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Part 37: 3 Days Left: Vanishing Point (Part 1)

Two Days Left: Vanishing Point (Part 1)

Beat freaks out a little.

: It's Day 5! Where the hell is Ironface hidin', man!?
: Relax. We've still got three days.
: We ONLY got three days, yo! An' I got less than you, remember? We ain't gonna make it! I still gotta get Rhyme back, then we gotta bet the Composer... Plus that WALL is blockin' our way to the Shibuya River! An' there might be more past it!

: Aight! Fine.
: That Lv. 4 keypin we got yesterday-- what does it open?
: Kariya's key? Udagawa.
: All right. Let's search there today.
: Fine. The Iron Witch cost us two days. I ain't losin' anotha' one. No draggin' your ass. We gotta dash, man!

But we'll proceed to drag our asses as there is a lot of gameplay things to do first.

First off, here's the pin we beat Kariya for. Teleport is kind of interesting, but it's probably better just to use Velocity Tackle and get an attack out of the whole affair.

First, setting the difficulty to Easy. Usually the Easy drops are worse, but not this case. There's a few instances of Easy drops being unusually important.

Minamimoto's revival has brought Taboo Noise back to Shibuya, including these giant assholes.

These are drakes, large dragons that rip and tear. the nontaboo ones also breath fire. All drakes have 120% resistance to Positive and Negative psychs, so in addition to mountains of HP they just take less damage.

But this is Easy and BBBB hurts 'em like hell.

Notice the drops?

Thunder Rook is our first Pegaso pin.

Lightning Arrester has Neku launching bolts of lightning from his palms. Thunder Rook hits twice per use at 55% efficiency. But at that number of uses and reboot time it's really not that great.

But look. It evolves. What does it evolve in to?

The legendary, magnanimous, incredible, lovely, amazing Lightning Rook. 4 hits per use at 55% efficiency, high attack, and the uses and reboot are timed just so that as one Rook runs out, the other will reboot.

Lightning Arrester is a B-class psych. Hence, I'm running a pair of the jerks. They are powerful, versatile, long-range, and all around useful. They may not have the oomph of BBBB, but the versatility easily makes up for it.

Also Neku looks like Palpatine, what with shooting lightning from his hands.

If you absolutely hate that sound effect and cannot tolerate it, avoid every battle video from here on, as I will use these puppies for the rest of the LP. Fair warning.

2/13 of the Resonance pins, from the Bass Reapers that attack on screen transitions.

Yeah, that's still going.

Eyes Full of Light? Screw you, pig.

Beat's gonna tear you apart anyway.

This pin.

When I'm not doing Lightning Rook-related shenanigans I love this thing. Speeding up reboots is always great. But since we're getting to endgame things, the Angel class pin is a very important concern as one of those noise pins is blatantly better than all others.

Better stats than Love & Peace, at 12 attack with no drawbacks, but only one star. But I have too much money so I buy it anyway.

Eh, why not? 3/13.

Regeneration II? You shouldn't have!

...Guess I'm buying two Green with Envies!

Choirfrogs, the taboo frogs, occasionally belch a stronger poison bubble. Those sharks are Fusion Sharks, which are hammerhead sharks that occasionally leap above the concrete and dive at Neku or Beat rather than just biting. They don't hit much harder than Bebop Sharks, though, despite having twice the HP.

You know Lightning Rook hit all 4 of the pigs to the right at once? God I love the pin!

...I get 4 at once from a battle a few seconds later...

...I want this watch.

But the drops don't offer much money! At least the Taboo wolves drop their Noise pin.

It's a good one, let me tell you.

Anyway, there's a blue noise at Dogenzaka. Another Drake. The strongest Drake. The Goth Metal Drake. As you can see there, the massive jerk kinda killed me quick. And that's without using his two strongest attacks.

It takes a bit of effort and a lot of technique, but-

I beat the guy on Hard with enough of a chain to get his drop, the Pegaso resonance pin. 4/13.

That Ultimate Drop? That's one of the 6 Black Planets, held by only the baddest asses. Besides the easy one at Wildkat the rest must be obtained on Ultimate from incredible meanies at low drop rates.

So yeah, I'll have to fight this sunset-stained jerk again. At least he's really pretty.

Eh, thunderbolt's bugged but it evolves twice so-WAIT

M'sueir Lapin! I get two of the bunny.

The cape gives another SOS Defense Boost II, stacking it with the Spiderweb Jersey can make most Noise's attacks hit for 0 with a high enough base.

Choirfrogs drop Lightning Pawn on Easy. This version of Spark Core has a strong knockback effect and chases enemies, so it'll keep dudes locked down by itself. Only problem is having to draw a circle for the activation.

Nefastravens, the highest tier of Raven, still drop Rare Metal on Normal. Their Hard drop is the Raven pin, the strongest dragging psychokinesis pin.

