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Part 61: Episode 6: Part 4: Kava Kura: Act 1.

Episode 6: Part 4: Kava Kura: Act 1.

Yep, Destroyer is a Step 4 Blade Art. That's how far ahead we were skipping with that sidequest. Slade's attack power is 30% higher than Midian's too and his will is nearly as high as Sacrifa's. He's pretty damn good. Also has the highest poise (Speed/evasion).

But before we continue, there's one thing I forgot to do and it's too late to go and do it now.

After getting Sacrifa we could have gone and spoken to The Girl again which'd have given us an inconsequential scene, but one that starts a series of... interesting notes from Lun.

Event Conditions: Switch [1038:Mansion Boss Defeat] - ON

THE GIRL: Need anything?

Note: Yes... maybe we could go out somewhere together.

RHUE: A way to get into "the Scene"
THE GIRL: Sorry, can't help you. But I'll
keep my eyes open for someone
who can.

Note: Oh... all right... I understand.

RHUE: Thanks.

From where we got Slade, it's a short walk to our destination. Also keep in mind the title of this update. You might remember kava kura being the curse Cetsa used when she was about to be executed. It was also used by someone else.

"You'll be the best Great Beast anyone has ever seen!"

SKIP: Thanks, Alan. Just try not to bust me open like last time.

Right-O, my lad!

My deepest apologies, dear Vashti.

VASHTI: What are these men doing here?

They are my bodyguards. Surely, you remember the threat on my life.

VASHTI: I do, but we're safe here. Concert Hall secruity is the tightest it's ever been!
These flunkies of yours will only cause problems back here. The show will suffer!
Heed my warning! Now I must be off, the first scene is fast approaching and I'm not nearly ready!

She runs off and is quickly replaced

Wellborn! How grand it is to see you again!

WELLBORN: I bring most exciting tidings! The show is sold out!
Alan jumps.

What say you?!

WELLBORN: Apparently there is a rumor that you will be killed tonight during the show!

Alas! It's become public knowledge!

WELLBORN: It's true then? How sorry I am for you my friend.
Do you have any idea who would threaten your very existence so?

I do not. But do not fear, I have enlisted several men of valor to stand as bulwarks against this evil!

WELLBORN: A wise decision.
I also bring some more distressing news.
Several actors have walked out in a fit. They are refusing to play their assigned roles.
Most notably, the role of Kura is now vacant!

That's a lead role! How could such a disaster befall us on the eve of our performance?!

WELLBORN: What will you do?

There is but one thing to do.

What? Who's Kura?

I will let Wellborn explain the role to you.
As for you other two, you will also fill in for those who have deserted us this night.

I must fly now, for the opening sequence is looming ever nearer.

WELLBORN: Much of it has to do with the fact that Alanthreonus is not particularly liked among other actors.
The wag of his tongue has incited many against him. He is proud and boastful.
A good many would love to see Alanthreonus fall.
But now let me do my duty and inform you of your roles.
You sir, in the blue and orange, what was your name?

WELLBORN: Rhue, the name of your character is Kura.
There is no time to peruse the script so you will have to improvise your lines and movements tonight.


WELLBORN: Kura is a very chaotic character. He has a certain darkness about him, but also breathes a heroic light at times.

WELLBORN: If we are to keep the audience's attention we must have conflict.
Be cold. And don't shy from conflict.
And most importantly... Have you observed the manner in which Alan talks?

Lands, please don't tell me you want me to talk like... THAT.

We get a piano version of this, and there's quite a few covers of it on piano but none like the midi. So here's the original J-POP song.

Note: ---
Note: I've been thinking back to the beginning of the show lately.
The year 2000.

Note: I suppose it began earlier than that, but nothing solid was laid before then.

WOMAN: I don't know. Why do you ask?
Note: My brother and I, driving on the open road, discussing the story.

MAN: I've got somewhere I need to be in an hour.

WOMAN: Where's that?
Note: Driving through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

MAN: Home watching the Arena plunges on my new fifteen inch moxi box.
Note: I remember saying to him many time, "No, that's not what happens, they'll be expecting

Note: "Let's twist it more."

WOMAN: Oh by the way, the fights were cancelled because of the show tonight.

MAN: Flaming fires! I'll kill Alanthreonus myself for this!

