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Part 84: Episode 6: Part 24: The Guise of Serena.

Episode 6: Part 24: The Guise of Serena.

The track from the Reaches end, when Rhue talks to Slade and so on, which is an original track by Lun called 'Tower', plays here.

Whatever this is, it teleports us to the next floor. There's no mooks or puzzles in here...

"There's a book here about the Illuminati, the Swords of Justice. Apparently they even had specific names. Only a few are listed here.
Revalzo, Aldebaran, Arctura, Betelgeuse, Fomalhaut, Venturi, and Regulus."

Anyway, Arctura is kind of easy. We get the Reflective Sky/Lunar 2 Star Dragon Tower song for this fight.

She does have interesting moves though. 'Everyone Must Bleed' is very literal.

She has a move named 'Lost Love' that I never saw work. 'Echoes of the Past' which lowers attack by 1/2. 'Beneath Sky' which freezes.... 'Judgement One' which seems to be an instakill on a single target if it lands.

After a little while she turns golden and starts using a 'Fire Wind' move that seems kind of weak. If there's more to this second stage, I didn't see it either of the two times I fought her to get both endings.

I can understand the CTP but not the AR, since there's no normal fights after this. It does make the party level up. Pointlessly.

Give me a minute to think and I'll figure it out.

"Don't trust them."

It's not intelligible.


"I'll help you, but this is the last I can do."


"Come to me."


What do you mean?

"Serena lives."

I knew it! Where is she?

"She has always been near you."

Why haven't I seen her?

"You have."

"Such action would have undermined the mission. Your task was too important to allow that."

What task?!

"The destruction of evil. The purification of the Way.
Serena has known this and has aided you since the very beginning."

She's been protecting me...

You are both instruments of justice who serve to cleanse that which has been soiled.
However, you and Serena are now in danger."

What danger?

"Others are attempting to manipulate you in order to bring about the destruction of Serena and yourself. Ultimately they desire to take control of the Way.
If your companions enter the cell at the top of this tower, it will be disastrous. Both you and Serena will surely die."

Can't you stop them?

"Such power does not rest with me. Only you can stop them."


"Please... save us."

Wow, all our friends, and Icabod, are here. Even Moffat.

What's going on?

CASTOR: There are people up on the tower!

You're kidding... Goodness... you're right...

CASTOR: This bodes badly.

Note: --
Note: Unhappy thoughts of stagnation wrenched from my hands by a soft girl with long curls.

... Yes.

Don't poop your panties. You can do this.

Note: The frame is a still shot. Paused till I play it out. The script may be boring though.
Having a co-writer with completely different ideas is difficult.
Note: I've looked at a few scripts. They didn't make me happy at all.
That's precisely why I always write my own with an editor in tow.

Note: It turns out the way I want it that way. And even if I don't like it, it seems right. Right as
rain, ripped from the clouds by the earth's dense core.

Lyrra, get away from that door!

What's wrong, man?

No one is going in there!

Rhue, calm yourself.

Sacrifa steps forward, and Rhue steps back down a space.
Note: It isn't madness to try to protect yourself from the whims of others.

No one is going into that cell!! I want everyone out of here!! I mean it!!

Rhue, we just...
Note: Paranoia is natural. The virtuous want their due and the unvirtuous want the due of the
virtuous as well.

Shut up! Get away from that door!!

Do what I say!!




Note: Someone cried "Help me" in the dark.
Though I did not know their voice I
answered them.

Note: Darkness.

Note: A will subjected to the will of others is not always bent, though its metal is tested. A
broken will is not the danger to those around it, unless they are beneath it or they depend
on it for support. The true danger lies in an unforeseeable recoil.
Note: A miracle of universal law.

Note: ===================================

I almost feel like this should be in the game proper as a sort of warning that things are going to be a bit... awkward and rushed, as Lun's written himself into a corner by planning for an Episode 7 and then changing his mind, but then deciding to have his cake and eat it by trying to make a satisfying ending out of it all. I actually mostly like it still, but... Don't expect something like the Reaches ending.

This next note is tucked away on the main city map.

Note: Sacrifa, his story goes deeper. I may have failed him in his portrayal.
Uh... yeah? No shit. You killed him off before we found out what his deal even was. I can't help but think somehow he was going to manage to play an important part in Episode 7.

So, the normal ending will be up first. Personally, I think it feels... rushed and awkward, as I already said. Also like it's still sort of leading into a potential Episode 7?

Like, the best example I can give is, to be vague as to not spoil another game entirely, is that the ending feels like the part of an RPG, like say FF7 in particular, where the hero confronts a shocking truth and eventually overcomes it, so they can set off to confront their antagonist(s) with strengthened resolve.

We don't get that last bit (or maybe we just don't get to see it.)

the end