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Part 17: Day 2: Reapers (Part 2)

Day 2: Reapers (Part 2)

The whole reason I was putting off on eating that giant chili dog was because this guy asks for one.

Reapers never eat the food you bring them.

They still clear the walls and hand out rewards.

You have to kill the pigs in order, otherwise the others just instantly run off. It takes a couple of tries before 1 and 2 get murdered by Sweet Talk Tether properly.

Oh boy, another passive pin that relies on me using healing pins. This one has the decency to be mastered so I don't even have to use it, at least.

Oh my, a spat at Mexican Dog?!

The guy in tan... he's somewhat familiar, but I can't place it...

But he claims to have a transcendent knowledge of marketing, whoever he is.

Mexican Dog has a new item, weaker than that fancy as hell chili dog but, hey, this only costs yen.

This pig requires a specific pin, in this case Sexy D.

These pigs are also huge jerks by requiring bad pins usually, so I go out of my way to get D+B to the top.

And I still get an A in time. Damned pig. At least Sexy + lets me fling around enemies like I do bikes and cars.

AMX is selling Three Minutes Clapping and it is now my menu music because Three Minutes Clapping is a lot better than Dancer in The Street.

Going down to Center Stree- wait wasn't there a Reaper here?

: I'm sure one of the other Players probably cleared it. You are aware we're not the only ones playing, right, Neku?
: Yes, I realized, thank you. Kiss my ass, Josh.

: ...You done?

Mus Rattus is selling pins now. Thing is, the thresholds for the friendship gauge assume that the only things for sale are the cheap clothing. 5000 yen pins make friendship skyrocket, giving us more useless abilities.

Molco's pig requries plain old Pyromancy. Asshole!

And we get... a marginally better Pyromancy pin. Still not good, though. At least the tall flames can hit ravens.

: Good luck with that.

: The decal makes us visible, right?
: Yup. Every shop licensed to sell to Players has one.
: I’m not complaining, but...why let us shop at all? The Reapers want us erased, don’t they? Why help us?

: Yeah, ‘cause the Game’s all about fun...
: If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss registration, Neku.
: OK, OK, I’m going. do what? I’ve never played Tin Pin Slammer in my life. I hope I’m a natural... That, or the luckiest guy on the planet. Shiki’s counting on me... Well... Here goes!

: I don’t have a clue. Good thing I’m not entering, hmm?
: What!?
: I thought you were going to clear this mission, Neku?
: ...... I shouldn’t have bothered asking. So who DO I ask? Gah! What the...

: Hmm? Hey, you’ve got some pins, bro!
: Um, yes?
: So you’re entering the slam-off?
: That’s right! Losing’s not an option. ...For Neku.
: But you’re cool with the idea!?

Yeah with my 400 ye-

: Wh-what’s wrong with my pins?
: Is this, like, your first time EVER or something?

: The kid’s sure blunt enough.
: I take it you’re playing today, uh...

: And yeah! I’m actually kinda famous around here--the slickest Slammurai (dun dun DAAAH!) in town! None of my buddies can touch me!
: Wow, Shooter. You must be a real expert. Are there any tips you could offer? ...To Neku.
: Thanks a lot, partner!
: Come on, Neku, what do we say?
: Rrgh. ...Please?
: Well, you do look pretty hopeless... OK, bro!

I am not making a line of this dialogue up.

: Hee hee. Sounds like a fun time.

I am not making a line of this dialogue up.

: ...... Think you could be a little more specific?
: Just a sec! I’ll draw it out clear and easy for you!

: ...... It hurts to look...
: My, my. Then there’s quite a bit of depth to it.
: Right!? The timing right here is super important!
: This is practically a map to victory, huh, Neku?
: ......
: Neku? Do you still not get it?
: What!? You need MORE explanation!? Aww, man! OK, fine...

: What, right now!?

Oh god, Shooter has caught Neku, a total Tin Pin rookie by surprise! He's going to mop the floor with Neku and

Tin Pin Slammer: Shooter

Hahaha who am I kidding, why would I LP this game if I didn't kick ass at Tin Pin as well? Sure I'm a bit rusty, haven't played in months, but I still got the skills.

The stinger, hammer, bomber, and hand are whammies. Hitting the enemy with the stinger, hammer or bomber knocks them out, making them easy pickings. Hands essentially act as extra lives, letting the pin come back in after flying off the board.

There's a triangle with the whammies: stinger beats bomber, bomber beats hammer, hammer beats stinger. Each pin has different executions of these basic whammies, how fast it happens, how long it lasts, the length of the hammer, and so on.

So, yeah, I won the tutorial fight against Shooter.

Music: Slash And Slash
Music: Let's Get Together

: So I just need to knock the other guy’s pins off...
: All clear now? Wanna slam again?

No thanks, I already beat the best slammer in town.

That’s enough

: NICE!!! You picked it up pretty good!
: I kinda, sorta get it...
: Every pin’s got its own stats, so try a buncha stuff out! Keep in mind, though, you can only play with the pins you’ve got on.
: The ones I’m wearing? So I can’t play if I’m not wearing any pins?
: NAW, BRO! That’s totally cool, too!

: Thanks,
: WHOA! Look at the time! See ya! Good luck!
: Things are rrreally heating up, folks! It’s time for ourrr next battle! In the blue corner, crowned with sound...

: Bring it!
: In the red corner, the comeback kid comes back!

