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Part 66: Episode 6: Part 8: The Dinner Date!

Episode 6: Part 8: The Dinner Date!

"Do you think the collector will give you us the item if he has it?"

"Maybe... we'll just have to see, won't we?
By the way, I hope you know how to dance."

"Why is that?"

"Because there is supposed to be one later on."


"Let's go inside!"

Right here.

GUARD: Have a nice evening.

Oh look, Conductor Palmin is here! Let's go say hello.

Ok. (This sucks.)

It sure is! Who is the lovely lady accompanying you tonight?

CONDUCTOR: This is Adelia, who I myself was introduced to just a few minutes ago.

Pleased to meet you Adelia.

ADELIA: And who, might I ask, is that handsome thing standing beside you?

... My name is Rhue.

ADELIA: Well Rhue, I'm especially pleased to make your acquaintance.

Yea, me too... We've got a lot of people to talk to, so we'd better be on our way now. Goodbye.

Sorry, I just didn't like that woman. Now, where's this collector guy?

I believe that's him right in front of you, wearing white.

Great. What's his name?

I've never met him personally, but I know his name is Icabod.

All right.

I was wondering if you had a particular item.
A stone of sorts that's engraved with a circle inside a circle, and has a horizontal line running through the middle of them.

ICABOD: You must be talking about the Outworld portal stone. And yes, being the great collector I am, I do possess that rare item.

I'm interested in purchasing this stone. Are you interested in selling it?

ICABOD: Selling it? Maybe, but what do you have to offer me?

A few thousand seru perhaps?

ICABOD: Hah! You must be joking! You can't buy such a precious item with Seru! I require something more...

Like what?

ICABOD: Perhaps if your lady friend joined me for some one on one attention upstairs, we could work something out.

So this dinner party has point system, though, unusually, it's lower points that are better. If you get 12 points or more, you get nothing. If you get between 5 and 12 you get 1 Wicite. If you get 2-5, you get 2x Focite and the Wicite. If you get 0 or 1, you get a unique, very good notch item.
The reason it works this way is the strikes are about doing things wrong on the date. And here's the first thing. I of course, reject Icabods offer.

ICABOD: If that's how it is, then I don't think you'll be getting the stone. It will remain in my basement vault until you make me a better offer.


ICABOD: I must be on my way, goodbye.

Icabod leaves the room.

All right. (I'm going to have to figure out another way to get that stone.)

VASHTI: Whoopdee doo.

That was a wonderful show you all put on. It was very exciting!

Your soulful melodies on the violin were most splendid as well.

Indeed, such vibrant tones lended well to the triumphant appraisal of the act.

They sure did...

VASHTI: With the success of our previous venture, people are anxiously awaiting the next.
The people are looking for something original and fresh.

And that is what they shall recieve! I'm working on such a script even now!

That's great! What is it going to be called?

That is a secret. But at the proper time, all things will be revealed!

It will be a dramatic story about...

(There he goes, blabbering off a stream of unintelligible high sounding words.)
(blah blah blah blah, what the crap is he talking about?)
(It's a good thing I really don't care. He never does say anything of much importance.)

(So sleepy...)

VASHTI: So what do you think about Alan's idea for a script, Rhue?


What did you think of Alan's idea for a script?

VASHTI: Really? I thought it sounded old and hackneyed.

When you come up with something better, you let me know.

VASHTI: Surely that won't take too long.

Between the two of you I'm sure you could come up with something absolutely fantastic.
Rhue and I best be going. Best of luck to both of you.


VASHTI: Farewell? It's not like we won't be seeing them again this evening Alan.

Very well then, until later my friends!

"She's very beautiful isn't she?"

She's all right, probably wears a ton of makeup.

That's Exmus beside her. He's the reigning champion of the arena. He's now gone 18 straight bouts without being defeated once!

That's very impressive.

It's strange to see a non-sarcastic 'wonderful'.

Uhhh... Nice melty face.

Oh I most certainly do! It's a very exciting place! You've done a wonderful job with it.

Thank you. I appreciate your glowing evaluation.

And I must say that your escort tonight is certainly the greatest champion the arena has ever seen!

Yes, and it's a very safe bet that I'll continue to be the very best for a long time to come.
As usual, these two didn't have facesets once.

Are you a rhoon, boy?


A rhoon, meaning an arena fighter? Oh no, I don't think so. But his name is Rhue.

Rhue the rhoon. Har! That sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it? Har har har.
That's ok, only a few exceptional people are ever able to gain enough skill to take the plunge in the arena.

Yes, that's very true.


Wait a minute, did you say plunge?

Oh dear me, I don't think he's ever even heard of it.

(Hmm... Should I hype my skills? Or maybe it would work better to downplay them...)

Har har har! So you've beaten some Plyn have you?

Yea, that's about it. Those Hylyn are just so flaming tough. It'll probably be awhile before I ever beat one of them.

Har har har! You must be kidding! That's hilarious!

Please don't laugh, at least he's being honest.

You're right darling. But Exmus is a Straphalyn you see, so Hylyn and Plyn are very much a laughing matter to him.

Yes indeed! I'm sorry boy! Please forgive me, I just haven't heard such a humble voice in sooo long among the Rhoon.
Here, my friend, take this Heart Stone. The laugh you gave me is worth at least that!


Maybe you should come out to the Grand Palace sometime and show us what you've got.
We could even sign you to a contract if you showed potential.

That's great, I'm really glad we all had this chance to talk.
Keep up the good work at the Grand Palace!

We'll do our best, nice meeting you both.


I think I'm going to chat with Alan and Vashti again for a while. Would you get me something to drink?

Thanks Rhue.

So now we're turned loose. And the most important thing to remember is that every time you speak to a female NPC with some exceptions, you get one strike.

I also grab a piece of cake.

Now that we're loaded up with food and drink, let's check out upstairs.

What are you talking about?

Fear this place, it is a breeding ground of a great evil... We may need reinforcements...

I don't think so. In fact I'd say the (SIC) nothing remotely evil in this place besides that fat sack Icabod.

If you need me, my name is Gallagher. Be careful, even the very walls are agents of evil!

Uhm. Ok...

You might remember Kluenwrade. We saw a painting by him in Episode 2, in the bunkhouse where Kloe had one of her own paintings up. Anagram of Luke Wander. His name'll come up here and there in this episode.

So, moving on to the second floor... And well, I'll just cut this update here since there's a lot more words to come.

the end