And here's Popguin, which I probably won't ever use.

It took a while, given most of the drops are materials like teketite, or are unleveled pins, but since the Noise pins sell for about 5000 each I get enough to buy the watch.

I think he's a little amazed.

Anyway, with all my new Pegaso swag, I'm off to the story.

: Take it easy! You're just gonna tire yourself out.
: Like I care, yo! Shoutin' is the only thing keepin' me calm!
: You always run on full blast, huh?
: Not even close, man. Only since comin' to the UG.
: Yeah?
: When I was alive, I took everythin' at my own pace.
: YOU?
Yeah. I wasn't crazy about nothin'. Tha's why my folks always bitched at me.

: Like I really give a crap, you know?
: Yeah... I think I do.
: They kept expectin' stuff I ain't got, then made me feel like trash when I didn't give it. They'd say, "Why can't you be like your sister?" I hated it.
: ...
: So I quit tryin' altogether. Give up on myself, so my folks would, too. And the funny thing is, they did.

: She always had the right words. "I know you have a dream," she'd say. "You just haven't dreamed it yet."

: So I started to push her away-- right up to the day we died.
: ...But you've GOT a dream. Rhyme said you wanted to be world's best skater.

: Rhyme was beatin' herself up. Said she had no dreams.

: She's the one who had a million reasons to live!
: ......
: I realized somethin' then. Rhyme's all I got left. So I said to myself, I gotta find the words, like she did for me. Tell her her dreams are coming, just like mine did... even if that's just a big lie.
: ...But all I did is fool her into thinkin' I'm worth dyin' for.

: I waited too long to realize what she meant to me. I'm nothin' but an IDIOT!

: Whatchu say!?
: Why would you let your 'rents push you down like that? That's not the Beat I know. Don't go the distance for other people. Do it for yourself.
: Huh?
: Like you're doing right now. Just go as far as you can go. The "results" will come later. Right?
: Phones...
: I'm sorry about Rhyme. But what's done is done. Focus on the now. She wouldn't want you wasting energy on regret.
: ...

: Anyway... I'm lucky. How many idiots have the stones to screw over the Reapers and help the underdog?
: Neku...

: ...Pfft...

: I ain't the sentimentious type! Aaaaaaight! I feel much better, yo! Jus' wait! I'm gonna send everybody home! Rhyme an'' that Joshua kid... an' of course YOU, man.
: All right, then.
: Hoooooo! I am so fulla fight! Time to win this Game and change the world!

Sir why is your ellipse red.

: Wait, why isn't he attacking?
: Maybe he don't see us.
: Hmm... It might be a trap. Watch yourself.
: Aight!

: You wanna fight, punk?
: ......
: The hell, man! Is he deaf?

: Huh?
: Guy's trippin', yo.

: Yo, who broke this guy's antenna?
: Look out! He's coming for us!

The Reaper and his Noise friends all start on the same side so BBBB cleaves through them in seconds.

I was wondering when I'd get this...

: Yo, wassup with him?
: No idea. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't in control.
: Neku, man, you notice somethin'? Town's awful quiet, yo.

: Too quiet.
: Le's try scannin'. See if we can figure somethin' out.
: All right.


Something is...

Not quite right...

: they're all thinking the same thing!

Not to mention the red eyes.

As a note, "It's a Wonderful World" is TWEWY's Japanese title.

: Even him!
: No way, man. I mean, this is crazy, ain't it?
: What's happening to Shibuya?
: Neku, look!

: Huh? Wait, hold up...
: Bwaaah! Of course! Yo, man, I think I finally get it!

: Huh? Whatchu mean, "no"!? How can you be so sure?

: The same guy!
: But CAT is Mr. Hanekoma.

: He's CAT!? Then that makes him--
: Stop! Mr. H can't be the composer, all right!?
: A-aight, man. Sorry... So, umm... I'm getting kinda confused, yo. You sure Coffee Man's CAT? I mean, how would you know that?
: Joshua told me. And I believe him.

: He was my partner. I trust my partners.
: Then I hate to tell you, man, but... Hanekoma's the--
: Joshua was looking for the Composer. Same reason as you. And Mr. H was helping him.
: So, like... he was helpin' out the kid who was tryin' to whack him? I dunno, yo. I beat the H-Man was just playin' priss-kid.

: The exact opposite of what's happening around us. This Shibuya isn't Shibuya at all... He'd never do this!
: Hmm... Sounds like you're reachin' to me. ...
: ... ARRRRGH! I suck at this analystical crap, yo. All I know is that Shibuya's messed up, and the Composer's the one doin' all the messin'. Whoever he is, I'm takin him out!
: ......
: Now le's haul ass while there's still time!

Alright, on to Shibu-Q He-

Oh for fuck's sake the screen transition reapers are doing it too?! I quit!