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Part 20: Day 3: Roamin' The Streets (Part 3)

Day 3: Roamin' The Streets (Part 3)

The Reaper Review

...And that's the requisite video for this update.

I buy some more Pavo Real jewelry only to never use it. So it goes.

And a bag from KuraKura I never use. So it goes.

The highway underpass has Happycore Bats today, who appear very rarely and drop Bat really rarely. I couldn't find more than this group to try chaining on Hard.

: Looks pretty new. My phone says this is the place.
: Here?
: Hey! No cutting!

Hey it's the code cracking guy from yesterday.

: You’re just realizing this now?
: ......
: Ugh, and the line isn’t getting any shorter. The signal’s definitely coming from in there, though...
: ...We’ve been tracking down ramen?
: Wouldn’t that be a hoot?
: ...... Look, just tell me. What are we after?
: ......
: ...... Wait! Do you feel that!?

: Negativity. And it’s coming from him.
: He’s staring at the line.
: You think something’s up with this shop?
: That might explain the signal I picked up.
: Let’s start with the Noise on that guy.

Imagine some chains and explosions and shit happening.

: Buh! What am I doing out here? I can’t afford to sit around complaining! I’ve gotta come up with the next big thing in ramen!
: He went inside.
: Let’s drop by and talk to him. It’s not like this line’s going anywhere.
: Yeah... No mission yet, either... Weird.

Hey, this pin. One of two Sheep Heavenly pins that can deal damage. Its evolved form is much more useful to me though, it's Splish Splash Barrier, one of the few healing pins to reboot.

: Ugh, what’s that smell?
: I don’t see anybody else, but...sounds like he’s open.
: What’ll you boys have today?

: What the heck kinda name is that? I’m afraid to ask what’s in it. I’ll play it safe, thanks. Just give me a plain old shoyu ra--
: Exciting! Make mine the Big Catch!
: No way! He’s either brave or stupid.
: Him, too.
: WHAT!?
: You got it! Here ya go!
: What, it’s already done!?

This is one of the four highly detailed images of ramen in this update.

: Mmm! ? Fantastic.
: Ugh, he’s EATING it!
: Mister, this is excellent!
: Like it? Gah ha ha! Ya got good taste, son! What’s wrong? Eat up while it’s hot, Neku.
: ...Right. ...... ......Huh? It’s...not terrible... It’s actually kinda good!

And they talk about it a lot. This is the Ramen Porn update.

: The bold inclusion of a whole sea bream gives it flavor and presence, as well as a sense of austere majesty.
: For a young kid, you know your noodles! Good to see there are still some folks left in Shibuya who get it.
: I’ll admit, it’s tasty. But...still. Who would order this?
: Hmm? Closed again today?
: Another customer?
: We’re OPEN. Can’t you see these customers? I can’t work with you around. Go away.

: So... Give my offer any thought?
: It’s the guy who bounced us from that other place. ...Why does he look so familiar?
: I’ve got nothing to talk about with you. Now get out.
: Come on, champ. I need an answer soon. Do yourself a favor and join up with us. I guarantee you your profits will explode.
: ......
: What do the people of Shibuya want from a bowl of ramen? It’s not flavor. It’s adventure. Something different.

: What’s important is the presentation. How you sell it. I’m sure half of them couldn’t tell good ramen if it bit them. Anyway, give it some thought. The offer’s only open for a month.
: Ha ha.... Sorry you boys had to see that...
: Are you in some kind of trouble?
: Heh... Must be, if I got kids asking about it. So, what, you wanna hear the story?
: Hear it and do what? We can’t help him... ......

Neku has a Flashback to one week ago, exactly...

: ...... We can listen. But don’t expect any miracles.
: Ha ha, hey, that’s more than enough!
: Then, uh...go for it.
: As you can see, business is hardly booming. If I don’t turn out some serious profits this month, I’ll have to close the shop.
: But that ramen was so good! You’re closing?
: Well, if I let those guys buy me out, I can keep going...
: But you don’t want to?

: They treat ramen as a way to make cash. Plus they hook customers with cheap tricks, not flavor. I say let our noodles do the talking!
: Eeeeeek!
: What the...
: Ugh, the show begins... Go on out and see for yourselves.

The Prince of Ennui.

: Eeeeeek! It’s the Prince! He’s sooo dreamy!

: Wait, that’s...
: The guy I met at 104. Mr. Spicy Tuna Roll or whatever.
: He went into that other ramen place. Let’s go see.

Inside Shadow Ramen...

: Omigosh, you hear that!? He F’d it!
: He only F’s the stuff he really likes! I want to try what he got!
: That’s--

: ...So I’ve heard.
: When the Prince mentions a place on his blog, this happens. People flock there.
: Hmph. Well, the noodles do look pretty good...


: Whoa, what? The staff dance as they cook!?
: I guess it’s half food, half show.
: This isn’t a theme park...
: I see what he meant by “adventure.”

: You can bet I’ll be back soon.
: Always a pleasure, sir! This month’s our grand opening special! Every customer takes home a special gift! It’s a doozy, too... We’re giving out the hottest pin in town... This!

