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Part 75: Episode 6: Part 16: Rhue's Credit History.

Episode 6: Part 16: Rhue's Credit History.

A whole house?
What, did you think they just sell those in pieces?

Why are you selling it?

LADY: It's just much too big for only one person. I just bought something smaller downtown so this place has to go.

Well, how much are you asking for it?

LADY: Three heart stones.

Oh, let's buy it Rhue!

A whole house? Why? What do we need a house for?

Oh come on! It could be our special place!

Please, please, please, please, please

All right! Yesss!! This is the happiest day of my life!!!

LADY: Here's the key. Go have a look inside.
I've left a bottle of Nordgren on one of the counters if you want to celebrate.


Don't worry I know where all the furniture is!

You do?



With the previous owner, dumby!
Seriously Rhue, you fukken dimwit

When you buy a house, it's your job to furnish it.

We have to buy more stuff?!


I'll go make a list of some of the necessities for any home.

(Sweet lands! What a waste!)


(Look at all this junk...)

Well, at first I thought maybe a swan, but the bath is a little small for that.
Also, I guess we don't HAVE to have a moxi box, but it would be nice.

This is a lot of stuff. It's going to be tough to steal it all.


I don't believe you for a damn second boy.

Very funny, Rhue.

We should probably head over to Fwacho's. I saw them on the moxi box and they do home furnishing.
Oh you thought that commercial was a joke didn't you?

Great, so it's the big building near Sacrifa's/Alan's manor the Guided used to be so protective of.

It -does- look like a kind of nice place.

So the house is where the red circle is...

And there's a new, convenient teleporter here now. As for the three Heart Stones we spent, well, we'll make them back eventually.

"How may I make your day better?!
Hey, why stop there?! How about your whole life?!!!
That's right! Our warehouse is overstocked and so now we're being forced to virtually GIVE IT AWAY!
In need of a Moxi Box?! We've got just what you need!!!
With prices so low you'll swear we're INSANE!!! Hehe haha hoho heh!!!
Don't stop there! We've got beds, dressers, sofas, chairs, cutlery, ceramics, and more!!!!!
You can't find a better deal!!! It's all here! It's all now!! For a limited time only!!!!
So what will it be?!!!"

MAN: If you can just provide me with a copy of your credit history we can get started.
Have I mentioned how much of a fever dream Episode 6 feels like sometimes, lately?

Credit history? I don't think I have any of that...

MAN: ... None?

Me neither...

MAN: ... Darn.
This is quite a predicament...
Wait! I have an idea! You could work off your debt!
We're doing a joint promotion with Charlatans of Justice.

What's a charlatan?

MAN: I don't know. It's just what they call themselves.
Anyhow, if you can get some work with them, they can pay you in vouchers which can be used to make purchases here!
Or you could pay us with heart stones, but you look down on your luck so I assume that is not an option.

Oh no, don't you know who this guy is? He's the Grand...

The Grand Palace's janitor!

And boy is the pay crappy!

MAN: Yeah, no kidding! I'm lucky this place hired me.

This voucher thing sounds good. Where can I find these Charlatan people?

MAN: I'll mark them on your map.

Actually really close to the house. Same street even.

MAN: Tell them Fwacho sent you.

So you can exchange Heart Stones for vouchers here and vice versa. You shouldn't ever need to do so if you do everything right but tis there, so that's nice. Also, you could say FUCK the second alt ending and just get a million Heart Stones you don't really need.

So, next time we'll be doing a string of sidequests to earn the vouchers we need to furnish our happy new happy home with Lexus.

It almost feels like there was an important scene going on at some point but now we've spent a few days on a court case, SIX WEEKS on becoming Grand Champion and now this.

the end