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Part 62: Episode 6: Part 5: Kava Kura: Act 3

Episode 6: Part 5: Kava Kura: Act 3


So, in this sequence we have a very brief amount of time to go and talk to Alan in his room or get dragged on stage and we miss a little scene and a notch item. So I did this in two goes.

"Let's just say I wouldn't be caught dead here by myself."

"I wonder what she's doing in there."
Vashti's room is locked so we can't find out.


Fear not though, I have a plan!

A delivery? Well, bring it here!

With a note... it reads...
"Dear Alan, the best is yet to come. This is going to be a long and painful night.

This Blan Rock might come in handy, if you know what I mean."
Blan Rocks raise Damage Threshold by 2 if you remember.

Pffft! A mockery! That is what this is! I don't need this stupid rock! Take it and dispose of it immediately, Rhue!

Sure thing... (I think I'll just tuck it away.)

Hey, what were you going to tell me about this next scene?

VOICE: Hey come on! We need everyone out here who is in the next scene!

Flaming fires! Just listen to the narrator and...



"Kava was kind to her, but Kura
bore her no good will.

Kava pleaded with Kura to change
his mind, and release Luma,
but Kura could not be swayed.

Kura would not break his contract,
nor his word to The Guided. He
was determined to fufill(SIC) what he
felt were his obligations.

Were it not for their brotherhood
etched in blood, Kava would
have done more to try to help

But he was bound. He could
not betray his brother in arms.
And so he bided his time
and waited for an opportunity.

And so it was that one night Kava
allowed himself to accidentally
give Luma the chance she needed
to escape.

With a poorly tied knot around
her wrists, Kava declared
his great sympathy for her plight
ever more than before.

And so, she freed herself and snuck
off into the woods late that night.

But fate was against her, or something
darker. For Kura woke suddenly
from his sleep and soon gave chase,
following her trail..."

VASHTI: I stop only for lack of breath! Had I the wind I would fly from you forever more!

It would matter little for even with such a wind I would over take you.
I never fail my task.

VASHTI: Honoring a committment is not based on the kind of pride you speak of.
What have I ever done to deserve such ill treatment? How can you justify what you are doing to me?!

I'm not concerned with justice. Right and wrong. Do you not realize that I am a mercenary?
It's merely good business sense to be honest in my dealings. For to be untrustworthy in this line of work is to be unemployed.

VASHTI: I understand you now. I see you for the murderous dog you are!
Exchanging lives for kiphers to fill your pockets! Indeed, you are a miserable man!

I'll quote something for the walkthrough here.


If you then pick "Fair Slap (Decent pop)," you'll get +2 to your show rating. If you pick "Hard Slap," you'll get +3, but you'll make Vashti angry. If you pick "Brutal Slap," you'll get +4, but you'll seriously piss Vashti off. I'd go with the second choice, since it'll net you enough points for the Lyn Rock, and the latter two choices will be detrimental to your getting of other Notch Items later on.

I do go with the second choice.

And then the scene ends.

"We've been sabotaged!"

The spotlight we were planning to use for the next scene is out of commission!
Somebody tampered with it within the last half hour! This means my stalker is probably in the building!

That's a nice thought... What are we going to do about the lights?

There's a backup system we can use above the stage.

You will have to take a ladder up to the rafters above the stage.
There is a control booth up there for the secondary lights.
It's a farily simple system, but you'd better get up there as quick as you can.
We don't have much time before the next scene.


What the... there's a note stuck to the bottom of it...

"Have fun with the lights, I decided to "enhance" the control system to make things more fun. Hahahahah!"


"Here we go..."
I think this is meant to be Rhue but it's completely unattributed.

It's an honest to goodness minigame. I don't think we've had one since Episode 4.

(Use directional keys to move light. Pressing the action key will speed up light movement.)

If you don't immediately turn the speed up to max this is nearly impossible to do without losing some audience rating. Vashti's allowed to be out of the light for what feels like 2 seconds before the audience starts booing. And after a calm first ten seconds, she spends the rest of the time running around like a manic in completely unpredictable ways. Without adjusting speed, the only way you'd make it without being booed atleast once is memorising her moves and calculating exactly what you're allowed to miss. Also, your controls are reversed. That's the sabotage.
You only get all the rewards if you do this perfectly without the audience booing even once. There's a track playing through this scene but it's unknown what it is.

Especially considering that the lights had been tampered with and were not working correctly.

Is it true?! Then my worst fears are confirmed...

My stalker must be one of the other actors in this very production! No one else had access to those lights...

There is a traitor in our midst! Be watchful Rhue!

You have only a very small part in Scene IV at the very end. Wellborn will give you your cue.
Until it is your time to come on, be most careful!


I must go now, for I am in the next scene.

Isn't that Vashti's bed?

Wow Rhue, I think you're right! It is!

I have a feeling she won't be happy if you're still here when she gets back.

You think?

Lands, you're such a jackrat!

I'm merely bored. Now run along, I need my beauty sleep.
Then I head to Alan's room.

"legend fairly well."

WELLBORN: This scene has a bunch of talking between The Guided and Kava.
To save Luma he attempts to bribe them with a large amount of seru.

This interests The Guided but Kava is unable to produce enough to win them fully over.
Instead they promise to keep Luma alive until he can produce a larger sum.
Having secured this deal he goes to inform Luma who is locked away.

However, while he's speaking to Luma, you, Kura, happen to be listening outside the tent.
The curtain will close for a few seconds giving us time to set up some tables and chairs for the last scene.
And in the final scene you will propose a toast and toast to "Becoming legends."

After Kava drains his glass you will talk about how he has betrayed your trust.
A verbal battle ensues until Kava finally starts to feel faint and topples over.
You explain to him that you poisoned him, thus repaying his deception with one of your own.

And then the curtains will close and that will be the end of the show.
Do you understand?

No problem.

WELLBORN: Good, cause you're on!

We cut to the audience.

MAN: Did that just happen?

<Sorry, I was improvising.>

Note: How many e-mails like this do you think I will get?
Too many from what I heard.

GIRL: I thought it was brilliant! That guy playing Kura, Rhue, is so talented!
Note: A few like this maybe?

WOMAN: I'm still a little disappointed. Hey, are you coming to the Scene for the after party?
Note: A few like this maybe?

GIRL: Maya, you know I've been banned from that place! Don't talk about that!

WOMAN: Sorry.


... hah.


I threatened my own life as it were, hahah!
My assassin is nothing more than a concoction of my own brilliant mind!

An added incentive to draw the masses to witness this glorious event!

What about the lights? Why would you sabotage the lights if you already had the people here?

The blame for such spontaneity lies wholey(SIC) with my over achieving accomplice!

Pip! Get in here boy!

Here's to a marvelous job! In the prospective future, however, let us be more attentive to Concert Hall property!

PIP: Thank you, Alanthreonus! Will do!

Now go and be a good lad and prepare my table at the Scene.

PIP: Right away!

Yes, I've got some business I need to attend to there. (I hope Dyson knows where Jopaga is.)

Whew. Glad that's done. We won't be going to the Scene and getting our reward for our perfect performance for a while though. We've got other things to take care of.

There is a note at the end of the Play event, but I cant post it in full until later since it has some minor spoilers and one BIG spoiler.

the end