: Whoa! That’s like, super-rare!
: That pin...

: Me and Shiki, we had to make that pin catch on. Wait a minute...

: Another friend of yours, Neku?
: He looks totally different. I hardly recognize him!
: That’s people for you: always quick to do a 180.
: Uh, 180? Try a 1260.
: Still... Interesting. OK, Neku. Let’s go.
: Huh?
: Stick around, and we’ll get yelled at again for cutting.
: ...AHEM.
: Right... Out we go.

They step outside, but the conversation continues.

: My, my, Neku... I believe we have an incident on our hands.
: Huh?
: A new ramen shop explodes onto the scene--its owner, an overnight success story. And those red pins... This could be what my phone responded to.
: You think the pins are the source of the energy spike?
: Oh! And don’t forget the ramen that’s not selling. Odd, don’t you think, considering how good it is?
: Hellooo? You listening?

: “We”? I’m not about to ignore the mission when--
: What mission, Neku?
: ......
: Now, let’s start sniffing out the reason this place is such a big hit.

Expert advice: Don't wear your SSP pins into battle.

: I just have a few quick questions. Do you mind?
: Wow, he cuts right to the chase...
: Huh? About what? I’m here with a friend, so keep it short, OK?
: Why do you like the ramen here so much?
: Why? Uh, ‘cause it’s the most popular spot in Shibuya?
: She likes it because it’s popular?
: And it’s fun, don’t you think? Where else do they dance while making your food?
: And that has what to do with the ramen?
: Plus, they gave me this cool limited-edition pin. How could anyone NOT like this place?
: But it’s pretty new, right? How did it get this big this fast?
: The Prince wrote about it on his blog. I mean, he F’d it! How can I resist food this fabulous?

$65.00 given the conversion rate at the time of this update.

: After this, I can tell all my friends I ate here! Ooh, I should snap a photo and mail them!
: I see...
: So how’s it taste? Good?

: For 5,000 yen, it must be. Just look at the photo!

: So where else do you go for ramen?
: Huh? For ramen? Umm... I dunno, noodles aren’t really my thing. I barely ever eat ramen.
: Then what the hell are you doing here?

: Dessert...ramen?
: Yeah! Like, all fruity and sweet!
: A tantalizing possibility.
: ......
: Well, thanks. That was informative.
: OK. I’m gonna go eat, then.
: All right, then. Let’s head out.

Remember this game mechanic?

Dessert as a bowl is pretty invigorating.

3/4. Especially when it looks like that.

: Unreal...
: ......
: ......
: Mmm ? Very tasty!
: Yeah... This is pretty good!

: Hrm... Yeah... I thought so, too. These silly experiments won’t solve anything. Maybe that slicked-down kid is right. All people in Shibuya care about are trends. Nobody cares about the taste.
: Hey, now...
: That’s messed up. The ramen here is awesome, and nobody notices. But people line up outside for that other place, no matter how the food is. It’s stupid.

: They don’t even like the food.
: It’s a conversation piece. People are always scrounging for something to talk about.

This update has so many lines I like. Lines about ramen.

: Ugh, they’re sheep!

[I take offense to that. ]

: Maybe all of Shibuya is.
: Gah ha ha... Well, thanks anyway, boys. But I’m not giving up yet. I’ll keep making ramen as long as I can. If you come up with any brilliant ideas, let me know.

Going to Shadow Ramen just gets the boys kicked out again. Off to A-East.

: Mick...
: Gotta obey that contract, hmm?
: But--
: Hey, it’s those two.
: Sounds like trouble in paradise. Let’s check it out.

: It’s my blog. I write it.
: I feel you, Prince. I really do. But this is business. Your popularity is the real deal. I respect that. But the text you wrote is...limp. It won’t sell me any noodles. We decided this when you signed the contract. I provide the text.
: But, Mick... Then it’s not my blog anymore. Plus the ramen you serve there isn’t that good. When I tasted the test batch it was great, but... Look, I don’t want to lie--in person, or on my blog. I can’t do that when my fans--
: Eiji, Eiji, Eiji... Babe. Prince. It’s fine! None of those people care how it tastes! Follow me? The whole game is about image. And whoever sells the most wins.
: Mick...
: I’ll send you next text and some pics by tonight. You’ll have them up on your blog tomorrow, right? Fabulous. See ya!

Makoto leaves.

: ......
: Aha.
: Exactly. Although it looks like the Prince is tired of playing puppet.

The solution is...

Ignore him and listen to the Tech complain about nonramen subjects. A rarity in Shibuya.

: Hmm, wonder how those are. Someplace around here must sell 'em. Maybe I'll sneak off and take a look.

: sort of like the California roll.
: So what's in it.
: Tuna paired with a spicy sauce, then rolled up.
: Crazy.
: Think sushi, with a kick.
: Is it any good?
: I'm a fan.

I'll be blunt here, I don't think I directly addressed it before, and there's stuff I've showed and stuff I've avoided relating to it.

