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The first thing to bring up is something I neglected to do in the actual update.

If Rhue looks at two of the mirrors in the battlegrounds you get this:

RHUE: I always feel strange when
I look at my reflection.


RHUE: (Stupid thing...)

Both of these events add +1 to a variable dubbed 'Look Here', but as far as I know it's not called for anything.
The mirrors in Episode 2 also add to this variable, and so do the rest of the mirrors in the series.

Speaking of unused variables...

There's a whole bunch relating to specific characters. I already mentioned the one time you can get Traziun points in Episode 1, which never happens again...

But I've also mentioned Lyrra points, Scatha points, Cetsa points and Kloe points. There's also Lexus and Sorya points which will be introduced in Episode 4 and I think that covers all of them.

Of these six, only three ever have an effect. One decides if you can get one of the endings, one affects whether you can get a particular character later, and one affects a fair amount of dialogue and stuff in the... probably canon ending.

Rhue points do affect some things, I think. I think.

Hidden messages in the code...


The Pits:
Fobo rules

Pits Sub #1:

Pits Sub #2:
Shes weird
Hi! Friend ←

Pits Sub #3:
Diana seez

Pits Sub #4:
Bagger #59
Ben ♥s Jen
She is nice

Pits Sub #5:
Phlounder rocks
Cocoa sucks
Phantom is..
Jen is a playa

Pits Sub #6:

(“<drop>” is a raindrop or teardrop.)

God why?

Pits Sub #7:
Free will
Lexus I am sorry

Pits Sub #8:
Sorry I am not a keeper
Nomi, I hope life is kind 2 U

Pits Sub #9:
Diana does crack!

Pits Sub #10:
Sad true why?

Pits Sub #14:

Fuck if I know what most of that is there for or even means. I guess Lun knew a Nomi? 9/11 is obvious. Lun said when he released Episode 1 in 2002 he was already working on Episode 4.

As for the thing about Lexus... well, she's a very important character that'll be introduced in Episode 4. She's arguably the focal point of Episode 4 even. From what we'll see in the Episode 6 code, it seems she was based on someone Lun knew.
So is another female character we wont see until Episode 6.

Cloacamazing!" post="494230508 posted:

Lexus is also (sort of) the name of the girl from right at the beginning of Episode 1, the one with the portrait that never appears again. At least her event in RPGMaker is called Lexus. Really makes me wonder what the original plan for her was, in the final version she just gets phantom slashered.

I don't know about Episode 4, but around the time he was making 5 and 6, Lun was going through something really bad judging from the code commentary.

In 2009 he confirmed this, when he gave an interview to Kyle B. Stiff for Play magazine. I can't find it online, but in 2013 Lun posted a full copy of it on his forum when people noticed the article no longer seemed to exist.

Most of the interview is massive spoilers about Episode 6 and how The Way ended in general and how.... unfinished it is, for a lack of a better word. But he does mention he was going through some real trying times when he was making it. And he was sick of making RPGMaker games too. There's an event late in Episode 5, which the beta version of had a comment where Lun apparently strongly just considered having Rhue die in a random scene and being done with the series because he 'felt so sick'.

There was also the fact he intended to do a 7th Episode. A late scene of Episode 6 has a note saying that it was originally the end of Episode 6. He altered Episode 6 a lot upon deciding there wasn't going to be a 7th episode. I've also heard there was supposed to be an episode retelling the whole series from Lyrra's perspective, but I never saw the source for that.

Last note... There's a strange 'comedy' scene you can see if you look in a crack in the wall in the room you find Lossus' treasure. But it's not really important. Or interesting. Or funny.

the end