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Part 2: Day 2: Don't Kill Me (Part 1)

Day 2: Don't Kill Me (Part 1)

While the first day opens with a cutscene, the rest open with a screen like this.

Neku seems to have waken up in a place far from 104.

Where? He doesn't know. Neku isn't too familiar with Shibuya.

Shiki has already woken up, and is checking out something on her phone.

: Grow up. You’re obnoxious...

: Umm...Is something wrong?

: Where are we?

: Isn’t this the underpass by the station? I can hear the trains.

: That’s weird. How’d we get here?

Their phones beep, indicating a new message.

: There’s the mission!

A flash of light and a surge of pain goes through both of them.

: Timer’s back. What’s it for?

: The mission. ...You really don’t know? If we don’t clear the mission before the timer hits zero, we’ll both be erased!

: Sounds crazy to me. But...maybe not that crazy. I saw it happen to those people by the station. And met a Reaper. ...I can’t believe I’m even entertaining that thought. But I know what I heard. ...Wait.

: What!?

: I think we fell asleep after the mission. But that’s OK. We need to focus on today!

: Have you lost your MIND? It’s anything but OK! We were in the middle of a street, in broad daylight! Why would we fall asleep!?

Though Neku's not paying attnetion, we should.

: Maybe we passed out. And then...woke up here? Everything between is a blank.

: But then what’s the curse? ...Neku?

: Did somebody drag us here? Or-

: C’mon, Neku, pay attention!

: ...

: Hey! What, now you’re ignoring me? If we don’t work together, we’ll fail the mission!

: ...

: You don’t have to be like this.

There's nothing in the underpass besides another guy in a red hoodie.

...Who won't talk to Neku. Upon trying to leave...

: So now we’re trapped in here.

: No... We’ll never finish the mission now.

: All she ever does is whine... ...Why not?

: Because this is the way to Hachiko.

: Then we have to get through. We got past the wall yesterday. Is there some kind of rule?

: What should we do?

: ...

: Don’t just stand there. Think of something!

: I AM thinking.

: That guy in the red hoodie. I’ve seen him before.

: Neku. What are you looking at? That guy... You know him?

: I remember... He was at the crossing yesterday, by the wall. Who is he?
I’m gonna try reading his mind.

Not a thing. Scanning reveals nothing.

: I can’t read him.

: What!? You can’t scan him?

: I had no trouble scanning people yesterday. Maybe the rules changed? Or maybe the pin is broken.

: Can we finish the mission without being able to scan?

: Hmm... What if it’s just him? Maybe he’s special.

: Neku!

: What now!?

: That guy is coming right towards us!

: Huh? What are you talking about?

: Are those the conditions to move on?

: I don’t see any Noise!

I like this guy. He's pretty calm about this whole thing.

: He left. What a creepy guy.

: I don’t know what his deal is... But he’s part of the Game, that’s for sure. Which can only mean one thing. Interesting... His kind can’t be scanned? "The world is more than just what you see." So to find the Noise... Hey. Let’s get rid of the Noise.

: How? They’re not here!

: Yes they are. We have to scan for them.

: You think? All right! Let’s try it. But first...

Oh god please, Pyrokinesis sucks.

You... didn't notice all of those pins? It would've made Day 1 easier if I had them.

: Why not test them out?

: How?

: Remember the flame pin yesterday?

: This one?

: Well, I wasn’t able to use it. So maybe--

: I get it. Certain pins only work for certain people. I’ve got to try them all and see. ...Talk about a hassle. All right, let’s see what I can do.

It's a pretty splash screen, isn't it?

Battle Video: Slash and Touch tutorials

Like the video description says, Thunderbolt is bugged to be half-speed so it misses half of the time. Besides that, you're given a bunch of low-efficiency pins so you produce pitiful numbers.

Efficiency is how much of your attack score the psych deals as damage. Neku has 10 attack, and with the 11-attack shockwave pin, he has 21 effective attack. However, with the psych's 35% efficiency it only deals 8 damage a hit.

Psychokinesis has a variable efficiency depending on what you're flinging. That motorcycle has somewhere around 80-90%. SUVs have over a 100%!

Upon defeating the noise...

: But what about the wall? It’s still- Huh!? It’s gone! Why?

: Because we took out the Noise.

: So that’s the trick to getting past the walls. But...that’s odd.

: What’s odd?

: I heard you can only beat the Noise in pairs. But I fought them alone.

: Hmm, me too...

: I couldn’t see you while I was fighting.

That’s because he was in the other zone.

: Huh?

The Noise exist simultaneously in two zones. And the only way to defeat them is by purging them from both.

He then leaves.

: Wait, but- What is with that guy?

: He knows too much... He must be one of them.

: Well, anyway...You did great. You were able to use all the pins!

: So?

: You’re like some sort of psych genius!

: Come on. Using a couple of pins doesn’t make anyone a genius. Don’t be naïve. The bigger question... is where these came from.

: So?

: So why two? You only need one.

: How should I know? Why do I have any of them? I need them for psychs, so I can stop the Noise from killing me. But how’d I get ‘em?

: Well, umm...

: You’re the one who said I only need one...

: Think how lucky I am! My partner’s a psych whiz. A genius! You’re a genius, Neku! I’d never make it without you!

: If you’re going to flatter someone... you could try to sound a little genuine.

: Neku, you listening?

: ...

: Stop that. I’m just trying to be nice.

: I’m listening.

: Would you shut the hell up! I just met you. I don’t like you. And I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think I’m rude!

: You don’t have to yell...

