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The World Ends With You

by Orange Fluffy Sheep

Part 42: The Last Day: Game (Part 3)

The Last Day: Game (Part 3)

The world is more than what you can see. The door onwards is only revealed by scanning.

There's grafitti here.

Elaborate, colorful, expressive.


: I remember, Mr. H. Your art kept me going. Every piece seemed to shout, "Enjoy life!" And outside my headphones, the rest of the world heard it, too. It was fun just standing here, looking... When I found out you were CAT, man, I just shook.

: I thought I finally met a guy I could respect. And now look...

CAT's art is valued beyond most. A true luminary of creativity.

And here is so much of it, locked away from most eyes deep in the Shibuya River.

: Now...

The end of the River. The end of the UG. The seat of the Composer.

: Come on out, Composer! Fight me! You want me to defeat you, right? Isn't that it!? Then show yourself!

: and still don't know who's playing what!
: What do you mean...
: All right. You want answers? First off, the Composer is not the man you envision. Second, the Composer is not here-

: So sorry you missed Him.

:Then you're responsible...
: For many things, yes.
: Why... Why would you do this to Shibuya?

: Huh?
: Music requires many things. Melody, performers, instruments...

: The world is very much the same. Under one Conductor, one ideal, the world of men marches toward bliss.
: One ideal?
: Didn't you feel it in Shibuya? Rage. Hate. Misery. Envy. Fear. Self-deprecation.

: All the world's ills can be traced to individuality!
: "Ills"?
: By tearing down the differences between us,

: By making everybody think alike? That's not even pos-
: It IS possible! With these pins.

: You're behind that, too!?
: I based them on the Composer's Player Pin. You see, the eyes of the world are on Shibuya. What starts on these streets will spread across the globe! I can save all of mankind from right here. Shibuya shall be my podium! I know you'll love what I do with it.

: It neutralizes the effects of the Red Skull pin, so my imprinting can't reach you.

: What have your dealings with other people brought you? Only hurt.
: ...

Like hell I would!

: Maybe living in your Shibuya WOULD be easier. Maybe. Except one problem--

: I was never good with people. I covered my ears and blocked them out. But you know what? If I don't clash, I don't change.

: and the best moments slip away. Shibuya's full of people waiting for those moments, when we clash together and find something new.

: And now I know-- Shibuya should stay just as it is!
: Then let me ask you this...

Like hell I wouldn't!

: ...I see. Hmph. Why you would is beyond me... I think you need to be reformed.
: Rrgh...
: Save your energy. An unpartnered Player has little to no power. You can't stop me.

: Remember that I'm saving you.

: Now, bask in the light of true redemption!
: DON'T!!!