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Part 24: Day 5: Turf (Part 1)

Day 5: Turf (Part 1)

Take this image without context and its horrible.

: He killed me... Why? What would he stand to gain? Fastest way is just to ask. ...Ugh, no. I still don’t have enough proof. And besides... Three days... Three more days, and it’s all over.
: There’s no mission today either. Yeah, we can get there. Something else is bothering me, too.
: Three more days with him. He’s a loose cannon. I need to watch my back.
: You better! OK, thanks. Later.
: This is for Shiki. I can last a few more days.

: Oh? What is it today, Neku?
: What are you after?
: This again? I told you. I’m jacking Shibuya.
: But what does that mean? You’re looking for some river. Then what? Tell me now, or you’re on your own.
: ...... Sigh... Fine. I’ll keep this simple. Remember who’s in charge of Shibuya?
: The Composer.

: Change it? ...Wait.

: I have to find him first. He should be at the Shibuya River. Hence our search. Satisfied?
: So it’s the Composer... We’ve been running around Shibuya looking for him?
: With a busted tracker, yes.
: ...... Wait, so the Grim Heaper’s been after...
: Me, most likely. I guess he’s onto me.
: Ugh, just what I need. I’m in this to win! I can’t afford any unnecessary risks!
: Neither can I.
: Then why are you... Ugh, this kid is the devil!
: Ready to go to Mr. H’s?
: What for?
: To get him to fix this glitchy tracker.
: You’re still going after the Composer?
: Of course. Now come on. You’ve asked your question.
: ......

: Oh, just Phones and the petit prince.
: Those two? What about ‘em?
: We’re about to go find out.
: Wait, find out how? It’s hands off the Players. GM’s orders, remember?
: So I’ll use my head. Besides, we’re just going to play a little game.
: ......And that’s different how?
: Details.
: Well, I’m stinkin’ bored. Count me in!

Neku and Joshua attempt to go to the Shibu Dept. Store when...

: You’re... What do you want?
: You up for a little game?
: Excuse me?
: Look, we’re busy here.
: Zing! Where’s the love? Yo, Uzuki.
: On it!
: Huh?

: Hey!
: Now then... Game on? I think so!
: Rrgh... Great.

Easy enough to do. I've got Ice Risers, Sexy +, and quite a few threads.

: Today was supposed to be my day off. So hungry... Hmm, what to do... Ooh, I know! You want past this wall? Bring me some ramen. I wanna taste the sea, aight?

I have a stockpile of Ramen Don's ramen.

He lets us pass though.

: it’s time for the Reaper Review. And away we go! Ready to use your noodle? Today we’ll be talking ramen. Specifically Dogenzaka’s own Ramen Don!

I hope you remember. I used his name a lot in W2D3.

The other two simply don't exist.

This one is a bit tricky, but if you had to buy ramen for the previous Reaper it might not be so bad. I remember 580 from having played this game a bunch.

: So pass on through. But! Though you may forget the Review--rest assured, it remembers you. We’ll see you again. Bye-bye for now!

: THIS was your game? Booo-ring! So, spit it out. What’s so interesting about that kid on his second round?
: Wrong kid.
: What, you’re eyeing the snobby one? What about him?
: Oh, you’ll see...

More CDs. Still no Rush Hour...

: ...You. Orangeylocks.
: Me?
: Yeah, you! Come back wearing all Mus Rattus threads. Do that, and I’ll let you pass.

Mus_Rattus_Fan.png rides again!

: What a chintzy outfit, man! It suits you.
: ...Excuse me!?
: Objective met. Wall clear!
: Hee hee... He said it suits you, Neku.
: I heard him!

These psychs are generally useless so don't bother too much.

Tin Pin Slammer: Tenho

You know my first time playing I sucked so bad at Tin Pin I lost against the worst slammer in Shibuya?

But he's so bad now it's throwing me off.

Yes that is the same Tenho from yesterday.

: Sigh... Look, just go. I...want to be alone.

Oh hi Mr. SOS enabler. You here to make SOS schemes work?

...Wait if I have this then it's W2D5 which means...


: Since opening in April, 1979, "Ten-Four" has become the source of fad after fad. Most of its tenants target women in their teens and 20s.
: Yeah, Shiki said she came here a lot.
: The cylindrical tower fits right in on the corner. Many a new makeup or cell phone line has debuted up there on the giant wall banner.
: The banner changes a lot, huh?
: Because it works.