That blond man, who is not the one talking, gets up out of his set and leaves.
Note: I remember imagining how Lide would look and how it turned out totally different.

GUY: Huh?
Note: At first, Kloe wasn't going to be a major character, but I fell in love with her as I wrote
scenes for her and Rhue. Everything about her just flowed so easily.

GIRL: I saw you looking at her.

MAN: No I wasn't. I was looking at the stage.

GIRL: There's nothing on the stage, why would you look there?

MAN: I...
Note: In 2003, I began work on another story set in The Way universe.

GIRL: Do you think she's pretty?

MAN: Uh... she's okay.
Note: In 2004 I finished the outline and had the majority of the scenes written out in their
entirety. Some of the last parts still lay in outline form though. So it's not necessarily a
"complete" job.

GIRL: What does that mean?

MAN: You're prettier than her.

GIRL: Are you saying I'm just barely above "okay"?
Note: I finished my first feature length screenplay in 2005. It took roughy 4 months to write.

MAN: Great lands...
Note: The beginning of my first major show(I don't consider the Crestfallen games to be more
than short stories) has led to many new beginnings.

"Both were valiant warriors and
fought with the strength of ten
men. And both were as swift
as the rushing winds of Alendor.
Note: Just writing is much easier than making a game.

"Together they were nearly unstoppable.
And thus it was that these two men joined
one another as blood brothers, and
became sell-swords for hire.

They quickly made a name for themselves
as the very best, going on brilliant
adventures and conquering a myriad
of foes."

Note: No graphics, no sound effects, no music, no programming, battle balancing.

"Legendhood floated at their fingertips.
Not once had they ever failed any
task they took up."
Note: Though I miss the music. It can make a scene so much more powerful. It can trigger
feelings that words in themselves often cannot.

"And then one summer they were hired
by The Guided to go out and capture a
heretic, a priestess of the Solemn Woods."
Note: If a person doesn't feel anything listening to A Time and a Place at the end of Episode 6
as the credits roll, then maybe I have failed them.

"Such a small task it seemed, but larger
things loomed on the horizon. A small
shadow was slowly taking shape.

This is the story of Kava and Kura."
The play opening song cuts out here, and nothing replaces it for a while.


If you want a Lyn Rock later on, then pick the best choices here. If you want a Kritar Shell, which you most
likely don't want as much as the Lyn Rock, then pick the worst choices.

No omen is this. Such calmness speaks of a deceit at hand.

These woods are not covered with a deep darkness as I expected.
Instead, they breathe a quiet light that fills me with an awkward sense of joy.

I do not trust these woods.

I find myself hard pressed to believe that such a wicked witch could live in such a place as this.

I wonder in what form she might be manifested.

I imagine her face to be like that of a wild boar. Her teeth long and jagged as a shark, and her finger nails like claws of an eagle.

What think you of The Guided who sent us on this errand?
Certainly they were fearful of this place, else we would not have been chosen for this task.

They are a suspicious lot. We would be well advised to be cautious in our dealings with them from here on out.

My heart is troubled for this forest is wide and this priestess of the woods is nowhere to be seen.

I apologize, madam! I will gladly abstain at your request!

Please, tell me your name, for you are beautiiful beyond any I have ever seen.

VASHTI: I am Luma, the priestess of these woods. And who are you and your friends?

You are the priestess?!

VASHTI: It is so.

My lady, we were sent here by The Guided to capture you. A grave mistake it seems we have made.
I wish no harm upon you now that we have met in person.

BThePlayBattle starts here but no one ever figured out where it was from.

Are you so easily blinded by beauty? Would you abandon all of us to failure so selfishly as that?
Such a simple mind you reveal in your praise of this woman. Such weakness I have never seen in you.
We will not desist. We will take her back to our employers and collect our fee. We have sworn on our honor to do so.

VASHTI: I will not submit to you.

Then we will take you by force!

VASHTI: Great Beast of the woods! Aid me!

Alan better give us a bonus for this.

Oh and I guess Silent Slade crashed the party too. Anyway, this fight is incredibly easy. Like sub-mook easy.

Alan/Kava approaches Vashti/Luma...

The play will continue in the next update which wont be too far behind this one. It's a pretty long sequence though.

the end