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Part 30: Episode 4: Part 3: It's Murder On The Dancefloor.

Episode 4: Part 3: It's Murder On The Dancefloor.

Leaving the hallway leading to Rhue's room shows that we're on the western outskirts of the Grand Casino's property, which also doubles as the northwest corner of the city wall.

The only way to go... because it's nearly sundown, there's hardly anyone about.

There's a mansion HEAVILY guarded by Guided in every direction, and they're all rude as hell.

Near the mansion is this rather foreboding courtyard.

The few NPCs that are around don't say much of interest, so we head to the cafe.


I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think we'll be eating at the Val Parra Cafe tonight.

Why not?

You see... they have certain... "rules".

Yea? What rules?

This is your first day in town right?


And you received a Standard Citizen card, right?


You see, to get into Val Parra Cafe you have to be one step above a Standard Citizen.
You have to be a Respectable Citizen or higher.

What kind of crap is that?

I'm really sorry, I totally forgot about it!

I'm going in there.

No, that's against the rules!

I don't care.

Well I do. You're not going in there. We'll just have to go somewhere else.


It's more exciting downtown anyway.

She said clubs...

Then we're abruptly moved to the gate to downtown. We can't explore to the east, north or south, so we have to go left.

Multiple people offer drugs to Rhue and he never has a clue whats going on. Lexus politely says no thanks each time, except the time a female dealer also hits on Rhue at the same time, which Lexus responds to rather firmly.

(Is that a Blue Scarve?)
There's also a few of these guys about.

Those lights are spinning, and as a last touch...

No, I am NOT joking.

This place is much more exciting than the stupid Val Parra Cafe.

I've never seen anything like this!
How is this possible?

Welcome to the city Rhue. Everything is possible here.

Hey Verb, you should have known I'd be back.

VERB: And you brought a friend it looks like.

Yea, his name is Rhue.

VERB: Welcome to the Shadow Inn Rhue. I hope it's to your liking. You look like the adventurous type.

Sorta. This is all pretty new to me.

VERB: Well you better watch your step. There are four major gangs that frequent this place.


VERB: Yea, you've got the Blue Scarves, the Unguided, the Shadow Lords, and the Arastotzi.


VERB: Well don't worry, they're all pretty easy to spot except for the Arastotzi.

I'm surprised Blue Scarves are even tolerated here.

VERB: The Blue Scarve gang is just a wannabe take off of the real thing. It's rumored that they even have their own version of Dancing Violet.

Are they even aware that the real Dancing Violet is locked up somewhere in this city?

VERB: Oh yes, Everyone knows that Dancing Violet is locked up in the tower. The Arm of Estrana as we like to call it.

She's in that huge tower?

VERB: Yes. Probably at the very top I would guess.

Is there any chance that I might be able to visit her?

Woa! You want to what?
(The game doesn't credit this line to Verb.)

Why would you want to visit Dancing Violet Rhue?

... I need some VERY important information from her.

I don't know what your chances are, but you'll probably have to pay a visit to the courthouse.

VERB: ...

Then that's what I'll do.
Nice meeting you Verb.

VERB: Yea, both of you take care.

We head down to the basement, which is a very happening place. A few people here mention the Arastotzi have their own walled off club that's even better, called "The Scene."

The name The Unguided and their green trimming gives me Syndicate Wars flashbacks.

I didn't expect to be here.

Should be an interesting night.


Oh, I don't know dear.

Rhue, let's go and dance!

This is an minigame with no consequences at all for doing well or badly. The only thing it affects is how good at dancing Lexus says Rhue is.

Lexus explains the dance rules and shows them off. It's just some arm wriggling and arm pumping, 'twisting' and spinning. You just have to match the inputs. Spin with Lexus. Twist with Lexus (which is just rapidly looking right and then up again a few times). But for the arm moves, you have to do the opposite of what Lexus does, which is where I often trip up, because the moves look relatively similar on small sprites.
The more important thing in this screen is you can see that guy with the brown hair and the blue clothes watching Lexus.

I did it!!!!! This was with still giving the wrong input a fair amount too.

I don't know why, but I feel good! Check this out!

Rhue starts to do... something. Looks like his arm pumping move, but there's a bump sound and he upsets the woman to the right.


BLUE SCARVE: You bumped into my girl! What's with you?

With me? You're a flaming retard. What do you expect to happen on a crowded dance floor?

