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Part 69: Episode 6: Part 11: Rhue the Rhoon!

Episode 6: Part 11: Rhue the Rhoon!

The Grand Palace is the Grand Casino, renamed.

It's pretty much the same inside. We talk to the guards, Rhue introduces himself and he's allowed into Marasha's office. Alone.

Hi Rhue, I'm glad you could make it out here to see me today.
Let me cut right to the chase. We need someone to fill in and fight against one of our lower ranking fighters.
Someone who can just go out there and at least put on a decent show before they lose.
So I would like to sign you to a one night contract for this service.

What if I win?
There's a lengthy pause...


Hahaha! You've got a sense of humor, I like that.

No, I'm serious.

Have you ever fought at this level of competition before?

I'm not sure...

If you aren't sure, then I can assure you that you haven't.
But I will humor you. I'll put a clause in your contract that will allow you to continue until you lose a plunge.
Once you lose, you're out. Ok?

She gives Rhue instructions on where to go and who to talk to and then they draw up the contract.

"I will do what I can to explain how things work back here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
Shall we?"


"Haskin is the man that cues your music and helps you make a stunning entrance.
He takes care of the lights and all the other effects just by manipulating the customized moxi box in front of him."


MELI: Honestly, your entrance probably won't be too great since you're new here, but oh well.

How encouraging...

"Some guys practice their insults and taunts on it as well.
Why don't you give it a try?"

I'd rather not, I hate mirrors.

MELI: Come on! Do it! Cut a promo!!

Rhue moves before the mirror.



please stop before you hurt yourself

(That sucked.)

MELI: ... Woa. Let's go check out the recovery area.

"It's everything a Rhoon could want to help them relax after a tough plunge in the Arena.
We even have a moxi box to allow you to watch the other plunges while you're waiting for your match.
Then again, you're first up since neither you or your opponent is really very popular."

Thanks for pointing that out.
I'm not sure I understand this whole "moxi box" thing, though.

MELI: Sheesh, how old are you? You sound like my grandpa.

Is it your job to assist me or to irritate me?

MELI: Ok Mr. Frowny Face, I'll explain!
You simply look into the middle of glass ball and you can see whatever signal the moxi box is tapped into.

That's amazing...

MELI: Yea, I'd explain it better, but even I don't understand how the whole system works. *giggle*
You should ask Haskin if you want a detailed technical explanation.

So lots of people have these "moxi boxes"?

MELI: Oh yea! Tons of people will be watching your plunge from the comfort of their own homes!
Of course, most people will probably just go make themselves a snack while you're fighting.

You just don't quit, do you?

MELI: Huh?

I don't think I will require further assistance.

MELI: Well if you ever need anything...

I'll ask someone else, right.

The four options are:



3. Track no one could identify.


I go with 4 for now, but if you guys care, you can vote what will be Rhue's official one for the last, most major plunges, which I might well record, for... reasons.

And so the audience is dead silent when Rhue walks out, and House of the Rising Sun plays.

This option is tied to a mechanic this sidequest has. Fame Points. If you defeat your opponent in less than a certain amount of passes, you get Fame. If you rev up the crowd before doing this, I believe it multiplies the amount you get beforehand. Also you can act like a heel I guess.

Rhue pumps his arms at the crowd for a while. The crowd is dead silent. Really wish there was an awkward cough.

BIG HAT HENRY: For all of you just tapping in, the latest rhoon to compete in the Arena has just made his way down the aisle.
So what do you make of this Rhue character Malice?

MALICE: Henry, it's obvious to me from the way Rhue carries himself that he was hired just to come out here and get beaten to a pulp.
I'd say were (SIC) all about to witness quite an ass whooping with Bennet laying down the heat tonight.

BIG HAT HENRY: Folks, I hope the recovery squad is standing by! We're abut to witness why the Arena is usually strict about who they let compete!

MALICE: I'll be happy if Rhue is able to stand after the first pass.

BIG HAT HENRY: You said it Malice!

Bennet enters to some cheering and the occassional bounce from a NPC. Also to this song:

So... our goal for the Fame bonus is to beat Bennet in... 1 pass.

Which is dead easy. He only does 9 damage to Rhue.

The crowd is dead silent again.

HENRY: Holy moly! Even this capacity crowd has been stunned to silence! No one could have seen this coming!

MALICE: I still can't believe it!

HENRY: Rhue has crushed Bennet with a single blow! Am I dreaming here?! Somebody pinch me!

MALICE: This is no dream Big Hat, this is history in the making! This is big!!

HENRY: You can say that again! And this is just the beginning of the evening folks! We've got more action coming up!

And so, there you have it.

And because I hate RNG, after this fight I go to to the Twisted Woods to fight monsters until I absorb the Lyn Rock and Blan Rock we got.

Also this, which takes a few fights. We have loads more notch items too including 6(!) Heart Stones and various other stuff, but none of it pressing, and I don't care about the Link Attack stones. Yet. Our haul from the Dinner Party/Court sequence was pretty huge.

Lun even implemented using cutom tracks.

Rhue gets a decent amount of cheering when he comes out this time.

"This week we know what he's capable of and I would imagine that his opponent Phalax is well prepared for this confrontation.

