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The World Ends With You

by Orange Fluffy Sheep

Part 41: The Last Day: Game (Part 2)

The Last Day: Game (Part 2)

Trail of the Bygone is an uneventful area, though you can still fight Noise if you must.

But if you're doing that it'd probably be better to just reload from before the point of no return.

: Behind us... Something's coming.

: What is this place? It's so dark...and spooky... And stinky.

: Neku? Beat!?
: What are you doing here!?
: I woke up here all by myself.
: Yo, does that mean we won the Game? Like, the Iron Maiden was the las' boss?
: But if I won the Game, why hasn't Shiki come back to life? Did the Reapers trick me? Or-
: So where are we? Are we all alive again?

: The UG? But why!? I'm supposed to be alive...
: ...You can blame me. They made you my entry fee. I'm sorry...
: Huh? I was your entry fee? Then...

: Whaaat? Oh, NEKU... Talk about embarrassing... I mean, this isn't like you at all!
: That's 'cause you haven't seen me in two weeks.

: Well... Look on the bright side. If we're together now, you must've won...right? Now we can both come back to life.
: Not yet.
: What? Why not?
: We beat the Game Master.

: I'm pretty sure the Game is null and void.
: Null and-- But what about our lives!?
: There still might be a way, yo-

: How does that work?
: I gotta take down the guy with the job now.
: Hmm... I see.
: You don't seem surprised.
: Not really. You both look so serious.
: ...
: So I guess that must be the only way.
: Don't worry, yo! I'ma pull this thing off!
: I know, Beat. Let's not waste any time, then!
: If the Composer stands between me and life..

A few steps later...

: Le's check it out.

: Yo, look who it is!

please don't click the above image, please.

: No way, man... This guy was tough as bricks! Who coulda done this to him? You think...Shades!? Could he a' done this?
: I dunno. But whoever it was must have been more powerful.
: But, like... yo! We lucky, right?
: Don't be so morbid!
: But we don't gotta beat him now!
: No. Just the other guy who's stronger.

: I'm tellin' ya, we lucky!
: ...
: Now le's keep goin'!
: What happened here?

I got his hat.

His hat is the second best hat in the game. Neku settles it squarely on his head.

Also, to prevent you from getting stuck, you cannot save past the point of no return. Mingle and TPS are also locked as the wireless part requires saving.

: We almost there, Rhyme. Hang on jus' a little longer.
: ...
: Neku, you all right? You look pale.
: ....I'll be OK. Come on.

: Wait... I know this place...

: Now you are simply Dead.
: It's him...
: Whatchu doin' here, Shades!?
: Where's the Composer?
: Oh, is that why you're here? And why would you kids want to meet the Composer?
: Whatchu think, man? We gonna take him down

: Whatchu say?
: The Composer's utmost concern is mankind's happiness. He exists to shepherd the human race toward the right future, and thus all His Acts are motivated by boundless love. You think egotists like yourselves have the right to lay your eyes-- let alone a finger-- on a being so far above you? You're not even on the same plane!
: Yo, I don't get a word you sayin', but you ain't stoppin' me! I'm gonna take his place, and bring everybody back to life.

: What?
: Egotism- disregard for others-- has caused Shibuya's downfall. And now the Composer must rebuild from scratch! None may stand in the way of that noble goal!
: Nngh...
: !?

: Shiki?

Having won the Game, Shiki had no use for a Player Pin.

: She's not answering...
: You bastard! What did you do to Shiki?

Boss Battle: Megumi Kitaniji

Megumi has a few attacks, the only really dangerous one is the melee attack. Shiki pummeling on Beat is likely to be the main source of damage as she can hit him out of his finisher. Kitaniji's ability to freeze time is intimidating at first but he telegraphs where every attack will be, so just dash out if he somehow actually aims at Neku. Shiki is frozen with Beat so the top screen just gets stuck.

His Hard drop is another unique pin, Me Time is Free Time. His Ultimate drop is another Black Planet.

It's like the game WANTS you to win.

: I see now why He picked you... Unnngh...

: Nngh!
: Wh-what the hell?

: Shiki? Damn... She don't recognize us!
: Why can't she- Wait. She has one on, too. If I break it...

In a flash of movement, the Red Skull is destroyed, leaving Neku all alone.

: That should... stop Shiki...

: The Composer-- Mr. H's pin. Hey! Beat! Wake up!
: Damn... He took the brunt of Shiki's attack. They're both out cold. Shiki, the Reapers, even Shibuya... How could Mr. H use them!? Why...

: Dammit! ...

: ...where's the Composer?

Good question... where IS he?