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Part 8: Day 4: Erased (Part 2)

Day 4: Erased (Part 2)

Ah, the Shibu Dept. Store. The most upscale place in Shibuya.

As in, the cheapest thing in any of these stores costs 10,000 yen, and that's the edibles from the herbalist's store. The Pegaso clothing stores can charge in the hundreds of thousands of yen! That's more than Neku's wallet can even hold.

Let's not waste their time. Instead, a highschool girl and a boy in a suit are talking. Let's abuse the priveledges given to us due to our extraplanar existence and eavesdrop!

: Bad. The boss wants me to promote some new pins. But how? I don’t know anything about pins.
: Sounds rough.
: Yeah. I’ve been trying to study up. Like, people use pins to play Tin Pin Slammer, right? So I’m thinking of hitting the slam-off at Molco next week. To pick up the lingo, you know? But tickets are completely sold out.
: The Tin Pin slam-off, huh... If you had a ticket, you’d go?
: Uh-huh.
: Hmm...

However, someone else picks up on the conversation.

Anyway, we ignore them since they're RG peeps, but Shiki stops Neku a few steps later...

: What did I do!? What’s gotten into her?
: It’s coming loose.
: Umm... What, your grip on reality?

: It matters! I can’t stand things like that!
: Who care’s? It’s just a button.
: Off.
: What?
: Your shorts. Take them off! I’ll fix the button.

: -in the middle of the street!
: Oh, grow up. What, are you going commando? You’re invisible! No one’s watching.
: YOU’RE watching!

I uh...

I question this game sometimes.

: Loose buttons drive me nuts.
: That You always carry around a needle and thread?
: Of course. They come in handy. Plus I enjoy sewing. If you need anything else mended, just say the word!
: ...Will I have to strip again? ...... I’d better take care of my clothes...

For... that, Shiki gets her counterattack. By pressing the opposite direction she's facing Mr. Mew will fly over there and bitchslap the enemy. It's the only knockback effect she has, actually.

Chains are battles back-to-back. The second Reduction starts Shiki and Neku in whatever shape they were in at the end of the last one - pin uses, fusion stars, remaining HP. However, each Reduction past the first has the enemies with boosted attack. It's a risk vs. reward kind of thing, as drop rate is multiplied by reach Reduction, so a base of 6 in a Chain of 2 gets a drop rate of 12 for each possible drop. The PP gains are also summed up before mutlipliers, one of which is for chaining itself.

In other words by the end of the game I'll take out clouds of noise all at once and drown in pins and PP.

TWEWY hates my money. There's so many stores I haven't had the chance to plunder yet!

Due to it's main store being here, Cadoi City is usually Natural Puppy's turf.

This is good for NP pins as they're all absurdly low efficiency.

Like I said, a NP store, a store that's pretending to not be another NP store, and another Mus Rattus location.

Why do I still go to these places I am getting much better threads elsewhere.

Natural Puppy offers simplicity. Simple, bright color schemes, plain patterns, and an absence of letters and such. Sometimes, the boldest statement in fashion is the least.

The hats are fun for Shiki, but this side of NP is mostly girl's clothing. Cutie Beam is a nice upgrade to the plain Force Rounds pin though.

Yeah, it's called Cutie Beam and it looks like a paw and I will fucking end anyone who talks shi-

Oh right, Force Rounds. You can talk shit about it because it has 25% efficiency.

le Grande is another store like Edoga the Shop that doesn't focus on one brand. It ends up focusing mainly in NP, though it has a few more Pavo Real pins.

Then I forget to play for two days to get a ton of PP for Cutie Beam only to find out it evolves by PP from battle, not from Shutdown PP.

: The hell you been, yo? This is a race! Ain’t you even tryin’?
: Nope. You’re on your own there.
: Ain’t you angry you lost? Don’t you wanna WIN?
: Don’t YOU? Why did you wait for us?
: We... We was just...

: Yo, Rhyme, can it!

: I...I just wanted to see Phones squirm, tha’s all. Now le’s get this mission over with. We got here first, so we win. Eat that, slowpokes.
: Uh-huh. Consider it eaten.
: Heh heh! C’mon, Rhyme. Le’s bounce!
: W-wait, Beat! You’re going to trip if you don’t slow down!

They leave.

