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Part 40: The Last Day: Game (Part 1)

The Last Day: Game (Part 1)

:The scramble again!?
: Dammit! We lost anotha' day, man!
: So it's Day 7... ! Whoa! Dude, your hands!

: I can't fade away now! Rhyme needs me! I ain't goin' up in smoke till I save her!
: Yo! Neku... I, uh... I don't got much time.

Beat vanishing has no gameplay repercussions. Let's explore!

Doom Metal Drakes show up finally.

That Hard drop is Dragon Couture, and is the lowest drop rate in the game.

I so rarely use Psychokinesis that I don't know if this is more worth it or not over Queen's Knight.

I could get this but I don't. I use my Dark Matter for something infinitely dumber.

Ah, there's the Ambiefox, the top fox!

...Oh come ON! Can't I have either of the higher drops? Please?

Well it's not a horrid pin but it's kinda boring.

Well, there's the noise pin for Foxes. It's not terrible considering how many times the orbs bounce.

Everyone in Shibuya is effected. Only one thought, all minds converging on a single point.

: No way, man... You sayin' that guy made a Tabooty call? Then he knows the Composer's here! This is bad, yo. He's gonna beat us there!
: Calm down. First we have to find the GM. If we don't save Rhyme--
: I know! Ironface... We gotta find Ironface!
: Not much of a river... Still, Joshua was bent on coming here.

: Hey, le's pick up the pace!
: Yeah.

Welcome to the Shibuya River. There's no music, only the ambient sounds of water. Brands effectiveness doesn't apply here given no one comes here.

: Konishi wields shadow and illusion. You'll find only lies with the naked eye. During battle she always hides in the white darkness. Begin by casting Taboo Noise into the heart of chaos. Then, once you find where she truly lurks, your real battle will begin.

: Did Ironface send it?
: What, to say, "Here's how to beat me"?
: Right. Who, then?
: I dunno.
: Well, we better keep movin', man.
: Yeah.

This is frankly overkill.

A new variety of Frog, Southerfrogs only show up in the Shibuya River. Their Easy drop is 10,000 yen, if you feel like getting rich quick.

Oh hey Sho.

: It's Tabooty!
: Damn. We don't have time for this...
: Move! You ain't what matters!
: FOIL! First, Outer, Inner, Last! And this is the last stop. Not even I can break the barrier ahead. Her Iron Frostiness put it up.
: She's here?
: Dammit! I knew it! Tha's jus' like her, yo. Hidin' like a coward jus' outta reach!
: Stupid hectopascals! She's not through here.
: Huh?
: Then where, yo!?

She said, she'd hide where they'd least expect it...

: Speaking of anomalies... Mr. Minamimoto.
: Heh! I'm only here 'cause your barrier's blocking me out.
: Unforeseen circumstances aside... my plans are proceeding without a hitch. You've yielded far more data than even I projected.
: Shut it, Ironface--

: Huh? Why you copyin' what I say!?
: Like I said, you've yielded so much data. See the power of foresight?
: Hey, who gives a digit? Hurry up and open this barrier before I turn you into Shibuya River sludge.
: All right. I'll remove the barrier...under one condition.
: Yeah? What're you scheming this time?

: Otherwise, the barrier stays.
: Heh! You're double-crossing Megs?
: Analysis shows that Shibuya is heading toward an untimely end. If revolution is upon us, then who has the highest probability of surviving the ensuing chaos? A free spirit. You.

: You and me think alike. Fear 'n' mercy are garbage! All right! You got yourself a deal.
: Then I'll take care of the barrier.

: Introducing your new Composer... His ME!

As Me advances to claim his position as Composer, Beat and Neku confront the Game Master...

: Yo, where you think you goin'!?
: Ah ah ahhh. I'm afraid I can't let you take one step further.
: You'd betray the Composer?
: Betray? I simply choose to align with the man in charge. It hardly matters who.
: What?
: As far as I'm concerned, anyone could be the Composer. Suppose Minamimoto fails. By then, Kitaniji will have sustained serious injuries in the process of protecting the Composer-- at which point I could finish him in a heartbeat.

: Scheming witch...
: When the Composer started requiring O-Pins, I knew the UG revolution had already begun.
: Then what's going IS his fault.
: I don't presume to know the Composer's true intentions. But I intend to outlive this chaos.

: These "O-Pins"... They're fakes. Wear them, and you're finished.
: I knew it...

: Heh! Tha's what you think!
: Please. Spare yourself the embarrassment. My analyses are never wrong.
: Oh yeah? Then wha's wid the "unforeseen circumstances"? Sounds like you can't predict jack, yo. 'Sides you missin' something' hella crucial.
: I beg your pardon?
: Next Composer gonna be ME, yo! And I ain't never makin' a punk like you one a' my men! So suck on that, yo!
: Me? Work for you? Hee hee... Ha ha ha ha!

: You're right. No analysis could ever plumb the depths of your fatuity.
: Heh heh. Damn right!
: Uh, dude... She's making fun of you.
: WHAT!?
: It's YOUR fault I didn't pick up on Shibuya's changes sooner!
: You so busy thinkin' wid your head, you forgot to pay attention wid your heart!

: I will obliterate any disruptive elements in my path!

you snag Rhyme! I ain't a Reaper no more, so I can't free Rhyme from the pin. But you... Anyway, if...if I don't make it, take care a'-
: Screw you. I'm not bringing Rhyme back to life. That's your job! I'll snag her pin if I get the chance, but... the rest is you.

Then le's do this thing!

Boss Fight: Tigris Cantus

Gimme chance. Dig me deep.

Tigris Cantus has four distinct phases, the first one requires Neku to lure Taboo noise to the bottom-left of the screen, whereupon they'll vanish and Beat can smack her. The second phase has her switching screens, and getting stunlocked by Lightning Rook. The third phase, she steals Neku's pins so Beat has to smack her.

The fourth phase is pretty interesting, she's not on the top screen initally, and only her fakes are. Neku has to hit her on the bottom screen to get her to show up on the top. But she stole Neku's pins!

This is where Rhyme comes in. You can track Tigris Cantus's spot by the movement of Neku's shadow, but she always starts to the bottom-left of him. Luckily Beat smacks her to death in a combo.

Also, yes, Rhyme is a usable pin and you do keep her. She's really good. A 120% positive psych,

: Sucks for you.
: How could you have risen above my projections? You're not a Reaper! How did you summon that Noise!?
: ...Like I know! And she's not a Noise! She's our friend, Rhyme!
: Grrff... All of this... on account of that stupid chimp! If only I'd destroyed him!
: I don't think any of us can predict what Beat will do. I mean, look at him.

: This is all my fault... I'll never let you go again! Jus' you wait. I'm gonna give you that second chance, I swear!
: Hee hee... What a touching reunion. But ponder this: would your sister care as much about you in return?

: You what!?
: Your sister's memories of you: they were YOUR entry fee. Hers was something else. You must not have been very dear to her.
: What...
: Hee hee... That look on your face.

Konishi vanishes, erased.

: Screw it, I ain't got time to think! We gotta push ahead!
: Right.

: ...Mr. H?
: Yo, Neku! Le's move!
: Right...

It deals damage and recovers HP! But doesn't reboot. It's one of two Dark Barrier pins, the other being one of the black planets.

Not bad at all.

4444 HP? Konishi dear, I know you're a Reaper but there's such a thing as taking it too far.

: Well, I ain't sittin' out here. You ready, man?

This is the point of no return...