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Part 16: Day 2: Reapers (Part 1)

Day 2: Reapers (Part 1)

: Well, thanks anyway. You’re dismissed. He’s sealed off Route 1...Hoo, boy.
: Hey, Kariya!
: Any luck?
: Routes 2, 5, and 6 are all sealed.
: Gotta hand it to him, the guy works fast.
: He could have told us what areas are open. What the hell is he thinking? Are we, like, completely insignificant? Rrgh! That man seriously frosts my cookies.
: Naw, it’s nice to see the boss do the legwork. I say we kick back and enjoy the show.
: Well I say this is a work week. It would be nice to actually work! The Players are right there! But nooo, he says hands off. I’ll tell you what I’d like to put my hands around!
: I sure hope it’s your mouth.

: Use this baby to recruit a few new Players...
: Whoa there, cowgirl. Reapers whackin’ folks in the RG is a no-no.
: Don’t be stupid. I’m joking! ...Mostly. I’m just saying we may be forced to...if we want any points.
: You keep talking about work, work, work. It’s--

: Exactly! We can’t go on like this. I’m THIS close to a promotion, but nooo... Honestly, I don’t even know why I try some--
: Uzuki! Look out!!!

The screen cuts to black. The scene shifts over to Neku and Joshua.

: Back at the scramble crossing...Where’s that other kid?

: Oh, he’s on the phone. Wait a minute... How did he place a call!? And who’s he talking to?
: The scramble... Which areas? ...Sealed? In that case... ...and the time limit at... And? Anything else?
: Wait, is he reporting in to the Reapers? Definitely shady... I can’t tell what he’s thinking.

Cutscene video: Scanning Joshua Again

: Why was I passed out in Udagawa? And...why was that in HIS head!? Udagawa... I can’t remember... Wait!

: That would mean... He saw me die. He was there!

:: ...... One way to find out. But no... I can’t just ask him. If that sparks some huge fight, I’m screwed. We need to work together to clear these missions. I can’t afford to risk it. Still...he knows something.

Suddenly Neku's phone beeps.

: Hmm? Was that the mission, Neku?
: What? Oh... Yeah. For now, I can only watch and wait.

: ...What?

: If we don’t do this, we get erased!
: But there’s someplace I reeeally want to go. Let the other Players take care of the mission. It’s not as if we have to do everything.
: Yes, we do! I can’t afford to screw around on this! I’m not letting anything jeopardize this Game.
: Oh, don’t get so wound up, Neku. It’s only Day 2! Enjoy it while it’s still easy.
: I’m not just playing this for me anymore! Her life is on the line, too.

Now we have a big ~flashback~ to the end of the last Game.

Music: Amnesia

: Yo...
: Beat! You’re safe!
: Yeah. You too, huh?
: ......
: Why’d you run off on your own like that? You had us all so worried!
: I...I jus’ had to... Look, bad. I jus’ had to take off.
: ......
: So... Are we...alive again?

: You’re...

: Conductor of... Then he’s the head Reaper?
: Now then, regarding your fates... As per the Composer’s mandate, the number of Players to be given new life this round is...

: Huh!?
: What did you say?
: But that’s...that’s cruel! I thought everyone got to come back!
: Any and all specifics are decided by the Composer. That is His exclusive and incontrovertible right.
: Why do you think we came this far!? To live again! Every last one of us wanted to--

: Not exactly...
: Not exactly what?
: Not everybody... I... ......I ain’t goin’ back.
: What!?

: So how ‘bout it, yo? Make me part a’ your crew!
: Wha...Beat!?
: ...... Very well.

: ......
: Beat! Why!?
: ......
: Hey, wait! BEAT!

Beat disappears into the blinding white light.

: Why would Beat want to join the Reapers?
: ......
: The hour of reckoning draws near. Your points have been tallied, and the Player to be reborn decided.

