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Part 37: Episode 4: Part 10: The Setup.

Episode 4: Part 10: The Setup.

We find ourselves... no longer in the lab. As Rhue slowly wakes up, Stoyko enters and puts a plate of food on the table.

Where am I? What happened?

Arastotzi headquarters. As to what happened, I'm not even sure of that one.
Neither Sorya nor Red Zero would say much about it.
Stoyko likely wouldn't have been able to see much, if he were even conscious at the time...

I do know that Jopaga and his men are dead.

What about Scatha?


She was the one wearing the mask with the blonde hair.

I have no idea what happened to her. Hopefully she's dead too.

Oh. So did we get the formula?

We gathered up a little of the completed formula. Some of our genius people are taking a look at it.
Jopaga wrote out the formula in a strange way though. So no one is really sure what to make of it.
I doubt we'll be able to get the components from the Pits like Jopaga did though.
At least we're rid of that stupid jackrat.

Anyways, you better eat some breakfast Rhue, you get to meet Entrego today.
Stoyko leaves and Rhue gets out of bed. If you try to eat the food, Rhue says it doesn't look bad but he's not hungry. All full up on the shadow of souls, I guess!

Rhue's unending antipathy towards mirrors is unharmed by his literally out of body experience.

Entrego's room is that one just below on the right. Past the guy on the horizontal hallway is a little empty bar area with nothing to do, and the other rooms are locked, and a guy wont let us leave, so we go see Entrego.

"I've heard some good things about you. You were very impressive on that last mission.
So much so that I wanted to meet you in person."

(Yea, what a meeting. Your back is turned to me and I can't even see your face.)

ENTREGO: Sorya, give him his reward.

Thanks, but I thought I was going to need a lot more to visit Dancing Violet.
I'm a little disappointed.

Complain if you like, it won't do you any good.

"When those tasks are completed you will have your prison visit granted."

This choice doesn't affect anything, really.

That's the deal so I expect nothing less.

We will contact you for the mission when the time is right.
You are excused. There is a person waiting for you outside, they will escort you out.

... Wonderful.
Rhue leaves.

"How ridiculous! Who does he think he is?"

You should have seen him at Jopaga's core facility.

If it wasn't for him, every one of us would probably have died.

He just went crazy.

ENTREGO: Then we'll have to use him and then exterminate him when he can benefit us no longer.

Why not just let him be? If he gets what he wants he poses no threat to us.
And all he wants to do is visit Dancing Violet.

Yes, he's absolutely obsessed with that idea.

ENTREGO: He sounds too chaotic to be trusted. If we can't predict his actions then how can we allow him to run free?

You're right, we should take care of him after the next mission.

There's a short pause here...

ENTREGO: I'll decide later.

If you'll excuse me I have something I need to do.
And we fade to black as Red Zero leaves...

And a midi version of Double Visions's "Knockin'" starts playing.

Sure, whatever. Why do you look so nervous?

ARASTOTZI: It's just that you've built quite a name for yourself. Do you know how many rumors are flying around about you?

This woman enters, and jumps when she sees Rhue.


WOMAN: Aren't you Rhue?!


WOMAN: I've heard all about you!
Fighting off Blue Scarves to save a woman in distress! Leading a mission against the dreaded Jopaga!

I didn't lead that.

WOMAN: Well you might as well have! You were so incredible!

How would you know?

WOMAN: Oh, I've heard all about it! Word gets around!
I heard you jumped over a huge gap to chase after Jopaga after killing several of his goons!
There are stories that you saved everyone single handedly!
Lexus comes downstairs at this point...



CHERLA: !!!!
Um, got to go, se you later!

Cherla hurries over to that... sink?

Suprised (SIC)?

Yea, what are you doing in a place like this?

Rhue, this is "The Scene." Everybody who is anybody comes here. Except for government types that is.

Oh, all right.

Seems like you're getting pretty popular these days. What have you been up to?

Uh... nothing!

Nothing's going on with me.

A lot of people must be mistaking me for somebody else.

Oh is that it? I see.
Are you ready for tomorrow?

What's tomorrow?

The first half of the grand tournament How could you forget? (Lack of punctuation in text!)

It's been such a hectic week.

That's all.
I should probably get back to the casino, I'm not feeling too well.

*wink* Okay. see you tomorrow then Rhue. (Lack of capitalisation also in text.)


Scene end!! a midi version of this plays. Uhm. It actually sounds better than the original. Lun or someone might have touched it up or he used a enhanced remix? Or maybe that's just what happens when you put nes music into midi form. I don't know.

What do you suppose those Guided shields on the wall mean?

Do you think Sacrifa is involved in this?

It's possible. Someone in the Guided was working with Jopaga. That much is sure.
The evidence we've found suggests that a high ranking Guided wanted some sort of special formula produced by Jopaga.

What kind of formula do you think they wanted?

I don't know. Could this be related to the mines under the city? Do we have any new information about that?

We have reports that there is no substance of any value being extracted from the mines.

So they're just digging for fun?

Well, they don't really seem to be accomplishing anything.

This is all connected somehow. I just know it...
We leave these two behind for another scene...

"How did such an innocent young lady manage to escape a trained professional like you?"

It's sickening to me that Patura has chosen you to represent the Council at the grand tournament.
I would object further, but I have other matters that I must attend to.
Slade, Patura has chosen you to replace Rhorn in watching over my daughter.

What?! I'm a Shadow Foot... not a babysitter...

Take it up with Patura if it bothers you. It's out of my hands. I'm too busy with other things.
What a great bunch the Vigilante Council are.

(What other things?)
We fade out on this scene too...

To find Rhue headed for his room, when the clerk stops him.

All right, let me see it.

lmfao. come on Strata. don't use the same damn rhyme twice.

(We'll see about that!)

This scene ends too and we hear the howling of wolves and...

Zoom in...

We follow a shadowy figure as it jumps the whole main street and even multiple rooftops at once. It jumps pretty damn high.

S. LORD: Or what?

CHERLA: I'll scream!

S. LORD: You're pathetic. I'm going to enjoy this.

Her head... comes off.


The Phantom Slasher has arrived in Estrana.

the end