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Part 13: Day 7: Wakeless Dream

Day 7: Wakeless Dream

His phone beeps.

: There it is!

: You have 600 minutes. Fail, and face erasure.--The Reapers"
: Oww! The Game Master is that big Reaper, right?
: We need to pay him back for Rhyme.
: Yeah...C’mon. We’ve got a Game to win. For Beat...and for us!

: Phones! That you?

: Listen! Beat, he...he’s gone!
: Gone!? You don’t mean...
: No, no...Not erased. ...Not yet.
: What’s that supposed to mean?
: Look, he musta left the café while I was out.
: He left? Why!?
: I dunno why. Look, enough questions. You gotta hurry! That kid ain’t got a partner to fight with. He’s Reaper-chow the second they spot him. ‘Sides...Today’s Day 7. The GM can attack Players directly now! And he will. Believe me.
: Son of a--
: Hey, hey, have a little faith. You’re almost there! Just put an end to the Game! You do that and Skater-Brain might just survive this.
: Right, got it.

: Yeah... But we can save him if we end the Game in time.
: Then let’s move it!
: That meathead! Has he lost his mind!? Why couldn’t he just stay with Mr. Hanekoma?
: Neku! Let’s got over to the freeway! It’s not far from the station underpass!

Instead, I go to Shibkyu Stationside, as it's finally open.

Pavo Real deals exclusively in jewelry. They have stunning necklaces and bracelets of gold and silver, while some of their cheaper peices are... you know what, I'll be frank. They're gaudy and chintzy. Still, there's some class to the brand, and if you work it right there's some elegance to be had.

The accessories can actually get pretty good, as Pavo Real pieces boost all stats to varying degrees.

This piece here goes on Neku for a bit because of its low bravery requirement.

KuraKura is another unbranded shop. That hat is a Jupiter of the Monkey piece so it naturally has a Neku-specific ability.

Sunshine here just has more ice cream.

And the most efficient HP increasing food in the game.

I end up roaming half of Shibuya before I remember I should do this. At least it isn't specific to this location.

A quick trip back to KuraKura fetches me some.

What's with Reapers and handing me slabs of meat?

D+B has some amazing boots in for sale now, even if they cost all the yen.

Also a super-bikini that's got even better stat boosts and gives THREE stars instead of just two. I don't get the ribbon in time to claim one.

: Trust me, you'll DIE! Har har, Reaper humor.

So now I'm stuck evolving this... thing... by BPP.

Now he's asking us about KuraKura!

No seriously go up and check it.

Which is why I don't use Energy Rounds. Neku's slashhappy enough as it is.

Who else but Hip Snake?

...Why did he hand me some onions?!

Oh sweet Christmas this jacket is like the one Neku has but several leagues better and I wish I had it so bad but I don't have the Tektite or the leather for it.

Pigs at AMX and Towa Records. Same kind, same reward: Rare Metal.

Wild Boar eventually puts out the bling. Damn son.

Also Happy Beam evolves into Angel Magnum offscreen.

: Sure, a pin's just a pin, but use it long enough and you kinda get attached.

He hands me some crystals and some thread.

The crystals were exactly what I needed to get this from Pavo Real. +8 attack and defense, +65 HP, and Regeneration III. Neku will be wearing these for a good long time.

KuraKura has the least amazing 100% friendship item.

Anyway, here's Shiki and Neku at the end of the week.

It's worth it, if only because doing a safe landing saves time.

Not a hard wall to clear.

Anyway next boss has a fairly rare drop.

: A Reaper...
: Hey, clear the road! We’re in a hurry!
: Oh, I’ll clear the road--of YOU, that is.

Boss video: Cornix Canor

If you know what's up Cornix Canor isn't hard. He barely shows himself, and he picks up shit to drop on Shiki and Neku. Having a bus fall on you hurts.

Also... just Lovely Beam? Fucking hell.

Music: Someday

Oh hey Apport T. Once I evolve this thing it'll be a pretty regular part of my deck. But guess what? MPP evolution again.

: I hope Beat’s OK.
: Worrying won’t save him. C’mon. We’re still in this.
: Right! Let’s shut their Game down!

: See? This is why I pace myself. Work too hard and you run out of work.
: Yeah... We did rack up a ton of points this week.
: And on the seventh day...we rest. The first day of many days off, I hope.

: Who’s there? ...You!?

: We toasted your partner--you should be smoke by now!
: Make another pact?
: ......
: So, like, what? You thirsty for revenge?
: No!
: ...Huh? Then what do you want?

: You do’re in no position to make demands?
: ......
: I could erase you with my little finger.
: ......
: Aight, Skulls...

: Hey...Kariya!!!
: What does it take? How do you Reapers do it!?

MPP is such a bitch.

But a combination of that and SPP gets me to Meteor Hook.

...And Enju evolves into the best Shockwave pin in the game somewhere in there. Can't believe I forgot that one.

: the end is in sight. It’s been crazy, huh? Our time in the UG. But I learned something about myself--how lucky I was. I took each day for granted. Woke up, went to school, talked to Eri. Came home, ate, watched TV. Then conked right out. It was so...NORMAL, I never thought of it as living. But this week woke me up, made me feel more alive ...than I ever did when I really was.
: ......The best is still ahead. Once we win, and come back to life.
: Yeah! Neku...Thanks for these last seven days. You’re pretty good at this partner thing.
: Pfft...Save it for when we win, OK? ...Ready for the big boss?
: You know it.

: You might not recognize me, so...I know! I’ll bring Mr. Mew with me.

: Heh heh. OK. Let’s finish this!

: A shame I had to set the table before cooking the main dish.
: We’re not on the menu. You are!
: Ah, hello there, young lady. I’ve been waiting for this day.

: Lost your appetite?
: were green with envy! Begrudging to a light golden brown! So deliciously jealous...
: That’s right. I was jealous. That’s how lucky I am! It takes an amazing friend to make you jealous. So you can just get ready to lose!
: You tell him!
: I swear I’m getting my life back! Eri’s waiting in the RG, and you...are NOT gonna get in my way!
: ...... You’re gone stale, young lady. But no matter. A true chef can whip up a toothsome meal even from the basest of ingredients! Mr. Kitaniji has given me a recipe...and I intend to cook it.

Boss Video: Ovis Cantus

As befitting the fight against the Game Master, Ovis Cantus is pretty rough. He's got 8,000 HP and a fairly wide list of attacks. I'm pretty sure I avoided his roughest one by means of killing him too fast.

Also I suck at fighting him because I do it so rarely.

Music: Twister (Original Version)

Nice of it to give us a pin despite winning the Reaper's Game.

: I lost? Well done...young lady...

With a flash of light, Higasizawa is erased.

: That’s it?
: We did it! We won!
: Woo-hoo! Now we’ll come back to life!

A different glow of white (I assure you) happens.

: Wh-what’s going on?
: Shiki?
: Huh? I don’t think this light is bad.

: And you said "Shiki"!

: Neku? See you on the other side. You know the meeting place.

Cutscene video: Wakeless Dream