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The Way

by Fleshwit

Part 64: The Annotated Version Of Meeting The Girl Proper.

The Annotated Version Of Meeting The Girl Proper.

Note: I once woke up in an unfamiliar room, to an unfamiliar but lovely face.

Uh... hi.



Uh, how are you?

... I'm...

Where am I?

The outer city.
Note: I had entered into a new world.

Note: My existence was thin. A transistor with two rectifying junctions...
The currents of the universe flowing through my terminals.
Input. Output. She was weary, but she smiled at me.

Near the Shadow Inn and the House of Pnoe.

Outer city... Estrana?


I don't understand... I was at the End of the Way...
Note: I had heard the echoes of this place.

End of the Way huh? I found you in the street!


Yea, you were passed out in the middle of the street.


Don't look at me like that! I'm telling you the truth!

Truth huh... And you always bring people you find passed out in the street to your home?

Well... no...

Who told you to bring me here?

No one! I did it on my own!

Note: "Because we wanted to." Isn't that a reason?
Why did you want to? Ask a psychologist, they will tell you. Just remember that the
science of the mind is as open as the soul to perception.
Note: No, there's a difference.
I know. But you can't ever hope to distinguish between the two on this plane.

Sheesh, can't you just be thankful?
Note: Yes.


You seemed nice enough when I met you outside the city a while back.


Don't you remember me?
Note: I can't remember. It's a limitation of my mind. But maybe it is has seeped into my soul.
I'll regain it later.

(I thought that was a dream.)

You don't remember me?!

I didn't say that...


Sorry, I'm just a little confused right now. (Actually, more than a little.)
Note: Confusion is native to chaos. And order is born of understanding.

About what?

You wouldn't understand.
Note: Understanding is difficult. And for some it becomes impossible.

Maybe not, but that doesn't mean I can't help.
Note: Some try.

How could you help me?
Note: But too many such attempts seem wasteful and futile.

I work at the House of Pnoe. Lots of different people gather there. Someone there could probably help you sort things out.
Note: Exposure to differences aides in understanding.

House of Pnoe? Weird.
Note: Some find such exposure to be distasteful. They choose the comfort of ignorance to raise
their perceptions of superiority.

Why don't you drop by sometime? It's right next to the Shadow Inn.
Besides, it can't hurt, can it?

Probably not...
Note: Some think it is more important to worry about truth than superiority.
They would sell a nation to find truth.

My shift is starting soon so I'd better get going now. Nice meeting you again.


the end