: M-me!? But... I can’t... I’m not going back alone--I can’t! It’s unfair! And why me!?
: We grade Players according to their performance during the missions. You scored the highest.
: But that can’t be right! Neku is way better with psychs than me! And the riddles--he solved most of those, too. He should be the one to go back!
: ...... If only one of us gets a second chance...what happens to the one left behind?
: If you still cling to life, you may reenter the Game. If you lean toward destruction, you may join your friend as a Reaper. Otherwise, should you welcome oblivion, erasure is also an option.
: ...... Shiki

: No way!
: Just go! Trust me.
: I’m not leaving without you, Neku! I’ll enter the Game again. Let Neku--
: Out of the question. As I mentioned a moment ago. This was decided by the Composer Himself.

(Megs darling your dramatic gestures are interrupting the flow of dialogue)

: No way...
: Shiki... Don’t worry about me.
: But Neku--
: Didn’t you swear you’d go back and see Eri again?
: ......
: I still don’t even know how I died. I don’t know if I have anything to go back to. You do, Shiki.
: Neku...
: You’re not gonna start slipping back now, are you?
: Huh?
: Back to the old Shiki.
: N-no... ...... I’m so sorry, Neku. Thank you. I’ll go back--back to the real me.
:: There you go.
: I’ll be waiting for you--

: Finished your goodbyes, then?

Cutscene video: Ressurection

: Damn straight. I’ll play your game again.
: Excellent. No doubt you’ll make it an exciting one. Then before the next Game begins...allow me to return your previous entry fee.

: Huff...huff... What... What the hell did you just do to me!?
: I simply returned to you what is yours. Fair is fair.
: Nngh, I get it now... This explains a lot. My memory...was gone...because you took it!

: Hey... Wait just a... Where’s the rest!?
: Beg pardon?
: It’s missing!

: I was looking up at the tag mural in Udagawa... Then the next thing I remember is waking up in the scramble!
: Oh really? Most fascinating...
: Cut the crap! You’re the one who...
: HOWEVER. That has nothing to do with the Game.
: What!?
: I returned your memory in its entirety. If you still can’t recall something, must never have had it in the first place.
: I never...?
: What could I possibly stand to gain from depriving you of that memory? Hmm?
: ...He’s right. So why is that the only hole in my memory?
: No then. As for your new entry fee--
: You’re taking my memory again!?
: A Player’s entry fee is that which they hold most dear. That is the rule. I’ve already taken the liberty of collecting yours.
: What!?
: This time, you’re playing for...

: WHAT!? That’s not... NOOOOO!

Thus ends the ~flashback~

: I...
: ......
: I got her dragged back into this.

:And I’m not relying on other Players doing it for me.
: ......Hmph.

: You little...I just--
: Did you think you were special? Every Player here put up something they loved. Everybody makes sacrifices.
: Sacrifices? Are you... No. Gotta calm down. Losing it here will only make things worse. Just take a deep breath and... How about this? First, we complete the mission. After that, we can do whatever you want.
: ...... Oh, I suppose. You’ll just owe me one.
:: Owe you one what!? You’re a Player! Clearing the mission HELPS you! Ugh... Fine.
: You have yourself a deal, Neku. So? What’s the mission?

: Clock’s ticking. So what’s up with this mission? It’s gibberish.
: We know it has something to do with a pin. And thoughts beyond that, Neku?
:: Au...The periodic symbol for gold? A pin made of gold, maybe?
: Hmm... Not a bad hypothesis. Let’s go with that for now.

: Some kind of entry code?
: Ooh, a tantalizing possibility, Neku! I’m so proud.
:: ...Bite me.
: But I think it’s referring to a street here in Shibuya.
: A street?

:: How does HE know that? And why go asking me--to make me look stupid?
: So let’s check out Route 3.
:: Which is?
: The road leading from Cadoi City to Molco. Shall we?
: He knows too much. About the Reapers’ Game and about my death... He’s dangerous. ...And I know dangerously little about him.

