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Part 74: Episode 6: Part 15: At last, the Val Parra Cafe.

Episode 6: Part 15: At last, the Val Parra Cafe.

Lexus is actually our best all-round party member. She's the fastest partymember so far and only Slade and Rhue have higher attack. Even when Midian is equipped with his Blades he falls slightly short. Her Will is higher than Sacrifas... she's just held back by her XL system which isn't such a huge problem anymore, especially if you use the Illuminati sword aura.

She's got a whole load of new moves too.

I pay a lengthy visit to the end of Twisted Forest to absorb all the notch items that -aren't- Heart, Link, Cross and Drop Stones. I actually do absorb 3 Hearts but still have 9+ of them when I'm done. In the meantime, I max out the Light Pattern and level up Aionsluh, so back to Illuminati we go, and Pattern is switched to the final one, BLACK HOLE.

Also, even the attack animations ship #Rhexus.

Uhm... this happens during Lexus' attack animation sometimes. It seems random. Even the number of times it appears onscreen at once seems random. Sometimes it's not there at all, sometimes it's repeated anywhere between 1-3 times. I haven't the damndest idea why it's there.

Now that we have Lexus we go to this... minigame place.

He explains that if you fall through the air and through 5 out of 5 rings he'll give Rhue a prize.

Theres a thing with momentum here that makes this game tricky. It takes me atleast a dozen attempts.

Also there's no boundaries on the screen. If you zoom off the sides you could theoretically recover in time for the next ring but its very unlikely. The timing is pretty tight. And sometimes you'll just zoom off and have no idea where you are and how to get back to where its visible. It takes like a bit less than a minute to fall all in all, so it's pretty tedious.

You can faintly see the three pixels representing Rhue just above the mountain as he falls onto it.

If you get all five rings in a single go, he gives you a Lyn Rock. And that's all there is to this place.

I go find a secret treasure room with a whole load of crap in it. Some of those chests have 3 items in them!

Just south of there is a...

uhm... brothel?

MIDIAN: What are the options?

SACRIFA: Midian! This is not the kind of activity we should be engaging in!

I agree...

I should take a moment to make clear exactly what kind of posters these are implied to be. Every time we've found one, the screen flashes pink and there's a rapid heart pulse sound.

If we talk to her from behind the counter Miz Nadia has a different dialogue.

Uh... Fallow?

MIZ NADIA: Yes, she failed to show up today. I assumed you came behind the counter because you know something of her.

I really just needed some water, but we'll keep an eye for your girl.

After that, we head to the Scene, looking for Fallow.

Moffat shows up everywhere. He was even at the dinner date at Icabods, but I didn't mention him because he didn't have much to say. He was also at The Scene with some random girls after the play.

FALLOW: Dats right ku, whuz going on?

Miz Nadia has been wondering where you are.

FALLOW: Dat skank? She needs to break it real, you know, ku? Always get' in raked over da dumbest flam.
This is how the Unguided talk. You can probably guess why I was fond of them now.

FALLOW: Go tell dat skank I'm tired of 'er flam, and I'm dragging out my cham.


FALLOW: As long as my cozo keeps da watershine coming, I'm sitting my cham right in dis seat.


Yea, Fallow asked me to tell you that she's, "Tired of your flam, and will be dragging out her cham."

MIZ NADIA: That skank... Well, I want her stuff out of here now. So you best hurry and go get it.

SORYA: They're not useless. Trust me, dear.


Err... ah... The chest next to that has a Mend Stone, and there's a couple other chests.

Also if you walk into the wall on the left side you get this. Thanks Lun.

Look, it's Val Parra Cafe. That's where we'll be going next on our date after one last little stop.

Sorya has the key and we can get in. This place has one thing we need to get the best outcome on the date, even if we'll be taking Lexus. It works for both her and Sorya. If Rhue didn't kill Sorya for you, then you're shit out of luck. Oops!


Uh... The Strange Uncle? The other side of the shelf has more books:

"Recollections Of Better Days."
"A Change In The Wind."
"Starting Over Again."
"Peace In Obscurity."

Upstairs there's more books.

"M 2 0"
M 2 0 is a... well, it's a name alright. It's the name of a map in the project files for an optional area where Rhue will have a rather... mystifying conversation along with an odd event.

