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Part 11: Day 6: Inferiorty/Superiority (Part 1)

Day 6: Inferiorty/Superiority (Part 1)

: Where’d it come from? It looks kind of like the Player Pin. ... It doesn’t work for scanning... Hmph. Weird pin. ...Where’s Stalker? ... Guess she’s not awake yet. Hmm...

: I don’t remember dying. But then again, except for my name, I can’t recall anything before waking up here on Day 1. ...What did Mr. Hanekoma say again?

Well, I guess it replays this one last time. This is the relevant line.

: A special Shibuya used to run the Game...And all the Players come here for a common reason.

: And we’re all part of some contest to come back to life? ...How did I die? What was my entry fee? ...... Dammit, I can’t remember any of it.

His phone beeps.

: The mission!

: You have 180 minutes. Fail, and face erasure.--The Reapers" Hmm... Strange mission. I’m standing in the scramble now--but what’s the "view"? ...Dammit. I don’t know Shibuya well enough to make sense of this. When is she gonna wake up?

Shiki slinks into view, still sullen, not saying a thing. Until prodded.

: Wow. Thanks for giving it all that thought. What’s gotten into her? Well, wait... Look again. Maybe there’s a hidden clue.

: The scramble crossing at three o’clock?

: Is something scheduled to happen? Or do we make it happen? Let’s start by figuring out what this mission means.

Crawler is a strange psych that does nothing good for you. This pin's also notable as its your first Gatito brand pin.

Ironcially, Gatito is the top brand in the Scramble at the moment. Keep this in mind.

Sexy D is Dragging-based psychokinesis, like I said. I like this a lot more than slashing because it's pretty easy to drag something in a large enough circle to hit most of the screen for pretty good damage, or just wailing on a single enemy.

Besides, it's funnier to have a SUV spinning rapidly in a tiny circle, isn't it?

D+B has a fancy new product! +2 fusion stars for Shiki and +5 to attack and defense at the cost of 30 HP, the boosts are more than worth it! I have to have it!

150 is a very significant number, it'll take a lot of ice cream.

: If the icon's lit up, there's bacon in the neighborhood.That, and... Don't go tellin' folks, but... When they show up during a scan, you can hear 'em. They're all... OINK! It's actually...

Only one of these pigs is real, erasing the other two doesn't do anything.

Oh god it's Love Me Tether oh god oh god


I think that'll do for evolution considering MPP's weight.

Anyway talking to the black reaper again...

: So... What'd you think? Cute, right?

: Ugh, just scram! Wall clear!

Towa Records has a much wider stock of tracks than AMX did. Yet, none of them are Dancer In The Street, so it stays as the menu music.

MmBop. Mmbop bop. Yeah!

This is just downright magical for yen. 4000+ from this alone!

Except fighting is kind of hard with just Love Me Tether. It's kinda lame with its low power, efficiency, and 1 use with significant boot and reboot times.

Reaper Review Reapers, like the one at Scramble-Center Street, are the best. They quiz you on nearby things, and you get special prizes if you do it all right the first time!

Sheep Heavenly's in Molco, and Pegaso is in the Dept. Store. Edoga it is!

He says things like that regardless of the answer

I remember this from doing this about 20 times.

Frogs never use uppercuts or fireballs, and the Bigbanfrog is specifically noted to use bubbles in the Noise Report.

Not that one has ever lived that long.

For doing it right the first time I get fucking Orichalcum! This is only otherwise dropped by endgame Noise on Hard and Ultimate! I decide to use it on one of those four Japan-themed pins.

Fujiyama's Discharge, and I've never been the biggest Discharge fan.

Slashing Neku might come into contact with my 4 other Slashing pins I use a lot. AMX has the pin I want, but I'll have to clear the Center St. Entrance Reaper's request first.

In the process of doing so, Love Me Tether evolves into Sweet Talk Tether, triples its uses, nearly triples its power, cuts down on both boot and reboot times, and the chains even last longer! It'll hit a ton of times and even break defenses while it's at it. It's no exaggeration to say Sweet Talk Tether is a very good pin, and will see use for most of the game.

There are Ravens flying around that drop Rare Metal for us now. Rare Metal is used in some quests.

But why do they drop it so rarely? They're the only source this early!

He gives us a bolt of cloth for doing so. Uh...

The AMX guy tells Neku how to wear his pants better. Uh...

But he does have the one Japan-themed pin I want, Apport C is another high-efficiency ranged pin like Piercing Pillar, at 80%, and it has multiple uses and doesn't knock the enemy into the air if that's ever a problem.

Mexican Dog is selling Crepes now, which are slightly more efficient Brave boosts than ice cream. Now Shiki and Neku down crepes until they can't eat another, THEN ice cream.

That's a lot of bears

I go to Mind & Body Foods in the Shibu Dept. Store despite how upscale it is to buy a slab of meat and some pills for 12 extra base HP.

So... close...

The Molco-Spain Hill reaper wants a Level 3 Murasame pin. Since my first one leveled to a different pin twice, I'll have to level an entirely different one for this gate.

Oh god this jacket

That 15 attack is so great this early on, especially for Neku and his pitiful Brave. It'll be a mainstay until I upgrade it to the even more badass jacket.

Here's Sweet Talk Tether in action, just raking up hits and erasing some noise before they can even blink.

Next time, we figure out what the hell to do about dominating the Scramble View, Shiki has emotional issues, and Neku walks backwards. It'll be Totally Gnarly!