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Part 38: Episode 4: Part 11: L vs L.

Episode 4: Part 11: L vs L.

So, the next morning... Rhue psychically knows someone is at the door. I guess there's a knocking sound effect that failed to play or something.


This place is great! Somebody must really love you, huh? *wink*
why's she started winking so much lately

Oh, I don't know about that.

Great news, I won my first round match! I'm going on to the second round!
Wow I can't believe Rhue slept through it. What an asshole!

And then uh, Rhue psychically detects another presence at the door.


MESSENGER: Best of luck to you. Your match is scheduled to start in 30 minutes.
He leaves.

Wonderful, I'm third.
Something wrong?

Um... no.

It's just that Rhorn is the representative of the Vigilance Council. He's a Shadow Foot Rhue!
She totally thinks we're gonna lose to the guy with no lines.


Guess that makes me the underdog. I've got nothing to lose at least.

You need to get ready, let's go to the arena.

So we head out!

Lossus still has fuck all to say.

But, Alan's here too!

Arch nemesis? More like your savior. Do you know how many times I've saved your life Alan?

My title is Alanthreonus Phillipe Straphachar, and you have presented a moot point, muddled in ambiguity.

(Ok, I kind of understood that.)

Nevertheless such prospective foreordination compels me to speculate on our fated consanguinity.

(Sweet lands! What did he say?!)

Fortunately for you, I was disabled such that I was incapable of participating in the preliminary round.

Thus I will be not be able to avenge the disconcerting subjugation you consigned to me at Lide. (That mess at the start of this sentence is exactly as written.)

It's a trifling matter really.
Moreover, I wish to bestow upon you a benefaction as an expression of my gratitude for you opitulation in the...
subterrene bowels of the earth.


Take this Lyn Rock.

Now you're speaking my language!

I, Alanthreonus Phillipe Straphachar will rise up to conquer my foes once more. It is a new morning!
Good luck!! Bye!! We head to the Arena room and are stopped by an attendant who asks if Rhue is Rhue. When he is told that is true...

What? No way!
Rhue got out of bed early for this!

ATTENDANT: You're (SIC) opponent has taken ill and will not be able to compete. You win by virtue of forfeit.



Let's go somewhere and talk for awhile then. My match isn't for a good long while.

Cut to...

Those dirty little rats. What are we going to do now? We can't enter another representative.

We strike back. Do you have anyone available?

The Shadow Foot trailing Zed's daughter could be used.

You know, that's a great idea. Get Slade.

Cut again!

Do you ever feel nostalgic when you think of the bright sunny, careless days of your youth?

The days when you were too young to realize how complex The Way really was.

A little.

Sometimes I feel sad thinking about it. The realities of life can be so harsh.
But when you're young you are forever hopeful. There isn't anything that can bring you down for a long period of time.


You always seem kind of sad Rhue in one way or another. You never seem completely happy.
Does it have something to do with Dancing Violet?

Maybe, I'm not sure.
I've been searching for a girl I knew as a child. Serena. Ever since we were separated I've been looking for her.
I think Dancing Violet may know something of her.

She might even be Serena...

You must really love her.


"It was a symbol of the love I had for her. It was something we both valued.
But a few days after I gave it to her some boys thought it would be funny to steal it from her and play keep away.
When she came to tell me what had happened she was...

"Sad and Crying."               +1 Lyrra, +1 Kloe
"Visibly angry."                +1 Scatha, +1 Cetsa
"Quite calm."                   +1 Lexus

These character points are NOT the same as the relationship points we can pick up. All it is is just a measure of how like the named characters Serena is. It's an interesting little sequence for that reason. You can determine what Serena is like as a person. Also it shows what -Lun- thinks of his own characters, to some degree.

I'll be going with every Kloe option.

"So we set off to find the boys together."

"The poor kitty didn't know that the flowers would leave its stomach and bowels hurting for days.
Being the person that she was she decided to..."

"Verbally warn the cat."        +1 Lexus
"Ignore the situation."         +1 Scatha
"Take the cat with her."        +1 Lyrra
"Take the flowers with her."    +1 Kloe, +1 Cetsa

"My first instinct was to jump across the river after them."

"But Serena took the bridge."   +1 Lyrra
"Serena jumped it before me."   +1 Cetsa, +1 Scatha, +1 Lexus
"Serena jumped after I did."    +1 Kloe

Now a little secret tidbit. If you backtrack back across the bridge to where we confronted the boys... we find something I found on even my very first playthrough that is very commonly overlooked.


"What happened then?"

"Attacked without warning."     +1 Scatha, +1 Cetsa
"Threatened to hurt them."      +1 Kloe, +1 Lexus
"Tried peaceful persuasion."    +1 Lyrra

I'm really glad we had this chance to talk Rhue.

Yea, me too.

I've got to get ready my match now. You're going to watch me fight, right? (Missing 'for' in text.)

Sure, If I can find a seat.

Don't worry, I reserved a seat in the very front row! You'll actually have to stand, but you get to be right in the middle!

Sounds great, who are you fighting by the way?

Lossus. It should be a real battle!


Cut to...

"Let's review the outcome of the 8 matches that took place earlier this morning.

In the first match of the day the stunning and deadly Lexus defeated Alamaro!

In the second match of the day the punisher from Matalan Battle Grounds, Lossus, defeated Camwrik.

Rhue of Xor won the third match because Rhorn of the Vigilance Council became ill and was forced to forfeit.

In the fourth match Hadar of the Guided defeated Bessemer. He will go on to face Rhue.

In the 5th match Rosmar defeated Lilla of Wesper."

Did he say Rosmar? No, that's impossible.

ATTENDANT: The sixth match featured the blazing Traziun against an outmatched Terapel. Traziun will face Rosmar in round 2.

In the seventh match the spikey haired heartthrob Strata ousted Jermane.

And finally, match number eight had the headhunter Verge decimating Nansar. Verge faces Strata in round 2.
Why'd he only tell us whos fighting who in round 2 for three of the results.

Look, you can see Rosmar walking across the top of the screen there, right in front of Rhue.

That was Rosmar! How can that be? Jed said Lyrra's brother was dead!

Only one way to know for sure.
Rhue follows Rosmar out...

"I didn't think we'd ever meet again."

Me neither. Jed said that you were dead when I last saw him.

What?! You're full of it.

I'm not kidding. He said Lyrra's brother was dead. Those were his exact words.

You idiot, I'm not her brother!!!
Her brother must have died years ago if she even had one. I've never even seen a trace of such a person if he even existed.
It was always just Lyrra and Jed during my time with them.

Okay then...

I've got a match coming up against your friend Traziun. Hopefully we won't run into each other again.
But, tell Jed I said "hi" if you see him again.

(I don't think that's going to happen.)
Rhue rushes back into the arena.

Oh no, I missed it!


Anyway, that's all for now. Next time, we'll have a dungeon of sorts. We're not TOO far from the end of Episode 4 either now. Probably like... 3 or 4 more updates? Depending on how long I make them.

the end