MALICE: Oh, he's got to be! Phalax had an impressive victory over Shunt just last week and he is probably still flying high!

HENRY: If that's true, over confidence might lead to a downward sprial (SIC) here tonight. Rhue cannot be under estimated.

MALICE: I agree! Bennet learned that lesson the hard way last week when Rhue came out of no where and shocked everybody!
I've got to believe that Phalax won't make that same mistake here tonight no matter how confident he feels.

HENRY: Wise words from Masked Man Malice, folks! I hope you're ready, this is going to be a goody!

Phalax makes us wait on an empty door way and listen to his song start up before he eventually comes out.

Phalax shows off in the centre a little, spinning around and stepping towards Rhue and whatever. We want to beat this guy in three passes or less.

So we do EXACTLY what we did to Bennet.

HENRY: My word! That was quick! Even after last week's victory I certainly didn't expect this!

MALICE: This guy is insane! All the highly ranked rhoon are going to have to start watching their backs!
This guy is the real deal!

HENRY: You can say that again! I can't believe what we've just witnessed!

MALICE: Where did this guy come from, Big Hat? This whole Arena and everyone watching via moxi box has been shocked again!

HENRY: You're right about that! I can't wait to see what's in store for this young man next week!
In the meantime, let's go now to Melinda who is standing backstage conducting an interview with the feared and respected Rosa!

Ehhhhh. I guess I can think of a couple plunges this'd be really handy in.

Really? Hmm, ok. Let me see that.

"Dearest Rhue, it is my regretful duty to inform you that you will fall defeated this evening."
"Fate has chosen you to be the stepping stone that sends my rank among the rhoon soaring high into the sky."
"Your loving opponent,

"P.S. Please take a bath before the plunge. I prefer fighting fresh smelling foes. Thanks!"

What utter crap...
The interesting thing about this plunge is depending on previous choices, we could have been plunging a man named Pale instead.

Oh yea? You're one of the top ranking rhoon.


Maybe we'll fight sometime.


... Moving on.


Anyway, time to head out again.

A gout of fire accompanies Rhue out.

MALICE: That's Rhue, as I'm sure every knows by now.

HENRY: Before we get too far off course, let me just say that I'm really looking forward to this upcoming contest.
Rosa is no pushover as she has proved time and time again. This should be a pitched battle!

MALICE: Let me tell you, Big Hat, Rosa will waste no time kicking Rhue's ass if he's off his game!
Rhue is in for a big time fight tonight!

Rosa makes us wait too...

Roses fall from the heavens...

She bows in the centre...

We want 4 passes or less for this one.

The first pass we only do 30 something. She does 29 to Rhue, which is the hardest hit we've taken in this series of plunges yet. The next pass we both do 20 something.

The third pass...


House of the Rising Sun comes on.

MALICE: Rosa seems to have wilted, Big Hat.
Rhue was just packing too much heat for her to handle!

HENRY: Indeed, Rosa is down for the count!
Much to the delight of the fans I might add.
I can't help but be suprised (SIC). I was expecting a much closer matchup!

MALICE: I'm telling you Big Hat, this kid is something else! Even the Grand Champion Exmus is going to know his name soon.

HENRY: By my calculations that's three straight wins now. How big of a step was this last match for Rhue?

MALICE: It was huge, Big Hat. But Rhue has been taking big steps ever since he got here.
This victory easily places him among the top ten rhoon who are vying for a title shot against Exmus.

HENRY: It looks like Marasha has got her work cut out for her in choosing his next opponent.


MELI: Rosa asked me to tell you that she would like to speak with you.

Ok, great. She can try to catch me next week, I'm on my way out of here.

MELI: Rosa wants to speak with you like, right now.

Then where is she?

MEL: In the women's recovery room. You can go in, since she's the only one back there now.


You're Rosa?!

Yes dear.

No you're not, you're Sorya!

Relax dear, all I did was drop the 'Y' from my name and mix the letters up to form "Rosa".

It's quite a common practice really.
Symbolically speaking, dropping a letter from one's name represents the release of an old outlook, attitude, or sin.
In the same manner, adding an additional letter would symbolize a new addition to one's self.
Some don't drop any letters, they just rearrange the letters.
I don't know what that symbolizes though.

That's all very interesting... So should I address you as Sorya or Rosa?

Isn't it obvious, dear? I use the name Rosa only for Arena purposes.
It seemed fitting to drop a letter because I was hiding my outer appearance in that purple garb.

I guess that makes sense...

It makes lovely sense, dear.

I'm very happy to see you again dear, my how things have changed since we last talked.

Lands... Sweet lands...

Don't get crazy on me dear. I was just wondering what you're doing in town.

I'm going to the tower.

Oooo, the tower? Really?


I've heard lots and lots of strange about the tower. The Phantom's Edge, the Arm of Estrana.
No one really seems to know what it is though. It's a huge mystery...

That's why a trip there sounds deliciously exciting!

More like dangerously exciting.

Same thing, dear. I hope you don't mind if I come along.


I'll take that as a "yes".


So............................... Uhm... If you had too many Sorya points and Rhue didn't kill her, Sorya isn't here and we don't get that explanation about changing names, which is relevant in a few places. Also she has a romance mechanic attached.

Which is what the poster I found in Alan's mansion was about.

the end