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Part 34: Episode 4: Part 7: Lab Work!

Episode 4: Part 7: Lab Work!


Like I said before we actually have something exciting for you this time
It goes like this...
Someone in the ranks of the Shadow Lords is producing a new form of "lace".

What's "lace"?

It's a hallucinogen.


It makes you see things that aren't really there. It's greeaaat.

But this newer version isn't so great. In fact it's lethal, as some of our people have found out a little too late.

Why would someone make a lethal version of this "lace" stuff?

We're not sure. They might just be a little wrong in the head.
With that said, we think the creator is a man named Jopaga.
He's a very eccentric Shadow Lord to say the least.
One of our agents has given us a lead on one of the facilities that this new brand seems to be coming from.

Yes, but that's besides the point dear.

Our mission is to find the substance and destroy it along with its supposed creator, Jopaga.

This will prevent any more unnecessary deaths among our people and the general public.
I hope you're ready to get a little messy dear, because we leave in five minutes.

Cut to...

Then we hear the sound of multiple people running, sword slashes and a couple deathcries...

Good work Cade. Looks like we're in without a hitch.

Smooth. Nice and smooth. That's how this needs to go.
Get the rookie over here. I want him to see what a dead man looks like.
So this is Cade, and like with Verdanna, he once lacked a portrait and I question why Lun bothered giving him one.

Rhue, your presence has been requested.

Dialogue choice time!

"seen lots of dead bodies."              0 Rhue
"seen more dead bodies than you."        0 Rhue
"killed people before."
	"(Smile wide)"                  -2 Rhue
	"(Smile a little)"              -1 Rhue
	"(Unemotional)"                  0 Rhue
	"(Frown)"                        0 Rhue
"killed lots of people."
	"(Smile wide)"                  -2 Rhue
	"(Smile a little)"              -1 Rhue
	"(Unemotional)"                  0 Rhue
	"(Frown)"                        0 Rhue

I go with frowning after saying killed lots of people.

So don't even start with me.

Sure you have kid.

We don't have time for this right now dears. Let's just get on with out mission.

"Stoyko, I want you and Rhue to check out the other corridor.
I'll take three grunts and head down the middle corridor.
Everyone has been briefed on the objective of this mission. Let's not screw this up dears."

So we follow our assigned hallway. The game obviously doesn't let us go down the others or leave this place.

The two Shadow Lords are actually different statistically, and have different moves. A being more of a fighter, while B's sort of a healer? They're both weak to Air which sucks cos I was levelling up Fire.
Still mostly a cinch though. If you're unlucky you might have Stoyko use Light Mass Mend once.

This happens after a couple more Shadow Lord duos. Also there's two peices of loot in this room to fill most of my empty slots.
Just a Pocite and Focite though.

FINALLY Fire Edge hits 2 XL gain. I switch back to Air.

After a couple small empty rooms (just imagine variations of storerooms and the first room a couple times)
we hit a cutscene room...

The only member of the Shadow Lordswith hair hangs out at the bottom left there.

S. LORD: Stay back! I swear I'll kill every one of you!

We don't want to kill you. In fact, we'll let you go if you tell us the location of the main facility and Jopaga.

S. LORD: I already guessed that. You want to see Jopaga, mmm?

Sorya slowly advances, and the Shadow Lord keeps the distance between them the same by backing up at the same time.

S. Lord: Good, I'll send you to him!!!

He turns and pulls the switch which makes a clicking sound play.

ARASTOTZI: The doors are locked!!!

This one too.

Oh, you are so dead!

S. Lord: No, you are.

Everyone starts running around as the room begins to shake and...

I'm not sure. I woke up in a pile a debris next to you. (That's how its phrased in the game!)
It looks like we fell through the upstairs floor.
That little punk really did a number on us.

No kidding. Where are the others?

They fell into a different room I think. Let's try to find them.

There's also two entrances at both ends of the hallway but Stoyko wont let us go that way just yet.

They got her I think. One of my scouts brought back her sword from a room just a little ways away.
There were signs of a struggle, but there wasn't a blood trail to follow.
They're probably holding onto her as a prisoner. There haven't been any signs of the rest of her team.

Shiest! We've got to go and rescure her right away!



We have to proceed with our plan. If we have to lose Sorya in the provess, than (SIC) so be it.

This gets us a Sorya point. The other option is +0

This isn't a democracy kiddies. Sorya's gone, putting me in complete control.

I'm taking her sword with me just incase we run across her.

Fine. Let's move out.


Oh yeah I remember to show this off. Meh.

We follow a cavern to a very dark room.

"Yea, do you have a torch or something with you?"

A loud horrible moan/roar plays.

"What was that?"

There's a pause, and then heavy, slow footsteps.

"It's coming this way!"

The torch abruptly lights itself for some reason. As the thing approaches, someone runs up from behind it.

If it isn't obvious who this is from just those eyes alone...........

Red Zero starts us off with a lecture to explain just how she sucks so much.

Red Zero: I fight in a unique way so pay close attention.
First of all, I can not be cured or healed by regular techniques.
If you try to use a healing technique like Light Mend on me, it will not have any effect.
Techniques like antidote, clear sight, etc don't have any effect on me either.
In order to recover HP I have to use either my Photosynthesis or Blossom technique.
I can cure myself of any ailment by using my Purge technique.
I don't acquire XL like most others either. I can't draw XL from the encironment around me, so I'm forced to draw it from my allies.
Most importantly, if Rhue is defeated I will be unable to perform any of my techniques except for Purge.

(That's strange.)

Red Zero: That's enough talk, let's fight.

So uh... the whole thing about sapping XL from allies to use her moves is never going to come up. Because her moves are all so awful that stealing XL is only icing on the awful cake.
Photosynthesis heals only a small amount of HP....... after two turns of inactivity.
Blossom heals her but damages allies at the same time.
Thorn of a Rose damages EVERYONE but her. Enemies get conditions though.

I mean. Really. That's so awful.

She's actually a really good fighter though. Has 3 more HP than our maxed Rhue does, and does more a fair bit more damage than even Stoyko(!). So just mash attack with her.

As for the monster? It has no weaknesses, and inflicts level 3 poison on everyone (6% damage per turn) and can hit kind of hard, but that's it. Easy.

I don't know. This is the first I've seen of such a thing down here.

(Her voice is very feminine.)

That brings up my second question. What are you doing here?
I didn't know you were involved in this operation.

I'm a last minute addition. I guess Entrego figured there would be a little extra trouble.
I wasn't supposed to get directly involved, but the situation has become increasingly dire.

Yea, no kidding. Sorya is a prisoner and one entire team has been lost.
At least we've found one of them now, with his head opened up nonetheless.

I can't believe Entrego would send you in alone Red. Especially into such a dangerous situation.

It just proves the importance of this mission.
There is obviously more going on here than anyone first suspected.
We have to find out what.


So we need to find that Jopaga guy pretty badly I would think.

But what about Sorya? We can't let her remain a prisoner!

I saw them bring her this way just a while back. If we hurry we may be able to catch up with them.

Then we don't have a moment to lose.

Everyone goes to leave, but Rhue hesitates...

And I know I promised the aura stuff this update but this updates already getting a bit lengthy and wordy. At least I did show you how it starts to get a bit odd. Plus a zombie attack is a good place to leave the update on. Next update might be a bit short, but it'll probably be in the next couple days or so!

the end