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Part 9: Day 5: Empty Urban Legends (Part 1)

Day 5: Empty Urban Legends (Part 1)

: Hey. You awake? ...... The mission’s not here yet. ...

: So, um...

: That I was no better than a Reaper...
: Rhyme...
: ... Well. Right now... we need to focus on the mission.
: Yeah. You’re right. For Beat.

Their phones beep.

: It’s here! The mission!

: The timer. Free it? Then we have to erase some Noise.
: Spain Hill’s right over there.
: Then let’s get going.

It's an interesting psych. I use it for a bit until I realize that drawing circles is kinda hard.

Spain Hill is up, but to the right is a different place we've never been to.

AMX, Shibuya's other record store.

It only has two more songs open right now, Underground and Dancer In The Street.

I can assure you my menu music is now the song that plays during fights with pigs. And it will remain so until I find something more interesting.

Besides a pig, there's also a Makoto whining. The pig can wait.

Poking his thoughts was absurdly hard. Really really really hard since AMX is dense with people and noise.

Anyway the noise gets erased post-haste.

This gives Mick a newfound zeal.

This fetches us a meme.

The Reaper is blocking the way from Tipsy Tose to Spain Hill.

Of course, what are bears at this point but a distraction?

He gives us a fancy new attacking pin. Murasame is the first of Jupiter of the Monkey's Vulcan Uppercut pins.

And a shitton of yen. Wow.

Anyway, Murasame and Masamune both evolve by this MPP nonsense. Time to finally start mingling.

What Mingling is supposed to do is catch wireless signals sent by other DS's and give you PP depending on how many you find. Civvies are most signals, while ESP'ers are other mingling TWEWY players.

However, I do not live in a place as densly populated as Japan, and even then not that many people play video games.

However however, TWEWY's creators anticipated this and added Aliens, which randomly show up regardless of how many signals are flying around and give out a lot of MPP.

So I am reliant on these Aliens for MPP evolutions. There are a lot more MPP evolutions than I'd like to admit exist.

Luckily MPP is significantly weighted for the purposes of evolution. You'll never need more than 200 for any MPP evolution.

Aliens are kinda silly sometimes.

With Masamune and Murasame well on their way to proper evolutions, let's journey on.

(In fact Murasame evolves into Ryakou, a stronger Vulcan Uppercut pin, offscreen. Whoops.)

: Well, let's get started.

But first let's check out the local store.

Except we run into some familiar faces...

: Yesterday?! Ahh... umm... Ten-Four! Yeah.... The Prince was there for a special event. You should've seen how hot he looked.
: Oh... So you weren't over by, say... Shibu Department Store?
: Huh? No! No... I don't think so. Why?
: Nothing. Never mind.

Weiners. They increase attack.

The drinks recover sync rate at really low byte costs.

Enough shopping and the biggest hot dog is available, but we don't have the premium ingredients needed to craft such a monster.

Reapers in black hoodies are chillax as hell and guard optional routes. This one wants us to buy a CD. Our only hint is salvation.

But since I went to AMX first I already have it.

Stupid video: Underground CD

I don't know why I did that.

Oh god even more stores.

: C'mon Yammer! You sign up too!
: The grand prize is a Hero Pin!? Dude! Those are sooo rare!
: Slam-off? What's that?

: Ohh, it's for Tin Pin Slammer. Seems like everybody's playing that these days.
: Tin Pin Slammer, huh... Just some stupid game.

While we ponder the inevatability of Neku getting drafted into playing Tin Pin Slammer at some point before the end of the game, let's check out the sights at Molco!

The famous Phone Booth of Love! Call your sweetheart and he/she is sure to say yes! Or so they say.

This... billboard...

And the piggy. (5,000 more yen wooo)

Oh whatever here's the stores.

Tigre Punk's name should tell you what they're about. Mosh pits and badass bikers, that kind of thing. If you want to balance the looks of both of stylish and tough, break a window and look damn good while doing it, here's your brand.

I love their leather jackets.

Anyway, the big purchases are the bondage half-pants and the vest for Neku. the vest will soonly be traded for that beautiful Biker Jacket.

Another D+B location, this one opens the ability on the Star Cap, which is... a free fusion star. Shiki immediately takes to wearing it.

Sheep Heavenly can be summed up in three words: Bright, Colorful, Cute! It's almost eye-searing how bright and vivid the colors can get.

The red kneesocks have Regeneration I, which passively recovers HP during battle. Shiki wears them because I like Regeneration.

More Mus Rattus.

Hard Corehogs start showing up. Despite having higher attack than the Metal Corehog, due to our possession of threads and its lame attacks, they're kind of jokes.

They drop Murasame on Normal at a 1% rate. Between dropping my level and chaining, I eventually stumble on one.

Vulcan Uppercut is an A-class psych, so I can't just stack them and uppercut people into the heavens.

PP! God I love PP!

Dear Mr. Hanekoma,


Anyway next time I actually start freeing Spain Hill from the Noise.