lost your mind?

I'm the damsel in distress! Not her!
... Rhue also leaves.

Oh what will become of her?!


(I'd better be careful though, I'm not sure I can beat that guy if he gets pissed and comes after me.)

Walky walky... Just a bit to the west.

Good, because I'm through running.
Come on Kygar, let's kill this pest.
Kygar doesn't say anything for a little while.

... But that's Slade. He's a Shadow Foot of the Vigilance Council!

He is?

... Kygar...


Kygar hits Cetsa and flees.

Slade then turns to face Rhue.

It would be in your best interest to simply forget about this woman.

I just need to ask her some questions.

Now is not the time. If you want to talk to her continue on to Estrana.

Estrana? Is that a settlement?

The largest of its kind. Dancing Violet's trial will be held there.

How will I know how to get there?

There will be signs to follow.
We fade out and then back in and Cetsa and Slade are gone.

I couldn't do anything.

I hate being bullied...

Guess I'll just go to Estrana and talk to Cetsa there.
I feel like I'm forgetting something though...

Oh yea, I'd better go help Lyrra now.
lol, he thinks this is really fukken funny!!!
Anyway we cut to...

How strange.. Might as well get on my way then.
He's very unconcerned about this.
But we move on, passing through the area where the cutscene took place to reach...

After climbing the ladder, we lose control as Rhue decides to STAND RIGHT BY the pitfall as he complains about how tired he is.

No rest since Turnway.

Can you guess who just snuck behind that tree?

I should find a place to lie down and get some sleep.


"I've got to get to Estrana."

Just giving it up like that?

I don't need the swiftfoot. Something much more important is going on now.

Nice excuse blue boy.
If I were as weak as you I would do the same thing.

Just take it and leave.
I don't care what you think.

Ok, ok. Lighten up.
I'll just take back what you stole from me and go.

(Arrrrg! I hate this guy!)

You've made a wise decision.

Wonderful. Now leave.

See ya.

Strata starts to leave... and stops.

And proves how much of a jerk he is by pushing Rhue, and by extension, the player(s), into ANOTHER lengthy cave system.

"What's really funny is that I don't want the swiftfoot either. Not any more."
He boots the rabbit into the hole too, and walks northward... and then we see...

Oh Strata! You're so funny!

I know babe.

What a fantastic rescue! This is a fine story indeed!

A handsome stranger saving the poor abandoned girl who's fate it seemed was to die a most disagreeable death!

Now freed from the bondage of her oppressors, a new adventure begins...


We must find my father! How pleased he will be to meet you!

Uh... yea. Gotcha.

I know exactly where to find him too.

Oh please tell me! What do the winds of the valley whisper in your ear?!

... Estrana.

So before we go to the last scene of this update, I'll talk about something I mentioned way back in Episode 1. Slade 'recognizing' Strata. You'll also remember Rhue momentarily confusing Kygar with Strata in Episode 2. I think Slade recognizing Strata is just subtle foreshadowing that -Kygar- is a someone to keep an eye out for. Some people think its a hint to some backstory stuff we wont see until Episode 5, and while plausible, I don't think it fits all that well for reasons I'll be discussing way down the road.
Anyway, we fade out from this scene... find ourselves looking at a by now very familiar stormy night, listening to this track:

"Lyrra! Jeruh!"

VOICE: Daddy!!!

LYRRA: I... I was just taking a walk.

RHUE: What? Why on earth would you do that?! Do you know what time is is? And look at this weather!

LYRRA: ...

RHUE: Where is Jeruh?

LYRRA: He's... I mean... I... I don't know...

RHUE: Lyrra, please! If you know something, tell me! Please!

LYRRA: I... He... I didn't see him... The others...

RHUE: Others?

LYRRA: They're hurt...

RHUE: What?! Who are you talking about?

LYRRA: Jeruh's friends... they got... they're hurt.

RHUE: Can you show me?

LYRRA: ...

RHUE: Lyrra?

LYRRA: ...

RHUE: Lyrra! Can you take me to them!?

the end