"C & H Band."
"Rushing To Failure."
"The Talent Wasted."
"The Day Of The Clock."
"Searching For Peace."
"The Third Child."
"A Beast Within."
"Father and Son Opposed."
"The Enemy."
"A New Revolution."
"Extinguish Your Candle."
"The Unlikely Trio."
"A Star Burns Out."

Well, uh... Sorya's definitely a woman that likes her comforts.

SORYA: It's by Kleunwrade. He's my favourite artist.

He wasn't just an artist, but also a musician. His songs are my favorite!

SORYA: Indeed.
This is what we needed for the date.

So now, it's time to head to Alan's Mansion and grab those tickets.

So if you want the third ending, you have to take Lexus on this date. The third ending has a requirement of 10 Lexus points or something like that. We have less than that, if you remember. The alternate scene where Lexus doesn't die needs 7 points which is impossible to get in Episode 4 alone, even if you get all of them. There's not enough non-date points in Episode 6 to make sure you get the third ending, I think. Also, either of Sorya and Lexus will get a moderate to even rather large stat boost depending on how well the date goes. Or if it goes too poorly, the date will leave the party FOREVER.

The dates also play out exactly the same way, with the same choices and everything, just the dialogue is different. I do Sorya's date first to grab screenshots of a specific exchange that solves a minor mystery that somehow eluded the fanbase for years until a completely random guy in 2009 brought up he was dumb enough to take Sorya on the date. I have no idea how people missed it since they were tearing apart the scripting and dialogue for years at that point. Maybe they did see it and just never added 2 + 2 for some reason. I'll show those screenshots off when it's relevant, which is right near the end of the game.

Alan's so good to us. We get to keep any Heart Stones we don't spend.

Anyway, the first half of this date has no music.

Here you go.

HOST: Hmmm... these are for tomorrow night.

Both options lead to more options and there's always an option to just leave or attack the host, which all end the date right here and then Lexus/Sorya leave forever. Worst of all, there's no right option after picking "Well then, screw you!"

Is it really that much of a problem?

HOST: Afraid so. This cafe is for classy people anyhow. Bye bye now.

After the host speaks to the manager, the blonde woman, she nods and he starts to come up. That's when the blonde waitress standing to the right of where the host was suddenly takes off up and into the room to the right of the manager at VERY high speed.

HOST: She's busy, but she did give me permission to seat you.

Well, all right.

All set?

Yea, looks like it.

Some kind of bug has afflicted Alan down there.

HOST: She will be by to take your order shortly.

This is exciting! I can't wait to see what they have!

(The last time I remember sitting down and eating a meal like this was with Traziun back in Lide.)
(What did I order back then? I think it started with a...)

I don't think this affects anything at all, but its p for Palberry Suprise (SIC).


I'd like the Shan Doy Le, please.

WAITRESS: How about you, champ?


The waitress will blatantly flirt with Rhue regardless of what you pick. What you pick also has no effect on the date beyond what line she uses on Rhue.

WAITRESS: Well that's okay... I'll be back with your order soon!

Thanks Gretta.

WAITRESS: Oh, I'm not Gretta. She's uh... a little "busy" right now so I decided to help out.
Sit tight, I'll be back!

I need something to drink.

Okay, I'll grab us something,

Rhue walks right through Alan like he's not even there.

Expensive is better in this case.

Sweet lands, this better be good...
Rhue walks through Alan again.

The flirty waitress returns with the food.

WAITRESS: Well... enjoy.


Something wrong?

Not really, I just wish they had been less generous with the thatcher sauce and more generous with the portions.

"(Tell her she is fat)"			-1 CP, End Scene if CP is less than 3 (after subtracting)
"(Imply she is fat)"			 0 CP, End Scene if CP is less than 4
"Excuse self from table for a sec"	 0 CP, End Scene if CP is less than 4

Gahahahaha. Also less than 4 means they leave the party forever. Anyway, Rhue excuses himself.

I've got to take a quick break, I'll be right back.

Shortly after you get up, whatever you do, there's suddenly a smashing sound and if you head over to the right and quickly speak to a certain someone before they leave...

I'm through with the arena so you might as well have this. Better watch your step, chump.
He gives us a Drop Stone! Then he leaves.


GIRL: ...


GIRL: I like the... You are a really... arena... plunge...


GIRL: I'm sorry, you're just so amazing!

GIRL: Lands, just my luck!!!

Now we actually do have some things to do for the date itself to get the best outcome, besides just talking to people.

If you tell the redhead waitress your dates unhappy with the meal nothing happens. If you flirt with her, she replaces it. This still isn't the best option for how to do it though, so I don't.

