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Part 50: Episode 5: Part 6: The Truth?

Episode 5: Part 6: The Truth?

This area has a custom theme that's nothing special. No one cares enough to have uploaded it anywhere. It's not one of Lun's though, it's by a 'Justin Landry', who also did the Fighter's Spirit track.

Where are we?

That's... an interesting name for a stretch. Biblically so, I think. I don't know much about this kind of stuff so here's a quote direct from Wikipedia.


With its large Jewish community,[17] Very early Laodicea became a seat of Christianity and a bishopric. The Epistle to the Colossians mentions Laodicea as one of the communities of concern for Paul the Apostle.[18] It sends greetings from a certain Epaphras from Colossae, who worked hard for the Christians of the three Phrygian cities of Colossae, Laodicea and Hierapolis.[19] Asking for greetings to be sent to the Laodicean Christians,[20] the writer requests that his letter be read publicly at Laodicea (Colossians 4:16) and that another letter addressed to the Laodiceans (see Epistle to the Laodiceans) be given a public reading at Colossae.[21] Some Greek manuscripts of the First Epistle to Timothy end with the words: "Written at Laodicea, metropolis of Phrygia Pacatiana".[22] Laodicea is also one of the seven churches of Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation.[23]

In other words, another stretch of wilderness with a name that's hard to say.
... yes.

Heh, it may seem so, but it is actually quite special.

The waters of this place have powers to heal ailments of the eyes. They give clearer sight, heh.

Great, but that doesn't help me any. I can see just fine.

Same here.

Heh, much that you see is not really there. And much that you don't see, is right in front of your face, heh.

That's just stupid.

Very stupid.

Bathe in the waters and you'll see what I mean, heh.

Hey, I'm just trying to help out, heh.
And with that, we move on. First I go down to investigate the red shiny thing that was on the pool edge.

Score. And that's all on this screen, so we head right.

These things have a lot of HP and can inflict Prone but aren't really problems in spite of that.


And that's Fire Edge maxed out too...

Here's Slasher, the (very very slightly) stronger of the two Weapon auras, for comparison. The Elemental weapon auras even have a higher maxe level. Air Edge's current attack power is only 40 though. But it gets 3 XL per turn!

Anyway, going behind these rocks at a certain spot...... yeah, yeah. Thanks Lun. Thanks.

On the next screen Rhue walks along without our help because of an impending cutscene.

I've got a rock in my boot, this won't take long. If you're so impatient why don't you go scout ahead?

I was just about to suggest that myself, heh. I am a legendary Forerunner afterall!

Keep in mind that if you get lost, we won't come looking for you.

Lost? Me? Heheh. I know this place the way a jackrat knows his own feces! Heh.

That's disgusting!

I'll be back before you know it!

(That's what I was afraid of.)

It's my hair, I need some help combing it out.

All sorts of things have gotten into it since Estrana and it's driving me crazy!

Sorry, but I don't have a brush or a comb.

It's okay, if you just use your fingers I think that would work just fine.
This makes Kloe... look very shocked for a brief moment.


Do I look a little pale to you?

Uh, you look okay to me.

Here, feel my forehead, does it feel hot?

Hold on, I've seen these symptoms before. Here, let me take a look at her.

Hmm, it's hard to see in this light. Move back a little.

Cetsa pushes Kloe back.

Can you help her?

I sure can. She's just dehydrated.

Cetsa pushes Kloe into the river? Creek? Pool?





They call each other liars, demand the other let go, back and forth until...

BLOND HAIR: Fine! You're not my friend either!

RED HAIR: I hate you!

BLOND HAIR: Well I hate you!

A girl screams, and there's a splashing sound. Well, if you'd suspected Kloe might be Serena because of Traziun pulling her out of the river...

(I can't believe it!)

Sorry, Kloe.



(What's with these two?)
Rhue's a real dipshit, but I've always found this scene.... kind of strange. I don't really get why it's here now, or even in the game at all. Especially this linked backstory thing. Anyway, the music stops too.

My name is Kloe.

Heh, whatever you say miss.

Break's over, let's get moving.

Good idea.

Thanks Lun.

We absorb that Lyn Rock we just got and we hit Vandralyn, which I believe is the Classification right beneath Straphalyn, the highest classification you can reach normally. Pharaphalyn being the classification only one person can reach at a time. And no one's heard of any such person for a very long time even though they're meant to be recognisable somehow.

These guys have a gore attack that does heavy damage, and a charge that can stun the whole party, but otherwise, meh.

Jumping around for loot that's NOT hidden in a bullshit fashion for once. Just north of here...

Any signs of a struggle?

Then we've found a good place to rest for awhile.

That's a good idea, heh. The terrain becomes quite a bit more treacherous up ahead.

It would be best to travel by night because they have fierce beasts that hunt by day.

How would you know?

Lands woman, didn't you hear me when I said I know this place the way a jackrat knows...

Okay!! Nevermind.

So we'll rest now, and save our strength for the evening.

For some reason, we get the option, but there's not exactly much to do out here, so...

New Lun track...

Rhue makes his way down to Cetsa...

I just wanted some time alone to think.

I see...

"Things haven't turned out quite the way I thought they would."


I suppose I shouldn't complain. I should be dead right now.

(Is she acting? I've never heard her talk like this before.)

But somehow I got tangled up with you, Rhue. If that hadn't happened I doubt I'd be here now.

I'm glad you feel that way, because now I want to know about Serena and where you got her pendant.


The music stops here...

I said, this is far enough. No more walking.

Please Rhue, I just want to walk for awhile longer.

No! Sweet flaming lands! I'm tired of your little games!


Do you know how many years I've been searching for Serena?

I risked my miserable life to save you. You were going to DIE, Cetsa!


Maybe Traziun was right about you... Did you lie to me?
Cause if you did, I'm going to end your life right here and now.

You'd kill me after everything you went through to save me?

I only saved you because I thought you could help me find Serena.

But we're friends aren't we? I thought we were getting along really well.

I don't like you! Get it through your head!

Now tell me what I want to know, or else I'll kill you!

All right Rhue. I'll tell you everything I know.
Promise me one thing though?


Promise me you won't try to kill me after I tell you.
The music stops again...

Good, because what I'm going to say is quite shocking.

Just say it.

Then you got your wish.
In fact, your timing is so bad I just might be mad enough to kill you.

Good, your last effort left much to be desired.

Don't worry, I won't disappoint you this time.

I doubt you will either. I have much lower expectations this time.

ONLY A STEP 1!?!??


Ah FUCK!!! And 39 damage too!

Why do you fight for a council that lies? They didn't even give you credit for capturing Dancing Violet.

On the third pass, Slade uses a Blade Art called Destroyer that we haven't seen yet. I think it's the Step 4 damage booster. But it could be the Step 3 one.

Hhhhh he's wearing our damage down.

I do a lot of things I don't like.
I'm searching for the truth, maybe you should do the same.
But you're probably too wrapped up in your ways to do that.

Some of us have already found truth.

The Lanner Blader Art pays Slade back the Plunge damage he's dealt us though.


Hopefully my truth is a much happier thing.

We won! Sort of.

The mention of Serena is... shocking to Slade for some reason.

Rhue starts flashing blue... and some strange sounds start up...

Some light show explodes out of these two, probably Rhue (or his sword?).

And it engulfs the area.

the end