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Part 33: 6 Days Left: Style. (Part 2)

Six Days Left: Style. (Part 2)

: Got you now, traitor.
: Who the hell are you?

: Yeah, like we couldn't tell. Well, guess what. I'm a Player now. You ain't allowed to touch me.
: What, didn't you get the memo? The UG's on Emergency Call.
: Pfft. What's the emergency?
: When the UG's continued existence is threatened, neutralization of the malignant factors takes priority.
: Sorry, man, but I don't speak geek.
: It means the ban on attacking Players has been lifted. You're just a bounty to me now. I'll make officer if I erase you.
: Heh, good for you, yo. Take your best shot. But I'm tougher than you think.
: Not when I've got an O-Pin!
: "Oh pin"? Whassat?

Oh no you didn't! Now you askin' for it!

Battle: Bass Reaper

Now we're fighting lesser reapers directly. They can project their shadow in one of the zones. The shadow has 110% neg resistance bot 90% positive. They move around and periodically shoot projectiles.

They never get the chance to shoot projectiles.

I could've saved some yen. Shit.

: Heh. You all talk, man. It don't work 'cause you WEAK.

: Die-sue-what?
: Forget it, yo. We got us a bigger problem.
: The Emergency Call... We're gonna have to fight off the Reapers now.
: Rrgh, dammit! Why they gotta get up in our grills when we busiest? Why'd it have to come to this, yo?
: ...... Uh, because you betrayed them?
: ...... ...... ......

: Well... we still OK! We jus' gotta take out the Reapers if they try somethin'. Right?
: Works for me.
: Aight, le's go find the Iron Maiden.
: Hmm... That's weird, though. The GM could've just erased us. Why didn't she? What's the point of issuing some roundabout mission?
Yo, le's move!
: All right!

Meanwhile, on the rooftops...

: Of course, ma'am! Special orders straight from the GM! We're honored.
: ......
: You're officer material, Yashiro. Where points are concerned, you rival the best of us. You could succeed. All you need is a little more self-restraint.
: Yes, ma'am! Thank you for the advice.
: Show me some results, and I can guarantee a promotion. I'll speak to Mr. Kitaniji myself. Now do your best.
: I won't let you down, ma'am!
: As for you, Mr. Kariya, you should already be--

:"Run"? Oh, Mr. Kariya, you need to fix that erroneous assumption. I intend to ATTACK-- from the last place they'll ever suspect.

Cosmic Corner is actually selling things!

The ability is not helping you find true love.

With Shiki it's a toss-up if this is helpful, considering the invincibility on her finishers. Joshua of course loves this, since more panels and branches means more chances to lock on to shoot super jesus beams, and Beat is ambivalent though extra branches could help setting up complicated card arrangements.

New teir of Jelly, both normal (Neocoustic) and mutant (Germanic). These can drag Neku or Beat with their giant middle tentacle.

Did this pig ever stand a chance?!

Lolita Bat has nearly twice the efficiency of normal Force Rounds pins, which makes it almost worthwhile.

Upon moving towards A-East, Konishi slinks back as if to taunt Neku and Beat.

: She's hidin' in the building, yo. This is our chance, Phones! Le's take her out now!


Oh god it's SOS ATK Boost II, a whole 50% extra attack at critical HP on a great garment. I must have one!

At this point I'm just filling out my wardrobe.

Psychedelifoxes aren't nearly as mean or teleporty as the Progfox. They're fairly tame all things considered.

: Huh? Oh. It's you.

: Yeah, we don't have time for you right now.

: Yo, Whatchu say?
: ...I am sooo on fire today! The bounty just fell right into my lap!
: Wait... You wouldn't!
: Hmph. You know we gonna crush you, Porcupine.
: Uhh... Don't count on it, bro. I've been on a lucky streak today. Tix to our show tonight? Sold out. That's a Def Märch first! Meteoric!
: Yeah? Good for you, man. Go play wid your mic or somethin' and step off my grill, yo!
: Sorry. Denied! Whatever you did to get a price put on your head, I intend to collect. 'Sides, if you're threatenin' the UG, that ain't cool. I happen to like my UG/RG double life.
: Like I'm the bad guy!

: Bwaaah!
: Die...bee... What? Is that some kind of hex?
: Yo, don't you dare use that name!
: Name!? You don't mean...
: ...... ...Yeah.
: Are you serious?
: I know it's lame, man. Jus' call me Beat!
: Let's rock, Daisukenojo!

DC is the top brand. Whaddaya THINK happens?

A poor man's BBBB.

: Is that all that matters to him?
: That cost us time, yo. Le's keep movin'.
: Hey, hold up. Finish what you started... End me.
: End you? Yo, I didn't even wanna start you. And I ain't got nothin' 'gainst the UG, either. You got a show to play, man.
: Go rock out. You gonna let down your fans?
: ...... Heh heh... Man, today IS my lucky day. Thanks, Phones. You, too, Daisukenojo!
: Bwaaah! Yo, you askin' for mo' pain!
: Hey! Calm down...
: Dai-- I mean Beat. Here. Take this.

: Is that allowed?
: Doesn't matter. I don't like owin' people.
: Aight, then. Thanks, man. ...C'mon, Phones!
: Yeah, she couldn't've left the building.
: Who?
: The Iron Maiden!
: You mean Konishi?
: We saw the Game Master go in.

: I would've seen 'em go in.
: You didn't see her? But she went right past him... Still, he doesn't look like he's lying.
: Hey, anybody in here? I said, HEEEY!!! See? Nobody--

A blinding flash of light!

: What happened?
: Quick, Phones!

Now, at every screen transition, Reapers can randomly attack with some noise buddies. They aren't that hard but dammit this guy fucked the pacing.

: It's the choker 777 had on.
: Huh? Then what's it doin' here?

That lowdown, dirty... How could she do somethin' like that!? Where is she? I'm gonna hunt her down!
: Hey, heads up! There's something in here!
: Tsk... Noise?
: We'll find her. But first, let's get rid of this!
: Hee hee hee...

Boss Battle: Pteropus Canor
It's a recolor of Vespertillo Canor. And it's very similar except it hits harder. I fight it on Hard with SOS stuff to get the Pteropus pin, the strongest Patrol Rounds T pin.

Seriously, it's Vespertillo but with an extra attack and more HP and attack.

Apport C, it's still 80% efficiency on a fairly strong pin that can evolve twice into a pretty strong pin.

Just that I suck at drawing circles.

Show yourself, Ironface!
: She's in here somewhere. Keep looking!