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Part 35: 5 days left: The Composer (Part 2)

5 days left: The Composer (Part 2)

: Sorry you had to see me like this.
: Is that new business not panning out?
: I just don't have the knack for it. I made this big show about leaving the company. I thought I was sooo smart. But you know, Boss-

: ...
: Boss, tell me. What am I supposed to do now?
: Oh, Makoto...
: Heh, I'm sorry. That's not a very fair question after what I did to you.
: Now just hold on, Makoto.

: and with this...I can give it to him!
: Damn right, pops! He's gonna do it, Phones! Now's our turn to Creep, yo!
: Hmm... I dunno... This seems too important to leave up to some game.
: Do it, Phones!

Picking this unlocks something a few days down the line. I like the something.

: No. Not this time.
: Huh? Watchu talkin' about, Phones?
: He needs to find the words himself.
: But Phones...

: Hey, Boss, look... I gotta take off.

: Do you... remember when you first started with me? On your first day,

: Heh... We all start somewhere.
: Makoto! Back then, you had your head stuck so far up in the clouds, you couldn't get anything done right.
: Heh... Sounds a lot like me now.
: Not quite. The you I knew first? He didn't need fancy clothes to be cool. Marvelous! That's what you were.
: Boss...
: I think you need to search back and ask THAT person where you should go from here.

: Wow... ... All this time I've been rushing into things. Maybe I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what I want. Thanks, Boss.
: No, I should be thinking you.
: Huh? For what?
: Nothing, nothing.
: Hey, Boss. I gotta get going.
: All right. Show the world what you've got!

: I've Reaper-Creeped for the last time.

Beat's awesome sometimes.

And here's our first Black Cat Atlas, a series of books about obscure side things.

: What, yo?
: Is that REALLY today's mission?
: Yo, I told you--
: I don't think you remember.
: I do! Like I said, I Reaper Spurt 4--
: It's SPORT.
BeTh: Hrrrm...

I don't remember too much.
: Um...Two days isn't that long. Look, next time just be up-front about it. We'll never work the mission out by taking shots in the dark.

: ....
: You know Rhyme? She used to say the same stuff-- like a hundred times, man.

And now a series of ~flashbacks~

: Let's take it with a grain of salt, OK?
: We ain't got time for salt!
: We don't have time for mistakes, either. Slow and steady wins the race!

: We ain't got time for bats!
: We don't have time for mistakes, either. Haste makes waste!

: But me... I never learn. Even now, when she needs me the most.
: ...
: I know I gotta think things through. I really do, man. But I freak out instead of findin' the answer.

: Wait, Rhyme's your sister?
: What, didn't I mention? Yeah. We from the same family.
: Whoa! I had no idea.
: We came to the UG together, partnered up... and then I... I...
: Hey, you didn't do anything!

: Beat...

: ...

: and stored it in a pin. I made a pact with the pin to stay alive, but... I hated feelin' trapped, yo. 'Fore I knew it, I was at the Reapers' door asking 'em how to use the pin.
: So that's why you took off.
: But wait! That means-

: Her Noise, which I called outta the pin.
: Whoa...
: I was lookin' for a way to turn her back to normal, but I didn't find nothin', yo. But I figure if I become the Composer and rule Shibuya... Ya know? Whoever takes out the old Composer gets the job.
: Is that how it works?
: Yup. And once I'm in charge of Shibuya, I can fix Rhyme. I owe her a second chance, man!

: I ain't that smart. I just crash my way through things. But that ain't enough to save Rhyme. I need
help! I need... I need YOUR help.

: What!?

: Besides, I'm just crashing my way through this, too. Even if I beat the GM and survive, they'll just get me on some technicality-- probably for making a pact with you. But I don't get any more chances. There's the Emergency Call, too. Let's face it. Shades wants me gone. If me and Shiki are gonna make it back to the RG-
: Don't sweat it, man! I'll bring you all back to life, soon as I'm in charge.
: All right.
: Yo, uh... thanks, Phones.
: Hey, not necessary. Like Mr. H said:

: So what's today's REAL mission?
: ... Well...first le's track Pinky down.

Beat's counterattack is fucking awesome because he just resumes his damn combo unlike Shiki or Joshua. Just all WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM and you get fusion cards.

: I swear, if you take one more side trip-- I mean, what's the point of tag if you don't chase me!
: Huh? Tag? Wait, so Reaper Sport 4--

: Didn't they teach you anything at all? That's like the most basic of basics! Some rising star you turned out to--

: Huh?

: She just walked right up to us an'...Bwa ha ha!
: That...that last tag doesn't count! And did you just call me stupid?
: Yo, you are! I ain't never seen no one suck so bad at tag.
: Shut up shut up shut up! You have no right to call anyone stupid!
: We cleared your mission, Pinky. Now hand over the pin!

Boss Battle: Uzuki Yashiro

I'm really really really bad at fighting Uzuki. This is probably the 7th time I've done it. Compared to most other bosses who have had a few dozen fights or are recolors of chump noise. So I don't have much practice.

On the other hand when Burst Rounds hits for over a thousand, does it matter? Poor Uzuki let me rig brands towards Dragon Couture and it tore her apart.

Also, this was on Hard, as opposed to Normal. I got The Eyes Have It, a pin that can only be obtained here.

Or maybe somewhere in the postgame? Fuck if I can remember.

Also this, which is worse than Pteropus which already sucks.

: Look out, yo! One more punch and you gone! Hand over the pin an' I might spare you.

: Take your mercy and shove it! Next mission!
: Hey! Enough is--
: I WANT MY PROMOTION! I'm not shooting for any Miss Nice awards!
: Aw, now girl...

: Oh, be quiet! You can underachieve all you want. But I want to move up!
: Up, up, up, and then what?
: Well... I-I-I-
: Don't know? Then don't bother. Shooting for nothing sounds crazy to me.
: Then what about you! Why'd you turn your promotion down?
: ...
: Yeah, I know about it. They were gonna make you an officer. And you threw it in their faces. I mean, what is that!?

: It's not fair!

: Sounds like a total bore. I like the field, simple as that. You can feel the pulse out here. People's ideas conflicting, changing... I like bein' in the audience. I'm a stargazer.
: ......
: 'Sides, if I join the officers, how am I gonna sucker you into buyin' me ramen?

: Well... I guess I can stay in the audience a bit longer, too.
: Yeah, girl. Stop and smell those concrete roses. Now then. Sorry to drag on like that. Here. For your trouble.

: Gimme Rhyme!
: No can do. I haven't had my fun yet.
: Quit screwin' with us!
: Um, villain? Screwin' with you is my job.
: But you have my word. Beat me at my little game, and the pin's yours. No screws attached.
: You swear this time?
: On my life. ...Wait, that doesn't work. Anyway, I won't be pulling any punches.
: Dammit, fine. What's your game?
: You'll love it, Freshmeat. All you have to do...