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Part 27: Day 6: Beast on the Prowl (Part 2)

Day 6: Beast on the Prowl (Part 2)

Stride has Tin Pin Slammer events. Here, Shooter and Yammer are sitting around.

The board for these matches features invisibility spots which confuse the hell out of the AI, meaning if I get even a slight lead in points I can just hide out until time runs out.

So Yammer gets beaten.

So does Shooter, but they still demand more Tin Pin!

There's something different about this now, though.

A fight against both at once!? Is Neku's soul sturdy enough!?

Tin Pin Slammer: Shooter and Yammer

And it has the comically low friction board where a missed attack means you're flying off into space. Damn.

So I try some different pins out.

It... actually works out well, if only because defeating Shooter meant Neku got a huge PP bonus.

As a reward for being one hell of a slammer, Neku gets some pins!

Flame Blast pin, far weaker than BBBB but it lasts longer, boots faster and, hey, Flame Blast is still a good psych.

Kept my Tin Pin Custom after all.

: Where the hell did these Taboo Noise come from?
: Game Master musta cooked ‘em up.
: And sent them out after us Reapers? What is he, crazy!?
: Incoming, Uzuki!
: They’re having a rough time of it.
: ......
: Well, Neku? Do we send in the cavalry?

: Let’s do it. They’ll hate it.
: You’re so vindictive.

More Taboo noise. Once the novelty of them wears off they're surprisingly uninteresting.

: You two... Why’d you help us? Are you, like, stupid? We’re your enemies. Hello? Seriously. We can take care of ourselves!

: What? Kariya!
: Enemy or not, if somebody helps you, you say thanks.
: Ugh, whatever. I didn’t ask for your help! Just thinking about it makes me want to barf. A Reaper needing a Player to save them? Seriously, gag! We’re leaving, Kariya!
: Two simple words. Is it that hard?

: Let’s get moving.

I don't know if it's been mentioned but you can't run from a chain which has at least one Taboo noise fight.

I buy some more pills from the pharmacy. It unlocks this, the most efficient defense boost in the game.

I don't have any of the components yet, especially the adamantite.

Oh come on now you're openly mocking me for evolving the thing wrong.

Oh well, Joshua is so much better when floating he takes it out himself.

: Thirty minutes left.
: Piece of cake. Let’s wreck this thing!

Boss Battle: Wall of Grizzly x2

Even with Dragon Couture being the weakest brand I still obliterate them. Joshua just floats above their attacks so he drops lasers constantly. They simply did not stand a chance.

: Hang in there, Shiki. One more day...
: Heh heh heh... Zetta fun times.

: Bored again? Or maybe just lonely.

: I’d lose all motivation to create. Glad you pulled through.
: Glad? Why would he be glad?
: Ahh! So you were the mystery helper in the first fight. Thanks for that.
: Anyone too weak to beat a 000 like that is garbage. CRUNCH!
: He...helped us?
: Remember what tomorrow is? Day 7! That magical day when I get to go hands-on. Time for a little quiz. How fast will I erase you?

: What?
: The speed of light?
: I’ll correct the deviation that saved you last time we met here. This time, you’re a dead man.
: The pain’s fading... Are he and I connected or something?
: Tomorrow won’t be fun. I can only imagine what he’ll try.
: “Last time”? What did he mean by that? Was he talking to Joshua? He does seem to be Pi-Face’s target. So the two of them faced each other here before... When? I can’t blame anybody for wanting to whack this kid...


(Uzuki's surname, if you'll recall)

: So the Taboo Noise were Minamimoto’s doing.
: This is grave treason, sir. Allow me to handle Minamimoto.
: No need. I’ll discuss his punishment with the Composer. Your input is not required.
: ...Understood. However, this is a matter of urgency. I hope you’ll reach a conclusion swiftly. Next, the matter of the illegal Player. May I take action there? Or would you prefer to discuss--
: You may. The rules are very clear.
: Yes, sir.

: Neku Sakuraba. What do you make of him?