: Heh heh... I hand-design and build all my pin mods. It’s Yammer Time!
: Players, on your marks... Get set...SLAM!!!

Tin Pin Slammer: Yammer

Yammer is a joke.

He gets tossed out in seconds.

: Yes!
: WOW!!! Your first time playing, and you (dun dun DAAAH!) totally won!
: Very impressive, Neku.

: Thanks for killing my high, man.
: Too bad next round, though.
: Huh?

: Top seed?
: That means crazy insane strong. Dumb luck won’t get you through the next match.
: Dumb luck? I mean, sure, I’m not exactly a pro, but... Hmm, I should work on snapping my strokes...Gotta make sure I--
: Hee hee. Well, I’ll be waiting in the stands, Neku. Do your best, partner.
: Damn right I will. This is important.
: The air is electric here in the slam mall! Next up, the main event! In the blue corner, Neku Sakuraba!
: Who wants some?
: In the red corner, the top seed and Slammurai legend...
: I don’t care who he is. I have to win.

: Him!?

: Sorry, but I can’t let you win this one. Because I’M gonna win it!
: I’m up against this kid? Ugh... Well, if this is what it takes...

Interviews with audience members described the slams as transcendant, though brief.

: And just like that, the match is over! Shooter does it again! The top seed moves on to the finals!
: Watch out, Shibuya! When I’m on, I am ON!!! Woo! Time for the final match! Better luck next time, bro!
: There is no next time! Shiki... I’m sorry, I--
: Aww, what a shame. Not that I’m shocked. You’re a Tin Pin virgin. What could you do?

: You sure did. But relax...
: Relax!? How can--
: Uh-oh! Looks like trouble for our champ!
: What happened?
: What indeed? Sounds like an upset.
: Let’s check it out.

: It looks like a freak malfunction has cost the top seed the slam-off! Victory goes to dark horse slammer Sota Honjo!
: Oh, my! Looks like Shooter lost.

: What?

: I thought you knew, Neku? It doesn’t matter which Player clears the mission. So there’s no reason for us to get all worked up over it.
: Whew... We’re safe.

The gaggle of named characters leave Molco.

: So that’s, like, another day down?
: Hope tomorrow’s this easy, too!
: Wait up, man! I want a...rematch... Huh? Where’d he go? You can’t just win, then disappear! It’s not fair!
: Let the other Players take care of the missions. We just need to do what it takes to stay alive. ...Whatever it takes.
: And what if nobody clears the mission? If that kid’s toy hadn’t broken when it did...that would’ve been the end of us!

: What!?
: I borrowed your opponents’ pins and swapped in a few of my own. Of course mine had a few...adjustments made. Here, you can have the originals.
: Unbelievable...
: You didn’t need to win. Shooter just had to lose.
: You’re... You’re devious!
: Oh, come on. You wanted to win. Wasn’t that the whole reason for participating?
: OK, fine. Then why didn’t you tell me?
: Hee hee...

: Besides, you might’ve won anyway. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.
: You smug little... Is this fun for you? I’m not your toy!
: If you’re done, it’s my turn now.
: For what!?
: I’ve got an errand to run, and you’re coming along.
: I just said I’m not your--
: You agreed to this, Neku. After the mission, we do what I want.
: Rrgh! ...Fine.
: Good. Then let’s head back to the scramble.

So we get Shooter's pins. More notably, we get this pin.

Burst Rounds is a very special psych. it has 150% efficiency. This is already one of the strongest pins I have and as Neku's attack increases it just gets better.

Tigre Punks has a few new things, mostly curiosities I buy for more friendship.

I do get this from Sheep Heavenly then promptly ignore it.

Nothing unusual here.

: You half-blind hectopascals!
: Hecto...Ugh. Nngh! Not again... My head’s...pounding...
: Oh, look. It’s a stray Reaper. You seem even grouchier than usual.
: Damn right! That game was zetta dull! Are you trying to bore me to death?

: Wow, you sat there watching the entire mission? Do GMs always have that much time on their hands?
: No comments from the peanut gallery. Your opinions are garbage! CRUNCH! I’ll add them to the heap!
: Hee hee... I figured you weren’t much for criticism. Otherwise, why keep making those senseless junk heaps?

: Look at the perfectly understated silhouette. How can you not see the beauty!? ...Time for a little quiz. What’s the probability of you Players surviving the week?

He pulls out his megaphone to yell at anyone who happens to hear.

: Attention, all tasteless tetrahedra! If you want to live, show me the limit of U as I go to infinity! Not that there’s anything any of you can do. You fractals have no future!

And then leaves.

: Finally...The pounding’s stopped. What language is that guy speaking?
: Think he’s got a thing for you, Neku?
: What!? How the hell do you figure that?
: Oh, please! The way he follows you around?
: That’s just because I’m a Player.
: I don’t see him chasing after the other Players.
: He’s right... So why me?
: ...Or is it my fault?
: What? That’s right... He might be tied in with the Reapers. If he is, the could explain why the GM is stalking us. ...Still. I’m just speculating. It’s too soon to reach any definite conclusions.


Cutscene Video: Beat

Then Beat has a flashback.

: I gotta follow orders?
: Of course. We require proof of your loyalty to the Reapers.
: Aight, yo, don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m a Reaper. I’ll do it.
: I trust that you will.

And then the flashback ends.

: I swear... ......