: Now she’s playing with her phone? Forget this.

Neku leaves the underpass.

: Hey! Wait up!

She leaves the underpass too, once outside she begins to catch up with Neku.

: Neku...Stop! Wait for me! Where are you going? I’m your partner!

: Um... What? You’ve got the wrong person. Neku, you know this guy?

: Don’t insult me.

: Need a hint? Go ask your friends.

: "Friends"? What are you talking about?

: Shut up, yo! You ain’t foolin’ me! I can’t scan you. You gotta be widdem! You can’t outsmart me, yo.

: Wait! Just--

: Beat! Stop it

: They’re Players, just like us.

: What?

: See? They’ve got Player Pins. Players must not be able to scan each other. Remember? You couldn’t scan me either.

I like Beat. He's earnest but a bit... dim. His speech is pretty heavy in slang, so it's hard to tell what's a typo anymore. No. Really. It is. I am not making excuses!

: No worries. You just gave us a start.

: Yesterday this pink-haired chick cornered us before we could get to 104. Then pinky sicked a buncha Noise on us... Messed us up bad, yo.

: So that’s why you were out for payback.

: Yup. ...Hey, hold up. We should do introductions.

: Hi! I’m Shiki. That over there’s Neku. He’s my partner.

Neku proceeds to be aloof and brooding for the rest of the scene.

: Wha’s with the phones? He still mad?

: No...he’s just Neku. Don’t feel bad.

: ...Hey, I know! Lemme give you a tip to make up for jumpin’ yas. You figure out how to use your phones yet?

: You mean our cell phones? Well...we don’t get any calls... Sending messages doesn’t work either. All we do is check the mission mail. Why? Do they do anything else?

: We played around a bit and found some things--

: Whoa, you mean you ain’t usin’ yours? You two gonna get owned down the road, yo!

: Umm... I guess...

: It’s cool! You two got questions, ask us. Gotta put our heads together, you feel me?

Several conversations like this appear through the game. Let's go down the list, starting with

Using the phone

: So about the phone...

: Yeah. You can use it to pick out your pins.

: Pick them out? How?

: Well...

: Then you can try it out!

: We can keep it?

: Sure. We had extras.

: Wow! Thanks!

The pink-haired chick

: Heh, that cow?

: She attacked us in the scramble crossing. Those black wings... She's prob'ly a Reaper.

: Yeah, we couldn't scan her.

: So, it doesn't work on Reapers...

: Or on other Players, apparently.

: Guess we found that out the hard way.

: Sorry...

: So if she's a Reaper, does that mean she gives out the missions?

: Who knows... Yo, that reminds me-- 'sup with today's mission? It don't make sense.

: Yeah, about that...

"The pink-haired chick" opened up an extra topic, but we're going down the list as it is.

The Reaper's Game

: Do you know anything about the Reaper's Game?

: Just that you have to stay alive for seven days.

: And somethin' about a new mission every day.

: The Reapers send them?

: Gotta be. It's their Game, right?

: And if we fail the mission, they erase us.

: ...Maybe not.

: Really!?

: Beat and I never made it to 104. But here we are.

: So like... we don't gotta play? Sweet!

: It's too early to say. We should carry out the missions. I don't want to find out what happens if these timers hit zero. Do you? Thankfully, ours vanished yesterday before time ran out.

: Hmm... Ours went away when we got to 104.

: Hey, you think you and Neku finishing the mission might've got Beat and I off the hook?

Today's Mission

: What's your take on the mission?

: The cursed sculpture or whatever?

: It's gotta be Hachiko.

: Yeah! That's just what I said! But what's the curse?

: Hmm... You got me.

: We should probably start by heading that way.

: Can't. There's a wall, yo.

: Again? What's up with that? We keep hitting these invisible walls...

: I think we trapped in here, or somethin'. I tried breakin' the walls, and they don't break.

: But some you can get through.

: Hmm...

: We noticed guys in red by the walls we were able to pass.

You can repeat topics if you want to review the information in them, but there's no need since I used the magic of keyboards to provide a transcript. We're done with this one.

: Thanks for all the info! ‘Specially about the phone! That’s gonna be a huge help.

: Heh heh. Good! Always happy to help.

: I feel ready to take on anything!

: Yeah, well-- you might not wanna say that. Rhyme’s thinkin’ things is gonna get tough. Yo, we should all work together!

: They say two heads are better than one. And four has to be better than two!

: Great idea! I am so in! It’ll be more fun that way. Right, Neku?

Neku finally speaks up.

: What!? Neku, you can’t mean that!

: Forget it. I can’t take one more minute of your nagging. I don’t need a bunch of strangers bringing me down.

: Neku! How can you say that?

: Don’t ask me. Maybe I’m just angry.

: We’re on your si--

: But the Player Pins!

: That’s not enough.

: Yo, Phones! What the hell’s your problem!? We just lookin’ out for you, and you treat us like this?

: Don’t get angry, Beat... I can see where Neku’s coming from. I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth...

: Aw, Rhyme...

: Screw you! We don’t want your help! Le’s bounce, Rhyme.

Beat and Rhyme leave.

: Wait, no! We’re sorry! ...They left. Nice going, Neku! We should all stick together, and you know it!

: Then why don’t you go with them?

: Listen to yourself... We’re partners, Neku. But I don’t understand you!

: Let yourself in. You can scan me.

: You know that’s impossible! Besides, we’re right here. Let’s just talk to each other--

: And say what? I’m not opening up to anyone. Ever.

He leaves.

This update has gotten long enough. Next time, curses, battles, and pigs!

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