: Guess you should’ve teamed up with that friend in your picture. Would’ve saved me a lot of grief.
: But... I couldn’t... We’re... ... Come on. We should go.

Huh. Strange...

This completes the trifecta of PP types, but since none of my stuff has any notable MPP evolutions I won't use it juuust yet.

Cutscene video: Erasure

I hope I am making that video link obvious enough because it's a bit important.

: Wh-wh-what just happened!?
: Awww! There’s goes my erase streak. He was suppose to be number 16.
: Reapers?

: There. Now that we’re all friends---
: Hey! What did you do with Rhyme?
: Um...hello? You just saw. She’s gone. Erased. Noise food. Game over.
: Her soul’s just another speck of Shibuya space dust.
: No...Rhymes gone...for good?
: You... You did this!?
: Yeah. But, like, so what? That’s our JOB. Boss said set a trap, so we did.
: Your job?

: You... You erased Rhyme! Give her back, yo, or you’ll pay!
: Ooh, scary. Go on, Skulls. Be the star of your little soap opera. But Skulls, Jr. isn’t gone because of us. She’s gone because of you. You failed to protect your partner. So face reality. We hunt Players down. You KNEW that.
: I-I didn’t--
: Well, Skulls, Jr. knew. That’s why she protected you. Gave her life for you.
: Rhyme is gone...because of me?
: Awww... Boo hoo. But don’t worry. You won’t suffer for long, hee hee!
: Noise!? You punks can make Noise?

: We’d looove to take you on ourselves, but attacking Players directly is against the rules. So we make Noise instead.
: So! Our work here is done... Time to call it a day.
: Buh-bye. Nice knowing you.

Uzuki leaves. Kariya starts to, but turns to say

then he leaves.

: HEY!!! Get back here you son of a... Dontchu run from me! Dontchu run, yo...

: Hey, we gotta get rid of this Noise.
: Yeah. Otherwise...
: Start with the smaller Noise!

Bigbanfrog get to go to a special place called bigbanheaven.

A pin I don't get to use today due to the shark still being there.

: There. That just leaves the big one.
: Right!
: Dontchu touch it, yo.
: Huh?

: This bastard took Rhyme from me. Get in my way and I’ll knock you right outta here!

: Like I care! Butt out, yo! I gotta avenge Rhyme!
: You mean waste her sacrifice! You’re powerless. Accept it!

: Which leaves you with less than three. Thank about why she saved you.
: Rrgh... My life’s over anyway. You jus’ said so.
: There’s a way to keep you alive. But you have to come with me. Now!
: Why should I live when she can’t, yo?
: Beat, go with him. Rhyme would want it that way.
: But--
: We’ll handle this.
: She was our friend, too.
: Ahhhhhh....
: Listen. You may be alone. But there’s still a role that only you can play. I’ll tell you what that is, but you have to live!
: Grrraaaaaah!!!

Battle Video: Swing Shark

And Rhyme got avenged. Really avenged. I don't think I've ever smoked the Swing Shark that smoothly before.

It stays below ground usually, swimming around the battlefield slashing Shiki and Neku with its fin before sinking, a few seconds later it emerges to deliver a powerful bite!

But it doesn't get to do much on account of getting torn to shreds.

Music: Someday (JP)
(why such an upbeat song for THIS thing?)

An upgraded shockwave pin, and it can evolve into the game's best Shockwave pin.

: Mr. Hanekoma’s with him. He’s fine.
: But...he only had three minutes to live.
: So what were we supposed to do?
: I don’t know... Why couldn’t we save Rhyme?
: Because we couldn’t. That’s how it was meant to be.

: We could have done something!
: Yeah? Like what?

: That time? What time? ... I can’t remember. ...You see? See why teaming up is a dumb idea?
: How dare you! You think NOT teaming up would have saved her? How can you be so COLD? Beat and Rhyme were our friends! What happened to her... We’re all responsible! It was our fault, too...
: Then who needs ‘em.
: Huh?
: Who needs friends!

: so you end up caring about them...exposing yourself...getting HURT... Screw it! We’re better off without them! You want people in your way? Dragging you down? I don’t!

: I am your friend. So is Rhyme--
: Back off! No one’s my friend. Least of all you. I just stay with you to survive.
: Neku...How c-could you... You didn’t feel anything when Rhyme was erased? Not even a little sad? That’s inhuman... You’re inhuman, Neku.