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Part 43: Episode 4: Finale: The Big Plunge.

Episode 4: Finale: The Big Plunge.

(This line is uncredited) "Yes. We've been expecting you. Just make your way up to the top. A guard up there will show you in."

Lexus' theme starts playing as Rhue climbs the tower in a cutscene.

"Actually, I'm not sure I've sincerely regretted anything I've done before now."

Then we get silence.


I must be having a nightmare.
What in the foul earth do you want?

I just wanted to know something.


I was wondering... where did you get that pendant that's around your neck?


You came all the way up here to ask me that? Are you an idiot?!

No, you don't understand. I used to know a girl...
Her name was Serena and she had a pendant EXACTLY like the one you have.
I've been looking for her for a very long time, but I haven't seen a single trace... until now.

So please Cetsa, tell me where you got it.

I remember exactly when and where I got it. But why should I tell you?

I'm asking nicely.
lmao. Very convincing Rhue.

I'm about to be executed!!! Why would I care about anyone else's problems?!


If you want to know about Serena, I can help you. But you've got to help me first.


Hmmm, take a guess!!!

You want me to save your life somehow?

Wonderful. You aren't a total moron.

How can I possibly manage that? Do you know how many guards are going to be around for your execution?
And the general public is going to be all around the area. They'd rip you to shreds themselves if the guards didn't get you!

I'd suggest winning the grand tournament, but that's not likely.

You think so? Guess what, I'm in the semi-final round already. Two victories from winning it all.

(No need to mention the two victories by forfeit,)

What? You're kidding.

No, I'm serious.

You must have really improved since Lide. That or this competition is a real joke.

Either way, it doesn't matter. If you can win you'll get a large sum of money, fame, popularity, and connections.

I've heard the guards talking outside, and it's not too far fetched to believe that you could bribe enough people to get me out of here.
Oh sure, if the guards idly chatting say so.

Are you kidding? The people would be outraged!

No, they're smarter than that. Almost no one knows what I look like.
They'd probably just find another woman prisoner and execute her in my place. The people wouldn't know the difference!

But first you HAVE to win!!

I can do it.

Wonderful. Remember, Serena is counting on you.
This is insane, but in a somewhat desperate, reasonable way. It'd be completely insane if he was going to bust her out by force.

The scene ends here, and Rhue heads back to his room for the night... after he enters his room though...

Stoyko heads into the room above Rhues.

"Entrego wants us to take care of a little pest for him tonight.
This guy is dangerous. No screw ups! Got it?"
Oh Stoyko... betraying us like this after we were such good buddies all this time. Tsk.

The sound reserved for things moving inhumanly fast plays.... followed by stabbing and death screams.

R.I.P Stoyko.

I didn't hear much of anything, except deafening thunder last night.
Why? What's going on?

GUARD: Nothing much. Thanks for your time.

(Nothing much? Yea, right.)
(I've got a match to win.)


I had a rough night. Made a terrible mistake yesterday.

Well don't make another one today.

What do you mean?

Rhue, I'm going to tell you the truth. You're in way over your head.
Strata is going to kill you.

No he's not.

Rhue, he's no laughing matter Everything I've heard about his fighting abilities is true. (Lack of punctuation in text.)
If you go out there you're just going to get humiliated and maybe even seriously hurt.
You haven't fought since the qualifying round!

Actually, I've been keeping quite active in the fighting department. I've improved a lot. I think you're underestimating me.

Rhue, trust me, I know what you're capable of. You can't do this.

You don't understand. I have to win the tournament.

So you're going to beat Strata, and then you're going to go on to beat me?


I'm telling you, don't go out there. Forfeit for now and let me handle him.

I told you, you don't understand. If I don't win, I lose Serena.


I visited Cetsa last night. She won't help me find Serena if I don't free her.
I've got to win the tournament to even have a chance at doing that.

Don't trust her Rhue. She doesn't know a thing about Serena. She's desperate. Her time is nearly up.

No, last night I got a really good look at that pendant. I'm sure it's the one.

Okay, let's say it is. Think logically for a second Rhue. How would someone like Cetsa get a hold of that pendant?
Let's see... She's a murderous criminal who has robbed and killed countless wanderers.
Think about it Rhue...


She's just trying to use you. Don't play into her hand.
Short pause here...

I have to. It's all I have!

Rhue gets up, shoves Traziun out of the way and dashes out of the room in the blink of an eye.


Danube Sandstorm starts playing again. I'm serious.

The camera pans over the arena and crowd slowly at first... and then faster and faster until I guess Lun gets sick of it at about the 1000000th time. There's lots of cheering and screaming going on and some people are jumping up and down. You'll notice the front row at the top has not just Lyrra but GAIUS as well.

he says this twice.

Cade's still alive! Looks very rough, and he crouches down like an animal as his eyes dart back and forth.

And Scatha watches a river or something for a while before turning to her Blood Lyn companion.

That's it for Episode 4. Wow. It doesn't end on a doozy of a reveal like Episode 5 will, but it's my favourite cliffhanger because its not stupid OR one that drives you insane with impatience.
All we've got to worry about is the Ultimate Fuckwit taking the words of the Ultimate Lying Bandit Lord at face value to find the Ultimate Lost Childhood Love even if he has to duel the Ultimate Asshole and the Ultimate Plans of the Ultimate Satanist who is conspiring to be become Ultimate Buds with Ultimate Satan to fix the Ultimate Sick And Dying Wife.
How will these these plans collide???

By the way:

Very comforting. And it uses our favourite track (besides Strata's theme) for the title theme.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

the end