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Part 47: Episode 5: Part 3: Please excuse me while we ditch the rails for a little bit.

Episode 5: Part 3: Please excuse me while we ditch the rails for a little bit.

This is our track for the next little while.

I'll either save Cetsa and find out the truth... or die trying.

Is this really happening?
I can't believe it's come down to this.

After so many years of nothing, I'm going to stake everything on an impossible task.

Am I really an idiot like Kloe said? Am I so obsessed that nothing else matters?


Yes I am.

So let's move on, shall-

Oh dear.

Anyway, we can't explore much of town but at least there's people around. A few comment on some kind of trouble among the Guided ranks and a disturbance at Sacrifa's manor. The Vigilante Guards seem to be leaving it to the Guided to sort out, too.

And do you see those two kids on the left? They tricked their friend into playing hide and seek cos they actually hate him, and didn't look for him. You can find him and let him know, which makes him cry. And then give Rhue a Heart Stone.

"His victims are called harbingers."

The Harbringer executes harbingers. Now that's confusing...
I wonder who will be the Harbringer today.

PARADAN: If I could just have a minute of your time sir.

I'm in a hurry.

PARADAN: This will just take a moment of your time.

You've got twenty seconds.

PARADAN: I would just like to plea with you not to attend this vile exectuion (SIC).
No one should rejoice in the death of another.
In fact, us Paradans believe that no one should be sent to their death before their natural time.

What about murderers?

PARADAN: We should strive to rehabilitate them. If we kill them, we're no better than they are.

But if there aren't harsh penalties for certain actions, won't people be more inclined to break the laws?

PARADAN: It wouldn't be a problem if everyone followed the Path of Para.

I don't mean to burst your bubble, but that's NEVER going to happen.
Who would follow a path where you aren't even permitted to defend yourself if someone were to assault you?
You Paradans make me sick. You criticize any warrior who protects other wanderers. Guards, Lyn, Vigilante, all of them.
And all the time you criticize them you are basking in the protection that they provide.
Want to know what I think about you Paradans? You're all a bunch of ungrateful little cowards.

Now get out of my way.
Uhm... after that little rant, the Paradan starts wandering around randomly, and we can move on.

It's not time yet, and there's only way way to progress, so up the stairs in front of Sacrifa's front doors we go!

No, he doesn't know me.

Silence! I did not ask you!
Do you know her?!

NO!! Please, he doesn't know me!
Velicia hits Lilah...

Stop lying!! You already know what's wrong with her! She's your wife!!

No, that's not true!


Why don't I show everyone here what's wrong.

I'll have you hung for this Velicia! Desist from these actions immediately!!
That lines a bit of a mouthful...

We'll see who hangs.

You know nothing of her illness, Velicia!!

This is no ordinary illness!! Her rotting flesh is a testament to the evil work within her very soul!!

Let her go! She has done no one any harm!

If she had not pledged her loyalty to the Lord Below, such sickness would never have befallen her.
No Sacrifa. Such evil must be destroyed!!!

If you so much as lay a finger on her, I will kill you myself!

There you have it. You are in alliance with the Lord of the Pits as well.

Ask the Purpose to spare your soul, for I will not spare your life.
Neither will I spare the life of this foul creature before me.

The screen quickly pans up as we hear the sound of repeatedly thudding, and a womans screams.

And Sacrifa flees inside.

Purpose, have I so angered you that you must punish my innocent wife?

Revenge. Grant me at least this, Purpose.
If you will not... I will ask the other.

But this is the only way to repay those who have done evil to my household.

Let this wretched city be held accountable for what it has done.
Such is my vengence (SIC). I ask nothing else.
Hear me now, Lord Below!

How can you call yourself a Shadow Foot when you are so incompetent?!
She hits Slade.


I am inclined to agree with Patura. You were given a task, and you failed.

A question if I may.
Patura hits him again.

No, your piddling questions have no place here.

(How was it that Medmur escaped unharmed that night...)


You stupid little man.

Where is your honor?

And now Medmur's hitting Slade!

Silence! Do not deny the charge.
Lady Patura is a respected member of the Council. Or have you forgotten?!


You make me sick.

I'm amazed Rhorn even has a faceset. This might be his only damn line.

Excellent. Begin the proceedings.
We'll finish this later, Slade.

Unfortunately, the track here is one of the ones never identified. But just imagine something with a slow, loud drum beat and an ominous hum going on.

Still thudding sounds too but the cause is different.

(Burn them all...)
There's a roaring sound, like a distant crowd is going apeshit.

Sorry, I didn't see you there.

MAN: What? Are you blind?

I'm Arastotzi.

MAN: Eh, heh... heh. Yea.

(And there she is...)

"Both the Vigilance Council and The Guided have agreed that there can be only one penalty for your grevious (SIC) crimes.

My only regret is that I never got the chance to rip YOUR throat out, LADY Pa-FOOL-a.
You spent -at least- a week in a cell and that's your best?


And now ladies and gentleman, I give you the man responsible for the capture of this terrible menace...


Rhorn walks out and nods to each direction. There's a cheer each time.

(Rhorn? What lies, I've never seen him before.)

(Kava Kura... is that Rhue up there!)
Remember this Kava kura curse. It'll do more than just come up again.

(Is he actually going to try to save me?)

(Yea right... He's come to watch me die just like everyone else.)

(Purpose, please, help me.)
(If you help me get Cetsa out of here alive, I'll believe in you.)

(Please, just help me this one last time!)

Rhue leaps to attack the Harbringer but is... repulsed?

Message of Darkness plays here.

It happens on his second attempt too.

HARBRINGER: This is a surprise...
What the hell, did Lun learn to spell it this episode or did the testers finally fucking start noticing.

And then MEDMUR steps forward.

Hold on! Wait.

What do you suggest?

A Shadow Foot.

Very well then.

Slade nods, and approaches the centre of the courtyard.

"You're strange."

Looks (SIC) who's talking.


At least I fight for what I want. You're just the tool of a crooked government.

(Such true words from such a misled man... He is strange.)

Say what you will, nothing can save you now.

This is a mercifully short unwinnable fight. Slade does 33% of Rhue's hp every turn so... Well, its possible to last a couple turns longer, if like what happened to me, you fluke out and he misses three attacks in a row. If that happens Slade says ENOUGH and uses some kind of flashing green light to instantly win.

Burn you Slade... Burn you.

Finish him!!

The music stops, and the crowd cheers as Slade approaches Rhue...

And then there's rumbling and everything begins to shake.

Sacrifa chants a few lines of stuff like this.

Lots of things fly out of a hole deep in the mines... This is the only part of this sequence where the screen isn't shaking terrible too.

Sound of something ramming the cobblestones from underneath...

Monsters and/or demons begin to invade Estrana. I'm pretty sure its just monsters but...

With so many people running around, and the screenshaking, this is a little disorientating.

Follow me.

the end