BLUE SCARVE: You've got two seconds to apologize, newcomer.

Rhue, apologize to him and then we'll leave.

Screw that. I'm not apologizing to this pathetic piece of wannabe trash!

BLUE SCARVE: That's it!!!

BLUE SCARVE: I'm going to enjoy ripping you to shreds you stupid newbie.

BLUE SCARVE: Liar, they would have torn you to pieces just like I am about to.

Oh really? Let's dance.

So you just run around and try to kill this guy without being hit. There's an energy bar and a health bar. Lexus is also running around and if you accidentally hit her, it's instant game over. The Blue Scarve takes a bunch of hits to go down too.

When you kill him, a second jumps in.

Then the lights start to fuck with you, flashing and changing position constantly. After I kill the second guy the minigame ends, which startled me. I'd swear you used to fight multiple guys at once, and definitely more than just two. Maybe I took too long. I did pretty poorly actually. Look at my health.

Woo. Then the lights go out again.

A woman screams, among other noises.


He'll come...

BLUE #3: We'll see.

There's a long pause while we stare at an empty hallway. Then there's a thudding sound and...

"You'd think Lexus would be screaming bloody murder. But I don't hear anything."

The hall leads into a big storage room.


Rhue hears what sounds like a sword fight and then a man screaming.

(Sweet lands! I can't hesitate now.)


You mean -a- sword. I think.

... Where is the girl?

BOUNCER: The girl you were with? No idea.

Don't lie to me.

BOUNCER: It's no lie. We haven't seen her.
Look man, these jackrats deserve what they got. We're not holding this against you.

I didn't do this.

BOUNCER: Right, whatever you want us to say. Just put that sword away and we'll escort you out.

(They don't believe me.)
You literally slew two other Blue Scarves downstairs just moments ago, RHUE!
"All right, I'll follow you out."

I have no idea. I should probably report this to someone, but who?

... That bartender guy said I'd have to visit the courthouse in order to have a chance at visiting Cetsa.
Actually Lexus said that!!
"Maybe the people there can help me to find Lexus as well.
That's what I'll do then. Early tomorrow."


This is the first time we've properly seen Gaius since the start of Marna Stretch in Episode 2.

I know. But the Pontifex Tetzel has instructed care to be taken in the handling of this matter.
If Tetzel sounds familiar, it should. When we first met Velicia on Marna, she called herself the loyal servant of Pontifex Maximus Tetzel. Pontifex Maximus is, literally, in Latin "Greatest Priest." and was the most important position in the ancient Roman religion. So I assume Tetzel's basically meant to be the Pope of the Guided... Curiously, Etzel is used to refer to Atilla the Hun, but that's probably irrelevant.

So I've heard.
How long have you been here?

I arrived only a few days before you.

What have we learned so far?

it seems the Vigilance Council and the Guided share power.

Yes, I noticed. Who's decision was it to settle in Estrana? The Guided NEVER settle.

The Purpose has willed this settlement to be. This comes straight from Tetzel.


What concerns Tetzel is the handling of this city under Sacrifa.


He's been here awhile, and the Pontifex is not very pleased with his work.

Why hasn't he been replaced then?

He has many supporters among the Guided here. Their loyalty even to the Pontifex now lies in question.
What concerns the Pontifex the most are the reports about the mine.

The mine?

There are rumors of a gigantic mine beneath the city. Sacrifa's behind it.

A mine for what?

Good question. Whatever it is, Sacrifa wants it badly. Many men are dying down there.

What's killing them?

I don't know yet. The whole operation is a closely guarded secret.
Not even the Vigilance Council is aware of it.

I wouldn't be too sure of that. The Vigilance Council and Sacrifa might be working together for all we know.

Yes, many of the Guided think so. Morale is very low among those loyal to Tetzel. There is even talk of an uprising.

So I would suspect.

Sacrifa is walking on thin ice.
Fade to black...

Lands... I can't believe it. She's okay?

Man, that's a load off my mind. Now I can concentrate on getting visitation rights with Cetsa.

And so, Rhue heads to bed. Wow, what a first day in Estrana. Anyway, the whole nightclub thing has always just seemed so bizarre to me. Always felt out of place. Also, I can think of a MUCH better time for Gaius and Velicia to have their conversation, like after we've seen Sacrifa for the first time. Though then we wouldn't get some foreshadowing about the mines beforehand so... hm.

the end