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Part 63: Episode 6: Part 6: Ghost Witch

Episode 6: Part 6: Ghost Witch

I wander around for a while.

This single arrow has manifested it here for some reason. It's not pointing at the little girl, she just runs around in circles here.

Good luck with that buddy.

The Girl isn't at her home, as I head to The House of Pnoe. She's not there either.

Lun's not going to let us forget about Kava and Kura.

MAN: The other jackrat turns and says, "No joke you moron! So do you! We're jackrats!"
Hahahahah! Isn't that hilarious?

Yea, that's a real knee slapper.


W-wait, you mean we could've asked this guy all this time? Let's check it out.

Gah!!! At least I can steal his Heart Stone here.

You might also have been wondering if we can go speak to Jed again.

"Guess not."

Next I wander outside the city and spy a shiny thing.

The City is completely surrounded by this red... void.

So let's head to our real destination this update.

Just above the area with the graves is a teleporter and this house.

There's a teleporter in here. Let's take it!

What forest?

MAN: Great plains man! That teleporter goes to the most twisted forest you've ever seen!

Is it dangerous or something?

MAN: You better believe it! There's all kinds of bad things in there.
But then again, there are a lot of good things too, if you know where to look.


MAN: But you haven't heard the best part.


MAN: Oh, you're going to love this...
The woods are haunted.

By what?
MAN: By the ghost of a dead witch.
Legend has it that her body was buried in the forest along with a great treasure.
So if you stumble across a grave... well... it might be hers.

Okay then...

This sign updates as you take treasures, so that's nice.

You can leave via save points, which is nice.

So every single one of those treasures plus even the main path through the dungeon is hidden like this. Often you can't even see them from where the path starts.

These guys are barely worth talking about. So worthless that the dungeon drops them entirely before long.

Vendigos can poison you but are just as bad as the Blue Crawlers.

Secret paths to different screens even! And secret paths inside secret paths! Repeatedly!

The left chest is there to taunt you cos you can't actually get to it until much later, from another screen.

Main path is hidden here!!!

Arpalex's are like Vendigos except instead of poison they do a lot of damage instead.

Prone... it's beautiful... But I switch back to Illuminati.

Orange Eyes don't seem all that threatening to me but the walkthrough talks them up like their Green Pulse attack will half someones HP. I saw it do 40hp the one time it landed and I fought LOTS of these. They're in pretty much every fight in the second half. They're very susceptible to being blinded.

So in the second half of the dungeon, this becomes by far the most common fight, until it becomes the ONLY fight. It's also pretty brutal due to the Arpalex's high damage and the Vendigo's poison. I come close to losing it a couple times.

Thanks Lun.

"Care to take the plunge?"
I say yes, of course.

This guy isn't all that good, or his luck was really bad. Meanwhile, I inflict a series of Step 2 and 3 injuries on him and land a Step 4 when he's nearly defeated anyway.

This is actually one of the best Blade Arts if you get your Critical Strength up.

You're actually going DOWN between these two illuminated areas, because Lun's a fuckhead.

Nice helpful description. Anyway I -think- this blade doesn't increase Midian's attack power from his unarmed state, and I have no idea what attribute it is.

I do know it makes his normal attacks hit all enemies though, which is nice.

What are we waiting for then? Let's dig the old hag up and get our treasure!
Fade out...

"There's nothing here."

Flaming fires, what a waste of time! This whole forest should burn!

Let's just go.

Except let's not go or we'll miss a couple important things. Like some... stuff and the most valuable item in the game. Walk into the left wall here.

At the end of -another- secret path, we find this.

Maybe the other one was just some sort of trick.

What the...

VOICE: The other grave was made specifically for YOU!
She means it too.

You know, that sprite reminds me very strongly of what Vashti was wearing for the play where she played... a priestess executed by The Guided for being an heretic and alleged witch that lived out in the woods. Huh.

Anyway, besides her nasty, long lasting confuse spell, she's not too hard if you can have Rhue or Sacrifa cure it. She just takes a while.


Let's dig up the treasure and get out of here.

Now what?

Or pehaps you just want the treasure for yourself.

FIGURE: I come only to pay tribute with a small offering of flowers.
If it is treasure you seek then I will give you something of great value in exchange for your agreement not to dig these grounds.
Many things of the past are best left buried.

All right, let's see this treasure of yours.

Looks like we have ourselves a deal.

This is definitely replacing the CTP Catalyst and never being unnotched.

If you look at the grave after this scene Rhue says "A deal is a deal."

We leave.


the end