First, Edoga the Shop has the last Extra Slot sticker.

Tin Pin Thrift is a genuinely amazing pin let me tell you.

Ah, but we're still in W2D5. There's one other new thing.

: Say, Neku... Do you know where Dogenzaka got its name?
: Nope.
: And you call yourself a local.
: ......
: There are two stories. One attributes the name to Owada Dogen, a bandit. He was descended from a Kamakura-period general.
: You don’t say.
: The other story claims the name comes from a temple. Dogenzaka also comes up a lot in Japanese literature. Ever read Edogawa Rampo’s “The Fiend with Twenty Faces”?
: Can’t say that I have.
: You should. I mean, just think! You’re walking through the pages of literature and history.
: I feel so epic.
: ...... Sigh... Neku, is any of this sinking in?
: Oh, yeah.
: You sure? ...... All right. Pop quiz. Name the bandit who gave Dogenzaka its name.

I was totally paying attention. Yeah.

: Very good! What an excellent listener.
: Yup. That’s me...

Anyway for the important part.

Alterna Wolves! Alterna Wolves have a very important Normal drop for people like me who hate games having chances.

Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire. It has a very interesting SSP evolution.

And to that end...

Call me Darwin because it's time for the EVOLVORAMA!

Music: Twister Gang Mix

First, Vacu Squeeze becomes my avatar as of the time of this update.

I think I'm exploring the other side of Masamune, this ends with a Shockwave pin that's slightly stronger than Yoshimitsu but has fewer uses.

Crackle Pop Barrier becomes Splish Splash, one of the few healing pins to reboot.

This is the other result from a Love Me Tether, and it's just plain worse than Sweet Talk Tether.

How the fuck did you get in here?

And Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire becomes a Flames Afar, Foes Aflame, the strongest Pyromancy pin by raw attack, though it barely lasts any time.

Next the shockwave duder becomes this guy, the other end.

These Psychokinesis T pins have twice the efficiency of S and D, so flinging an SUV hits for 230% of Neku's attack!

And last and VERY far from least Flames Afar, Foes Aflame becomes...

Blue Blood Burns Blue. This exemplar of pin technology is one of the best pins in the game. over 100 attack when mastered, 74% efficiency, it hits a large area pretty frequently, bouncing enemies caught in the flames so they can't escape the hurt.

Did I mention 74% efficeincy? This is in the upper-bound of effeciency, sitting 6% behind Apport C which was a hell of a lot more cumbersome.

Also Sexy Beam.

Oh, I forgot to mention Flame Blast is a B class psych so I have two Blue Blood Burns Blue.

Oh, and I get the awesome suit with SOS Power Up II from Dragon Couture.

It's a bit rudimentary of an SOS setup, but it'll do.

Poor Game, It's BBBB + SOS!

It'll do nicely.

More purchase from Lapin Angelique. This is one of their pieces that embraces their bunny motif.

I've had my fun with SOS so I'm not going to completely humilate the game yet.

: ...BUT. I pick your pins! Take a deep breath before diving into this one. Ready for a scream? Then here we go!


This is supposed to introduce microphone-activate psychs, as the DS has a microphone, in the middle for the DSi and DS Lite, on the bottom of the original DS.

What I can't do is get it to work. I try everything in the book and nothing gets these pins to work. A shame, they hit the entire battlefield reasonably hard and inflict stauses.

Anyway since Neku can't do his part, Joshua struggles around the crabs stunning him out of his combo until I hit a level 2 fusion and rid myself of them.

: ......
: Later!

Kariya leaves.

: ...... What was that about?
: Who knows. What a waste of time.

: Maybe.
: Can you be a little more specific? Ugh, sorry...
: Yashiro here. ......Taboo Noise? ...All right. Understood. I’ll take care of it.
: Hmm?
: Another Taboo Noise sighting.
: Lovely. Where at?
: HQ lost sight of ‘em on Dogenzaka. Well? Let’s go!
: Go where?
: What do you mean, where? After them!
: You said HQ lost sight of ‘em. Are we supposed to wander around all day?
: Got a better plan?
: Let those kids be the bait.

Anyway next time stuff happens. I really can't say much without spoiling that Neku becomes Tezcatlipoca.