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Part 26: Episode 3 Finale: Piss!!!!!!

Episode 3 Finale: PISS!!!!!!

We rejoin Rhue and Traziun in their free room, with The Cranberries song playing.

There's a lengthy pause.


The Blana Sera are here...

The leaders of the Blood Lyn? You mentioned something about them in Lide.

There is much you don't know about them. Kloe is with... "them" now.

What do you think they want with her?

Kloe failed her task. They are probably deciding her punishment.

How severe will it be? They won't kill her, will they?

Could be bad, but she'll probably still live. You have to do something really bad to be sentenced to death.
If she had been sentenced to death we'd hear...

There's the ringing of a large bell. Rhue looks around as it rings.

Do you think it's Kloe?

Only the Blana Sera can pronounce such a sentence. It has to be Kloe unless someone else visited with them.


What's going on inside that crazy mind of yours?


Something wrong Rhue?

When are they going to perform the execution?

They always do it at midnight in the main courtyard.

I want to see it.

Sorry, that's just not going to happen. Outsiders aren't allowed to watch the ceremony.
This really isn't any of your business anyway.

Well you're not an outsider, couldn't you get me in? Can't you bring a friend or something?

Rhue, you are an insane maniac. And no, I can't get you in.

Then I'll just sneak out there by myself.

(This may complicate my plan... But, I don't think he'll be able to sense me...)

Traziun follows Rhue out.

"So we'd better try to find an alternative route instead."

Whatever it takes.

Rhue's... obssession with watching Kloe's execution is very strange. He doesn't even plan to rescue her.

I head right back into their room.

As you may remember from the opening of Episode 1, Lun is the creator of the Crestfallen series as well, which I believe are RPGMaker95 projects. I've never played them or any 95 game. There's not very many English ones anyway.
Phlounder is/was the name of a band Lun is/was in.

We can't go down the hall to the right, and the other rooms have little of interest, so left it is.

Rhue asks and Dransel explains what a quartermaster does. But he also says he can only give guests pillows and combs that they'd have to return.

What about room keys?

DRANSEL: Yea, I'm in charge of keys, but why would you need one?

Just curious about why we didn't get one with our room.

DRANSEL: Oh, well only special guests get to have a key to lock their door. And even then, they have to fill out a recquisition (SIC) form and have it approved by the Chief of Affairs.

This makes Dransel head into the back room, allowing Rhue to swipe the Blood Lyn uniform on the counter. He thinks Dransel wouldn't notice because of all the clutter, and he seems right.

Now disguised, we go back to Dransel.

DRANSEL: Sweet lands boy, what are you talking about? Commander? You're fresh from the outside aren't you? They're (SIC) aren't no "commanders" among the Blood Lyn.
And the only way that you're getting a key is if you bring me a signed recquisition (SIC) form!
Can't any (SIC) ever follow proper procedures? Now scat!

The disguise does help us get into this room. Which is guarded for... no apparent reason. It's a living space.

This guy tells us to get lost too.

Thanks for sharing.

also lol

We get a yes or no prompt to pour a drink. I say yes. This makes Shev, the guy at the table with the papers, jump.

I can't, it's not mine.

SHEV: ...
Shev turns back to the papers.

Sick... I'm not drinking this. (I should dispose of it instead.)
The obvious answer is the toilet, and you can dump it there, however...

You get a yes or no prompt here too. I say yes.

DIANA: Thanks! *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*
Oops. Looks like I drank it all. Sorry.
Thanks for the drink! Did I mention that I like your eyes?

Yea. Bye.

Shev jumps again.

SHEV: Didn't you just say a moment ago that that stuff was sick?!
Calm down Palpatine.

Yea, so?

SHEV: Then why are you having some more?

To piss you off.
Hahah. This is a really underrated line IMO.

SHEV: ...

(I've got to ditch this crap before I gag!)

She chugs it again.

DIANA: I'm really sorry! Here, take this Blan Rock, I hope there's no hard feelings.

Trust me, none at all.
And then we go pour a third cup.

He runs into the bathroom. Rhue refuses to follow. Also he just puts the cup back on the table. Then we grab the form.

Dransel fetches the key without any fuss.

Find the right window, and go grab Traziun.




I just feel like this is something I need to see.

Do you have some kind of morbid fascination with death or are you thinking of saving her?

Because if you want to save her, count me out. This isn't any of our business.

It's not like that.

You've got something up your sleeve, I can tell. There's something you're not telling me isn't there?
Something that nobody else even knows...

... I don't have time for this. It's nearly midnight.
If you don't want to come, then stay here. I'm going.

Don't worry, I'm coming. I wouldn't miss this for the world... well maybe for the world.
Cut to...


I'm going to get a better view.

Wait, you can't just...

Wow, Rhues eyes are really blue.

(I don't want to die...)
(Is anything really worth dying over?)
A strange almost... electrical throbbing sound starts, slowly at first.
(The Black Lyn...)

Then, with a thunderstrike, it begins to rain, and the Lyn to the right and left back off a step.

Another lightning strike, a mist starts to form, and the two Black Lyn above and below Kloe also back off a step.

The throbbing sound picks up speed over the course of the scene, also getting louder...

Cliffhanger. Every single episode ends on one.

And that's the worst of the series over. But just because we're at the point where I feel Lun solidified his plans, doesn't mean it wont be rocky at times. Some... major changes are evident even later on, though they seem more due to real problems in Luns life. The Episode 6 code is full of... revealing things. I'll be mentioning one thing in particular in the next update which'll be about about the stuff in the Episode 3 code, and whatever else I think of.

the end