VIOLINIST: What song?

Do you know anything by Kleunwrade?
This is where Sorya's bedroom painting comes in handy. You get 2 'CP' here instead of 1 if Rhue knows to ask for Kleunwrade's stuff.

VIOLINIST: Lands, yes. You like that crap?

My date does.

All right. Sounds good.

VIOLINIST: If she likes Kleunwrade, We'll give her Kleunwrade.
He says this really slowly which gives it kind of a threatening vibe. Also! Gallaghers back there on the piano. Hi there guy.

Start playing when I sit back down.


You have got to come down to my botique (SIC) for a visit sometime!

Aren't you closed for renovations?

Not anymore, the grand opening is tomorrow morning!

Well, maybe I'll stop by then.

Oh, that would be simply fabulous hon! Having the Grand Champion in my store! Fabulous!
Moving on...

I guess.

That's good.

We couldn't come to an agreement on his new contract.

He seems to believe that he is still the Grand Champion when in fact that distinction now belongs to you.

Speaking of which, it's time to renegotiate my contract.

I suppose you're right. Why don't you drop by my place sometime in the future?

Please wear something nice when you come. Pick up a suit at Celestria's or something.
Now, for Lexu's meal. The optimal way to handle it is to wait for the manager to come out and speak to her. She only comes out very briefly once like every... couple minutes or something like that though so yeah.

MANAGER: She wants less thatcher sauce and larger portions?

Yes, that's correct.

MANAGER: Less sauce is easy, but if you want larger portions it will cost an extra Heart Stone.
With that in mind do you still want me to replace her meal?

MANAGER: I'll have a waitress bring out the new meal soon.


The game asks if you're really sure too.

I can't believe it! I love this song!

Rhue, you're just too sweet to me!

You had them do this, Rhue?

Well, I wanted you to be happy with your meal. That's all.

Well I am happy. Very happy. This is very nice.
Yeah but now you're going to get even FATTER.

WAITRESS: Hi, I'm Gretta! Are you two doing all right?

We're fine, but what about you? It looks like someone beat you up!

WAITRESS: It was the other blonde waitress. She attacked me and locked me in one of the old wine cellars.
I guess she's a big fan of yours. I wouldn't let her have this table, so she got mad.

Where is that waitress now?

WAITRESS: The manager kicked her out. I hope she wasn't too rude to you miss.

Don't worry, it's not your fault.

WAITRESS: Well then, please enjoy the rest of your meal. I will be nearby if you need me.

We fade out and then back in some time later.

Gretta seems like a nice person.
You're a nice person too, Rhue.

I guess... sometimes. Not really...

Oh come on, You are too.

It's easy to be nice to people who are nice to you. It's really not a big deal.

I don't think I'd want to be nice. Nice people are like a beaten path. Everybody walks over them.
Oh god what are you talking about this is a nice date

I suppose.

Being nice. Being patient. Trying to understand other people's feelings. Or perhaps even "caring" about their feelings...

That's too tough. It's a waste of time.
Sir, this is a cafe.

Then why are you nice to me?

Because you're nice to me.


Hey, we all know how it works. There's nothing wrong with it.

But what if I think you're not being nice and you think you are?

Well... I don't know.

You don't think we would both end up getting angry and fighting?

... I guess we might.

All over a misunderstanding.




Please be patient with me.

I'll try.

We fade out and in again.

She's had a rough night. I think maybe this will help her feel better.

At the end of the scene, you'll gain 7 Heart Stones minus the number you spent.  If you have 
2 or fewer Cafe Points (CP), Lexus will leave the party.  If you have 3-5, nothing will happen.  
If you have 6-12, you'll gain a Lexus point.  If you have 13-14, you'll gain 2 Lexus points.  
If you have 15, you'll gain 3 Lexus points, and if you have the maximum of 16, you'll gain 
4 Lexus points.

If you have 15 or 16 points, Lexus's attack will rise by 125% of your CP.  Additionally, if she 
hasn't left your party, Lexus's Max HP will rise by 150% of your CP, her Max XL will rise by 
12.5% of your CP, her Will will rise by 112.5% of your CP, and her Poise will rise by 125% of 
your CP.

Lexus is now the most powerful member of the party in every statistic but for HP, even better than Rhue. (Well, some of Rhue's Sword Auras can make him better in one aspect or another, but Lexus is the overall best now.)

Next time, still more sidequests.

the end