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Part 77: Episode 6: Part 18: Homeownership Is Tiring.

Episode 6: Part 18: Homeownership Is Tiring.

Rhue rams the door down and in we go.

Looking at one of those empty barrels is of minor importance.

So is this note, which lists a morning routine and how much morning routines suck.

SLEEPY MAN: I don't know! I'm just a dealer!

We'll see about that.


An interrogation minigame!

MAN: I already told you, I don't know the guy!

So, the game doesn't tell you how this minigame works at all. You just figure it out as you go. You hope. It's kind of bullshit.

So, questioning is the main way of progressing and lowering resolve. If questioning was 'effective' (which depends on different factors like... just that Lun decided that that question was effective, or if you pick a right dialogue choice, or in one case, if his resolve is under half), then sympathise (which is Lexus playing good cop) reduces resolve by an additional amount. You have to be sparing with sympathise though, since even Lexus will lose patience and refuse to talk to him anymore after a certain amount of uses, so you have to use your judgement on when to use it.

Hurt gives you a power metre bar you generally want to be as small as possible since weak hits are more cost-effective at reducing Resolve than strong ones. This guy sort of has HP and if you go too far you can miss out on the optional bonus reward. Or even straight out kill him. Threaten reduces resolve after hurting, obviously.

I could just show the whole damn sequence but its so much pointless dialogue that's mostly just catching the guy out on lies. I'll just mention Fallow comes up here again as one of this guys favourite escorts, that he also sells lace to.


MAN: Melbis is at the Under Club.

Where is the Under Club? Show me on this map.


MAN: All I know is that if you say "Tri-Ultra" they let you in.

(I have a bad feeling about this.)

If Rhue kills him now or during the interrogation, that's -2 Rhue Points.

If you value your life you'll stay right here for the next day or two.
Do you understand?

MAN: Whatever you say.

I hope you mean that. Just know that if I hear otherwise we'll be having another little session.
And I won't be so gentle the next time.

MAN: Hey, as a token of my good will, why don't you take this key.
It opens the chests in the bedroom.

I grab those chests and then its time to re-enact the morning routine from the note. Starting from getting out of bed...

You have to do these in this order, and that door opens at the top.

It leads to more loot. Now to head to the Under Club.

We get in and...

We basically get told to fuck off (though we do have the option of attacking the bouncer). So let's bother the patrons instead.

We get a hint on the upcoming boss fight. Also a woman complains about her boyfriend ditching her, and hoping he's not oogling some other girl... and sure enough...

"You tell him that if he isn't back here in ten seconds I'm going to mop the floor with that shaggy blond hair of his!"

He vacates his spot at the bar so we can speak to the bartender.

I need to meet with Melbis, but the bouncers won't give me the time of day.
Isn't there anyway to see him so we can talk business?

BARTENDER: I guess that depends on whether or not you're a good tipper.

BARTENDER: Well isn't that sweet of you!
If you really want to see Melbis just tell the bouncer that you've got some "A.R.C." for Melbis.
But you didn't hear that from me.

We go and use that line on the 'STRONG MAN' guarding the back rooms and he lets us pass.


My mistake, it seems that all I've got for you is some P.A.I.N.

If you don't take this fight seriously it will destroy you. Tri-Ultra on every thirteenth turn isn't a joke, plus Cabali Twin 1 uses Heavy Mass Mend a lot. However, if you do take it even a bit seriously and say, inflict prone or numb and crap like that so they can't do anything, it's a joke. As long as you keep Melbis from using his Tri-Ultra attack. He didn't get the chance for me.

If you tipped the bartender, he has a key in his pocket that lets you open the chests in the previous room for some loot. And then we head back to the Charlatans.

JERAMYU: Awesome.



EXCELL: Sweet.

EXILED: Wholesome!

ALL: Wholesome?!!!

EXCELL: Lands, how lame can you get?!

PORTER: Supremeo lameo excesseo!

JERAMYU: Lame as a lamb with two left hooves.

ITEROTH: Lame like a landslide on an uphill slope.
Uhhhh all slopes go uphill.

PORTER: That's it, you're exiled!!!

ALL: Hahahahahaha!!!!

JERAMYU: I don't think that will ever get old! Now let's head over to that club!
Here's those vouchers you wanted. We're also throwing in a free moxi box. Enjoy!
Then they leave. I make a quick stop by the House of Pnoe to trigger something we'll see shortly. and then head to the Under Club again. Once there, the bouncers tell me the Badass Five have taken over.

(I'm not admitting anything...)

(Woa, that IS bad ass...)


Now, we head home to check to see the thing I triggered by entering and leaving the House of Pnoe worked.


Hello! I heard that you bought a house so I got together with some people of your fan club and got you some flowers.
I hope it's all right!

Your friend at Pnoe's

I'm beginning to wonder if even The Girl knows her own damn name.

So, moxi box, cat and flowers down, a whole load of stuff to go.

Exactly enough to get everything. Though the last two items on the list, a clock and a painting aren't for sale here...

Near Alan's manor, I push this bucket out of the way to access a secret entrance.

If you go down those stairs over at the right, it leads to the locked door in the secret passage way between Alan's manor and the concert hall, where we picked up Slade.

Nothing in here...

And we come out a previously locked door into the concert hall! We head into the store room.

Does it run?

Yea, it should do fine. It just needs a little work.
... So we wind up stealing a clock anyway. Where's your morals now Lexus?

Remember the play? Good times.

Anyway, a painting is the last item on the list we've yet to obtain, and getting it requires us to do a whole nother sidequest. We're actually coming to the end of the sidequests. There's one last major one, and then the title defense plunge, and then... the other plunge, and I believe we'll be back to the main story for the rest of the LP. Maybe a couple minor things here and there.

the end