But first, MPP to ensure Meteor Hook evolves properly. It doesn't quite get to Meteor Spike yet.

: Hey, pretty boy.
: You're speaking to me?
: That's right. Come back wearing head-to-toe Natural Puppy threads. Do that, and I might let you pass. Possibly maybe.

We're short thread types though. Getting to Molco means getting to Cadoi City for its store, at least.

Carcinosamps! They toss a boomerang which is liable to hit twice if you aren't movin' it.

They drop this mediocre pin far more often than I want to acknowledge.

Center Street reaper won't pay attention to us. Bummer.

Jungle Boomers are out and about. They leap into the air, invulnerable for several seconds until they come down... hard. It's easy enough for Neku to move out of the way, but Joshua has to time his dodge to avoid it.

That Hard drop is a very important one, so I begin the most self-destructive habit possible:

Leaving the difficulty on Hard while at a very low level. But let me tell you, this shit is fun.

It pays off, though. Besides a tier up in material pins I also hit a fountain of 5,000 yen pins.

Pegaso, headquartered in Milan, Italy, is the classiest of the classy. Extravagant watches accurate to the millisecond, tailor-made suits of the finest Egyptian Cotton, and stunning nightgowns sure to make heads turn. Pegaso has its niche in high society fashion, and damn does it do it well.

...Their cheapest product costs 99,000 yen. Some cost hundreds of thousands, more than Neku's wallet can even hold. Damn.

Joshua's fusion sticker doesn't cost yen, though. Since getting stars with him isn't that hard I decide to pick it up. This is why I stocked up on Scarletite, as Week 2 has some damn good purchases.

They got Shooter's friend!

And this guy!

Minks drop Rare Metal on Hard. I don't even know anymore.

This guy goes off without a word. The other kid?

: Winning this slam--off is the only way to get the Hero Pin. OK... Better get to Molco. The time’s finally come to use my secret weapon!

: "Going for gold"?
: Of course! This is it!
: Certainly seems that way. It’s a safe guess that our mission is to win that pin.
: All right, then we’d better get over to Molco.


: Barely... What the heck was that thing?
: A Noise that targets Reapers.
: Well, duh! But that’s... It’s impossible!

: What!? But that’s a capital offense!
: Do I smell another game? First one to find out who’s behind this--
: Kariya! This is no time for your stupid games! I’m calling headquarters.

I buy some stuff from Natural Puppy, now that it has at least 4 different kinds of threads.

Carcinosamps also drop 5,000 yen on hard, just at absurdly low rates.

Necktie, sunhat, t-shirt, skinny jeans.

: Pretty brave, kid, but-- I'm not lettin' you through. Can't. This wall's beyond my power. Besides. Don't you have a mission? Ticky-tock.

Then he hands us a handfull of noodles. Uh

: I don’t do the whole sweating thing, Neku.

: Wha-- Are those Noise!?
: Black Noise? They look different than the usual riffraff.
: So what’s the plan?
: I doubt we’d make it if we tried to run.
: Then we take ‘em out!

Battle Video: Eurobeat Boomer
Taboo Noise. They take minimal damage if the attacker doesn't have the puck, and generally hit really hard.

Not that much else to say here, they're stronger than the Jungle Boomers and take minimal damage from attacks without the the light puck. This does empower Shockwave a bit, as only the distinct finisher of the combo passes the puck while every hit is free from reduction.

: Bastards were tough, huh?

: Huh? ...Really? Wow... Maybe this kid does have his uses--
: Hmm? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice, Neku. That doesn’t inspire much confidence, partner. Hee hee...
:: --even if he is a snot.
: In any case, why did it pick a fight?
: Yeah... Our pact should prevent that.
: How bizarre...


I have a drop rate of, like, 20

How is that Ultimate drop still less than 3%

Holy shit

(Update got too huge accidentally. The Slam-Off will be next time!)