Yes, you can go through the game again after beating it. Some conversations are triggers for special post-game items. Imprinting this is how you get the item for today. The Ramen meme in W1D3 was its trigger, as was the conversation with Makoto in W2D2.

Horrible death later.

: I’ll try talking to Mick one more time. I write my own blog. I list my own thoughts, my own feelings... The ramen I’d actually like to eat. Sigh...

: Warm, simple ramen. I’d kill for a bowl of that right now...
:even the Prince of Ennui has his woes. I guess we all do.
: Dunno why he’s so hung up on ramen.
: Hee hee. We all have our hang-ups.
: Ugh, I don’t get it.
: Of course you don’t.
: What?

: Each world follows its own internal logic--individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another. ...Understanding other people isn’t hard, Neku. It’s impossible.
: Yeah. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to see inside other people. They can keep their secret gardens, thanks.

Imprinting this in Ken Doi ends the day, effectively. Since the Jungle Boomers are out and about and a lot of stores are open (though Wildkat is gone just as swiftly as it opened) so it may be worth it to stock up on cash.

: As an apology for keeping you waiting, help yourselves to one of these.

: Hmm? My phone’s responding.
: To those pins!? Is that what you’re hunting? Rare pins?
: Not quite. What I’m looking for isn’t a thing.
: ...... So... CAT designed these pins?
: CAT’s the big graphic designer, right?
: Yes and no. They do artwork, clothes, even furniture. And that’s just the start. Photo, music, video...CAT’s an uber multi-talent. Shibuya’s full of their billboard ads.
: Like the one at Towa Records?

: Are you a fan?
: Hell, yes! CAT’s all about enjoying every moment, with all you’ve got. Do what you want, how you want, when you want. How cool is that?
: Wow, you sound so devoted.
: That’s why this pisses me off. He’s using CAT’s work to trick people.

Well, here it goes.

: Take a taste! See what you think!

: Interesting... Well, here goes.
: Hold it!


: ...... Fine...
: Thank you. Now, to dig in... ...... ......

: ...Still. This ramen is exceptional. Let me guess: a whole chicken in the soup? That, and a hint of pork bone, seaweed and sardines... It all blends together so perfectly! Truly, the handiwork of a ramen artisan!

: Haven’t changed a thing. I just serve up the kind of ramen I’d want to eat.
: Among the flavors, I... I can taste the love you’ve put in this. Your love of ramen... No.

: Everybody hits rough patches in life. So next time you’re down, drop on by and I’ll fix you a bowl.

: Ha ha! Try a blank slate pops.

: And you... Prince, baby. You’re my walking billboard. Can’t have you eating at the other guy’s joint, can I?
: ...... I’ve come to a decision, Mick. I won’t work with you on this any longer.
: Babe, babe... Calm down. You’re talking crazy, Prince.
: I knew after tasting Sebastian’s ramen again. I refuse to be a part of this! Not if it requires me to keep lying. And you’ve got it backwards, Mick. A store isn’t good because people talk about it. It’s the product. The taste! People talk about a store because it’s good! There’s love in Sebastian’s soup-- love for the people eating it. That’s the sort of ramen I want other people to know about!
: Ugh...Eiji.

: And when all anybody offers is “something different” get hungry for the familiar. It’s comforting. Love has always been the world’s best secret ingredient.
: Gotta fill more than just your belly.
: Heh... Love, huh? Guess I forgot that somewhere along the way. I’d harp on about it left and right, but...those new experiments were all just me trying to get in on the show. I forgot the important part--the smile on a satisfied customer when they’re done eating. My job is making ramen that makes people happy. Popularity is no reason to change my soup. I’ve wasted all this time...

: I can cook a lotta ramen in one month! I’m stickin’ to my guns!

Joshua and Neku step out.

: Maybe everyone in Shibuya is here searching, struggling for a peek into their neighbor’s worlds. When those neighbors change, they get scared, feel they have to change themselves--even what makes them who they are.
: Right. You don’t want to change, but you don’t want to be left behind either.
: Of course not. We can’t go through life alone. We’re part of a community. We have to live by its rules. And the move we connect with people, the trickier those rules get.
: Yeah, and the more people hold you back. Screw living in a world choked by rules. I’m living free. Like CAT. It’s just easier on my own. Nobody else’s baggage. Nobody else tying me down. ...People aren’t meant to figure each other out.
: My thoughts exactly. I’d rather just get rid of them.
: What?

: Yeah, so what? I don’t like other people. I’ve got no use for the next world don’t come barging in on mine. My own world’s all I need... Unless...
: Will you look at the time!
: And still no mission...
: It’s probably too late now. Our little hunt will have to continue tomorrow, too.
: Huh?
: The signal’s disappearing.
: But before it was reacting to these pins, right? It’s still picking mine up faintly.
: There was a whole bunch of them before. Maybe they added up to a stronger signal?
: So why CAT’s pin, anyway?
: It’s not what I’m looking for. I know that...
: OK... Then what ARE you looking for?
: Well, put simply...

: What the... Oh, that’s real helpful! What the hell is this kid after?