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The Wolf Among Us

by Bacter

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Original Thread: Once Upon a Crime - Let's Play The Wolf Among Us!



Oh boy oh boy, here we go.

This is kind of a gritty game. I'll be editing out any nudity, but expect language, rough situations, abuse, domestic and otherwise, prostitution, and all the like. Don't play this LP to your gramma, unless she's a mean old cuss.


~Main LP~ / ~Let's Hush~

~Dumb bonus stuff~

Stupid extra dubb'd version of Chapter 7

For those who thought Bigby was a little too mean in Chapter 16

Once you've finished the whole LP...

~Big Bad - Jerkruns, each video is one chapter's worth. Watch the main LP first for this to make more sense.~

~Starewolf - Silent runs, wherein Bigby says nothing that he doesn't have to. Fables are left to draw their own conclusions. ~

~The Book of Fables~


Bacter, what is this nonsense?

This, is THE WOLF AMONG US, a Telltale Adventure Game. You'll at least know Telltale as the ones who put out a decent Walking Dead game, and if you know anything about that, you'll know the basic setup of this game - basically, the plot flies at you quickly, you're called on to make impossible decisions, and there's no success, just shades of failure. Well, there is SOME success, but boy will you sacrifice to get it! This is the Fables setting.

Fine, alright, so what is Fables?

I go into this in the Intro video - Fables is a comic book series by Vertigo Comics, written by Bill Willingham, who's done a bunch of other stuff but is mostly known for Fables and Elementals. In a nutshell, Fables are public domain fairy tale characters booted from their homeland by a mysterious Adversary. They're living a secret life in New York as a hardcrabble refugee community, enchanting themselves to appear human. You play as Bigby Wolf (Big B. Wolf, THE Big Bad Wolf), the ad hoc police force of Fabletown.

How is the comic?

Well, it's alright. I like the game more than the comic series, truth be told - this is a more personal story. Fables #1 is basically exactly like the game, and from then on it takes on a broader scope - looking at big political manoeuvrings, the epic fate of a bunch of fables, etc. etc. I will also say that just about halfway through the comic series they solved what was The Major Problem (the mysterious adversary), and my enthusiasm dwindled SIGNIFICANTLY after that. But it's fine, I'd recommend giving it a read if you get the chance.

Alright whatever. Anything we need to know from the comic series for this game?

Nope! Game's set about a year before the comic starts. I'll give you all the background you need.

Sure. Um, any thread etiquette we should keep in mind?

Yep. I'm making this big so's everybody can see.

NO SPOILERS ABOUT THE GAME. This should be obvious. This is a mystery game, and we'll be solving things. Knowing what happens in the future will ruin it. Don't talk about stuff we haven't seen. If you haven't played the game or looked up spoilers, feel free to speculate though.

NO DISCUSSION ABOUT SPECIFIC EVENTS IN THE COMIC OUTSIDE OF SPOILER TAGS. This one is probably less obvious, and, honestly, is a harder call for me, but the game is set before the comic, and if we know who's around in the comic, we'll know who survives the game. Also the two don't REALLY relate, I mean, you can see personalities fleshed out in the comic that are alluded to here, but nothing's super critical.

So what are you gonna be doing in this 'ol LP?

Glad you asked! Here's what I've got planned:

1) The main LP - this is me playing through as Good Bigby, with commentary
2) Let's Hush - this is basically a LongPlay - the game is pretty atmospheric, so you might want to just be able to watch it without me blabbering on. This is just the main LP without commentary

3a) The Other Side - This'll be a (edited for shortness) look at what happens if we make different decisions, or if we're a huge jerk instead of being good Bigby
3b) Half-Wolf - As in Half-life. This'll be an (also edited for shortness) comedy run where I pick the "......." option for every dialogue choice. Gordon Bigby.

4) The Book of Fables - This'll include both the entries from the book of Fables we find in-game, and some short video segments diving deeper into mythology as well as the very modern concerns touched on in the game!

5) Nightlong - you can't escape. it.

So that's that! Join me, won't you, while we tear through one of my favorite games of the recent past. I like the story,

Reserved for etc.

Watching a pro goon (oxymoron ha ha) is all well and good, but what about a dadplay? What happens when dad jokes meet the seamy underbelly of fairy tale New York? Shoeless's dad obliges us!

BOOK OF FABLES - this'll contain information about the various persons, places, and things that we encounter. If you're new to this thread and we're pretty far in, this constitutes SPOILERS. Well, just the picture aren't spoilers, but don't click on 'em, dummy! I'll mark which ones go with which chapter, so you'll know which are safe. (And if you're following along with the thread, you can check 'em as soon as we get 'em with no real fear. After all, you could do that in-game, too!)

Kobanya did an awesome job translating the Latin from the (in-game) Book of Symbols!

RickVoid talks about chapter 1 Tarot!

RickVoid goes into the Tarot cards for chapter 2!

Tax Refund captured what Bigby decided not to, for some reason.

Tax Refund delves into the handbook!

Thesaya gets sucked into the weird research vortex, explains weregild

Archwizard breaks down what Starewolf's all about :

Kobanya is a more thorough investigator than Bigby, records the spell board.

This is a still-life that I call "The Agony of Having Friends", alternatively titled "YES, I STILL AM. THANK YOU."

In case you were tired of watching a GOOD game,

And when you're sick of that bad game:

Tax Refund further explores the content of the board
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