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Part 31: 7 Days Left: Sensible/Senseless (Part 2)

Seven Days Left: Sensible/Senseless (Part 2)

Beat's starting bravery sucks and he can't wear my nice high-heels. That's why I got that BRAVE+ late last week. It'll bring him up to speed very effectively.

And the Yin Blazer was to keep Joshua dressed while opening the Patchy Biker Jacket for Beat. I love that 21 attack sooo much.

Shrew Gazers.

I fucking hate shrews.

Oh my god you do not understand the depths of despise I feel for shrews.

They hide in their little holes until they decide to attack and I cannot adequately communicate with words how awkward it is to fight them. It doesn't help that they HIT LIKE TRUCKS FOR NO ADEQUATELY EXPLORED REASON.

They drop the next level of material pin, Adamantite, on Hard. As much as I hate to fight them I have to do so to stock up on Adamantite, which will become extremely valuable for most of week 3's shop quests. Also Ochresprog drop 5 Yen pins which I have been hurting for and Ochrefrogs drop 5,000 so I can begin getting rich.

Real pig with fakers. BBBB with Dragon Couture as the top brand gets rid of them fast.

: No red Reaper in sight, either. We can’t go this way today.

: I ain’t got time for this! Get in my way, and I’ma BREAK you!

So he breaks it.

: I pave my own roads, yo. Now le’s haul it!
: The guy’s a freakin’ rhino. Doesn’t he ever pace himself?

I get another shot at Happycore Bats and they finally drop Bat at me.

Three hands. Three whole hands.

Bat takes the front slot of my Tin Pin deck, making it the 500 Yen Bat Shuffle.

Notice something missing from the bottom screen?

The pig is missing.

It's really invisible, it only appears when Neku's partner is hitting it. However, BBBB doesn't care if Neku can see or not and burns shit anyway.

Now Beat's looking a lot nicer. The shoes give a sizable defense boost.

: ......
: Hey! Another wa--
: Stupid @#!%(#^)^@^ WALL!

Beat goes in to smash and-

: Hey, take it easy!
: Yo, what the hell! I got the keypin right here! Why can’t I break it?
: Keypin?
: Yeah, the Reapers got ‘em to open each area.
: They have keys?
: How you think I opened that last wall?
: “Open”? I think you mean “smash.”
: Openin’ them takes too long! We got through, aight? Who cares how!
: Certainly not you.
: ‘Sides, breakin’ the walls feels better.
: This is nuts, dude. Keep it up, and you won’t last out the mission!
: It don’t matter, man. Arrrgh, what the hell! LET ME IN!
: ...... Maybe you’ve got the wrong key.
: ...... ......

: I need another key?
: Look, let’s give this up for now. 104’s back the other way. We gotta hurry. Time is running out.
: Tsk, fine. Whatever!
: Hey... Wait up!!!


: A new Reaper under special orders from you, sir. Name: Daisukenojo Bito. He’s been with us for eight days.
: ...Ah, yes. The boy.
: With your permission, sir, I’d like to handle him personally--as Game Master, of course.
: No, Konishi. You will remain on standby.
: To what end, sir?
: I need to discuss this with the Composer.
: Mr. Kitaniji, far be it from me to question you, but...the boy’s been on duty for all of eight days. He hasn’t earned a single point. Why trouble the Composer when he’s doomed anyway?

: I...understand, sir. I’ll stay my hand until the Composer has spoken.

Kitaniji leaves.

: This ruins my plans to wrap the Game up on Day 1! I’ll need to work up a new strategy... Adjust for the longer term. Good thing I never make mistakes...

Pavo Real has some new pins and some stronger jewelry, but none of it has Regenerate III so you'll see my fancy flower earrings for quite a while yet.

This is one third of getting Beat 8 fusion stars at the start of a fight.

The other two are post-game only.

Swordfish-shark thingies, probably based on an actual animal that I can't recall right now, are out and about now. They behave like the Swing Shark but with more HP and attack... for now.

10K yen pins on Hard, though. Not bad.

: Damn, another wall...
: Heh! Them Noise is getting’ a beatdown! Ready, Phones? Hope you can keep up.
: Well, first you gotta tell me how you fight.
: That’s easy. I just... ......

: I gotta get cards of the same suit.
: OK, makes sense. Sort of.
: You’ll get it once we start fightin’, yo! Le’s do it!
: Right now!?
: Aight, le’s mow ‘em down!

Battle AND Cutscene Video: Like Poker

I forget what I'm doing the first battle, record the conversation, and do it again properly. Notice that the spades gave more stars than the clubs. setting up long combos like this can produce a shitton of stars at once. Clever use can get Beat to level 2 off of a single combo.

Problem is, you aren't likely to get more than 1 from just button mashing and you need so many cards to even get the skull. It's like the opposite of Joshua.

It seems like they like giving me bad pins whenever I clear these fusion star tutorials.

: Aight. Now you know how it’s done.
: Objective met. Wall clear!

: All clear.
: One day down, six more to go!
: First I have to ask you something.
: Like what, yo? Le’s just play the Game.
: “Trust your partner.” That’s the key to survival here. So I gotta know: You said you helped me so you could repay a favor.
: Yeah. So?
: Is that the only reason? I can’t afford any surprises in this Game.

: Huh?
: Look, man. I dunno your big words. But I do got another reason.
: OK. What?


: Mr. Kitaniji. Have you made a decision?
: Yes. Strip the little rebel of his Reaperhood. Treat him as a Player going forward.
: Yes, sir.
: I needn’t remind you, Konishi, of your obligation to erase both the Players? You are Game Master...
: I’ll get the job done, sir.

: Sir, I know O-Pins enhance Reaper battle performance, but what about the side effects? All to punish one ignorant little boy? It’s so risky...
: Nonetheless, the Composer wills it. I, for one, am grateful. Haven’t we lost enough good men?
: Yes, sir.

: Emergency Call!?
: Make the arrangements.
: ...Right away.

Kitaniji leaves.

: Something’s wrong. Why such alarm over one artless rebel? He’s hiding something. I need to act, now. But not blindly.